"Watching this mammoth slapstick World War II farce is like being stuck in a pinball machine for two hours." "World War II, Animal House Style," (12/14/79) "Michael Srigow, L.A. Herald Examiner, reviews the movie, "1941"


"Next girl that takes me on is going to light up like a pinball machine and
pay off in silver dollars........!"
Jack Nicholson, "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest." (thanks Derek Moore)




Friday The 13th, part 2

KISS, Bally, 1978

Pokerino, Williams, 1978

About 50 minutes into movie, bar scene, behind drunk teen camp counselors, There is also a Galaxian vid across from the pins in the background. (thanks Klaus Schneyder)

The Friends Of Eddie Coyle (1973)

Aquarius, Gottlieb, 1970

2001, Gottlieb, 1971

Target Pool, Gottlieb, 1969

Grand Slam, Gottlieb, 1972

Skipper, Gottlieb, 1969

Hi-Score Pool, Chicago Coin, 1971

Expressway, Bally, 1970

Action Baseball, Williams, 1971

43 minutes, 37 seconds into movie. bowling alley/pool hall scene. (thanks Dex Madden)

Fright Night 2

Space Shuttle, Williams, 1984


About 50 minutes into movie, Charlie goes into a store for pizza. There is one, possibly two Williams solid state pins. SPACE SHUTTLE text removed from cabinet. Only circled shuttle is visible on the side of the cabinet. (thanks Cody Chunn and Andrej)

The Game Plan

Kingman (originally Monday Night Football, Data East, 1989)

Apt. scenes starting 2 minutes into the movie.  This is a Monday Night Football pin with the artwork altered.  See screen shots HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.


Gaucho, Gottlieb, 1963

cocktail party scene in game room, 7 minutes, 33 seconds into movie. The machine has been rethemed into "Turnpike Pinball." The playfield layout is the same, but painted. The back box is completely different, non-wedge head. (thanks Kerry Imming.)


Target Gallery, Midway, 1962

bar scene where Jerry Reed is collecting his "fire insurance" money. (thanks Wedgehead Killer from

The Gay Falcon

Brite Spot, Stoner, 1940

Allen Jenkins gives a rare demonstration of the body English that can be employed in playing the games. He ends up by setting a record for high score. (source, Billboard Magazine, Feb. 7, 1942, page 80) (thanks Jon O. and Greg Shannahan)

The General

Whitewater, Williams, 1993

The Addams Family, Bally, 1992

Star Trek: The Next Generation, Williams, 1993

Bram Stoker's Dracula, Williams, 1993

Twilight Zone, Bally, 1993

robs an arcade about 20 mins. into the movie. There are 5-6 pins on both left and right sides of the screen. Also some video and reel games. (thanks Sampo and the Finnish pinball forum). See the screen shots here and here.

George and Mildred

Big Brave, Gottlieb, 1974

George and Mildred celebrate their wedding anniversary by visiting an old restaurant they visited years before. When they get there it has become a transport caf�taken over by Hell's Angels bikers. In this scene two bikers play the pin in the background. (thanks Tim Holland) .

Get Him To The Greek


35 seconds into the preview for this movie, part of the front and right side of the cabinet of a pin is visible, painted white with a red triangle shape. A manual ball plunger is visible, and the coin return is on the bottom left of the coin door. Possibly a Williams "Heat Wave" pin or something repainted. (thanks Barney from "") .


Star Gazer, Stern, 1980

29 minutes into movie, fire house, just as the Ghostbusters are about to slide down the pole at the station, you can barely see the pin in the far right of the room, with two videogames beside it. (thanks Matt Valentine, Svensson and Zaphod).  See the screen shot HERE.

Ghost Rider

Evil Knievel, Bally, 1977

Johnny Blaze's apartment, fight scene (filmed in Melbourne, Australia) (thanks Scott Fitz)

The Ghost Writer

Centaur, Bally, 1981

Diner, Williams, 1990

Pub scene, about 1.5 hours into the movie. (thanks Brighton Ive and Michel Rorive)

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Space Time, Bally, 1972

Hot Line, Williams, 1966

Pins are seen against the wall when the Rock ("Roadblock") takes 3 surviving Joes to his hometown gym (thanks Matthew Kleinosky, Lundgrenade, Brett Bodine and Adam Barajas)

The Girl From Outer Space 2

Bad Cats, Williams, 1989

Funhouse, Williams, 1990

Jungle house scene (thanks Svensson)

The Girl In Lover's Lane


Pin played by Brett Halsey, with right side of the cabinet seen clearly for a long time.


Dragonette, Gottlieb, 1954

Junk yard scenes, DVD scene 4, 14 min. into movie and scene 13, 1 hr. 20 min. into movie.

The Golden Apples Of Hesperides

Eight Ball, Bally, 1977

In a bar very early in the film. (thanks Marco Rossignoli, author of "The Complete Pinball Book.")


Capt. Fantastic, Bally, 1975

Astro, Gottlieb, 1971

Nitro Ground Shaker, Bally, 1978

bar and warehouse scenes. Screen shots HERE.

Graveyard Shift

Xenon, Bally, 1980

town diner scenes. electromechanical sounds heard. (thanks Dan Kimray)

Grease 2


Bowling alley scene, a couple pinball machines the T-Birds are playing. (thanks Wolf)

The Great American 4th of July and Other Disasters

Jamboree, Exhibit, 1948

16 minutes, 32 seconds into movie. (thanks David B.)

