The Pinball Barn    

sales, service & restoration of late model pins

Mechanicsburg, PA 


On Saturday, June 18th, 2005, the same day I checked out Larry Garland's warehouse of rare 30's to 50's pins, I finally got a chance to visit a friend of mine from The York Show,  Dan Heatherly.    

Email Dan if you are near PA and looking for that certain late model pin.  

Here's a brief tour of The Pinball Barn.

If you want to learn more about The Pinball Barn, or see what's in stock, check out their site HERE.  


Yes, it really is a barn, but you won't find horses here. 

NOS (new old stock) playfields for future projects.

Lots of NOS playfields.

I brought over my Williams World Cup MPU board which needed some minor work.  There were some loose solder joints and a ratty warped battery holder, causing the game to shut down after only a few minutes.  Check out the pics on the fridge.  Dan used to race high speed go karts just a couple years back:)

Compare the two holders, old on top, new on bottom.  I got the board home, installed it, fired up the pin, and it now works great.  Notice the used ramps in the corner.  Dan might have the ramp you need.

Behind the work table area.......



Just a couple of pins.  Whirlwind, Tales Of Arabian Knights, Diner, NBA Fastbreak, etc......



Addams Family cabinets, Funhouse, a couple of Indiana Jones pins, and more.


Champion Pub, Roadshow, World Cup, No Fear, Bonzai Run, etc....

More pins

No Good Gofers, a very fun pin, wacky dot matrix animation.

It was late afternoon, and time to head out, after playing Bonebusters and other neat pins in this row.