The Great Outdoors

Baby Pac-Man, Bally, 1982

Eight Ball Deluxe, Bally, (not sure which version of this game in this movie?)

Laser Ball, Williams, 1979

the bar scene where the two brothers are playing pool, behind them as the older brother gooses the girl w/ his pool cue: (thanks Mike K. (aka smacktheglass).

The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery (1959)

Double Header Bally, 1956


diner scene. other bingo is partially hidden. (thanks Dennis Dodel).

The Grifters

High Speed, Williams, 1986

approximately 10 minutes, 30 seconds into movie. (thanks Jonny O.)

Grown Ups

Black Knight, Williams, 1980

Hyperball, Williams, 1981

the restaurant scene half way through the movie. (thanks TJ Beyer)

Grumpy Old Men

Party Zone, Williams, 1980

Diner, Williams, 1981

three pins in the bar scene, about 1 hr. 21 minutes into the movie. third pin is mostly blocked by a Budweiser lamp and a jacket. (thanks Brandon Rison and Charlie B.)

Hard Times


DVD, scene 14, 37 min. into movie, bar scene.  Bronson shoots jukebox, but does not shoot the pin. (thanks Kschnoll)

Harold And Maude


Near the end of the movie there is a fairground arcade scene with several woodrail pins. (thanks Warren McCulloch, Vancouver Regional Pinball Association)  

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

Ding Dong, Williams, 1968

1 hour, 15 minutes, 55 seconds into movie. The scene with Dumbledore talking to Harry in the Weasley garage.  It's behind Harry and out of focus. (thanks Promo Joe from and Casey Nordell)


(The Baddies)

  Corvette, Bally, 1994

cult movie made in Finland. Local pub "Puukkohovi" (the Jackknife House) scene.

(Thanks Sampo S.)

  Halloween (2018)

  Back To The Future, Data East, 1990

convenience store, approx. 30 minutes into movie.

Happy, Texas

High Speed, Williams, 1986

DVD, scene 17, 47 minutes into movie, bar scene, burglar and sheriff walk into bar. Pin can be seen in the corner behind them.(Thanks Svensson)

The Hard Way

Pool Sharks, Bally, 1990

Hollywood Heat, Gottlieb, 1986

Party Animal, Bally, 1987

Radical, Bally, 1990

Dungeons & Dragons, Bally, 1987

beginning of movie, Fox beach front home. (thanks Tiedyemo, Richard Boyle, and Jaroslaw Nietrzebka)

The Harder They Come (1972)

Palm Springs, Bally, 1953

11 minutes into movie. screen shot HERE. (thanks Askew Reviews)

Harper (1966)

Cross Country, Bally, 1963

Go-Cart, Keeney, 1963

bar scene, 1 hour, 3 minutes into movie. screen shot HERE. (thanks Denis)


Coquette, Gottlieb, 1962

Old Chicago, Bally, 1976

film is set in 1958, but Coquette was made in 1962 and Old Chicago in 1976. (thanks Bill Cunningham and Klaus Schneyder)

Hearts In Atlantis (2001)

Sing Along, Gottlieb, 1967

bar scene, barely visible in background, 59 minutes, 59 seconds into movie.

Heavy Traffic

Foto-Finish, Gottlieb, 1961

arcade scene near the end of the movie, "Foto-Finish" gets destroyed. (thanks Tiedyemo and Pintrepid)

He Was A Quiet Man

Future Spa, Bally, 1979

bar scene, 1 hr., 47 seconds into movie.  Screen shots HERE.

High Ballin' (1978)


19 minutes, 45 seconds into movie, bar scene. Two electromechanical pins beside bar and a jukebox seen just before that. (thanks Cary Wilson)

Higher And Higher

Shangri-La, Williams, 1967

bar scene.  Lobby card pic HERE. (thanks Dennis Dodel)

The Hitman's Bodyguard


bar fight scene, just before end credits, possibly Williams' 70's single player electromechanical pin with fake side art, next to Seeburg USC2 Bandshell Firestar jukebox.

Home Alone 

Full House, Williams, 1966

basement scenes, pin to the left of the furnace. 20 minutes, 39 seconds, first sighting. 54 minutes, 16 seconds, second sighting. (cabinet shot only, so this could either be "Full House" or "Top Hand.") Screen shot HERE. (thanks Matt Masters and Ed Owens)


Time 2000, Atari, 1977

Space Riders, Atari, 1978

Outdoor bar scene, behind Burt Renyolds off in a corner, near end of movie before Hooper tests flying stunt car.


Galaxy ,Stern, 1980

Grand Slam , Bally, 1983

Big Game ,Stern, 1980

Silverball Mania ,Bally, 1980

"Galaxy" in wood shed, three other pins in bar scenes. Screen shots and sighting times HERE. (thanks Adam T. and Evan Bingham.)

Hot Stuff

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Gottlieb, 1978

kid is playing pinball machine in "pawn shop" fencing operation that the undercover cops are running. (thanks Kurt Herman) 

House Of Games

Rollergames, Williams, 1990

scenes in two different bars, both with pins.  The first bar scene is about 14 minutes into the movie, with an unidentified pin, the second is about 40 minutes in, with the Rollergames and another pin. (thanks Mark O.)

The Hunter

Strange World, Gottlieb, 1978

Ralph "Papa" Thorson enters a bar to capture a bail jumper. Two pins are visible, one ?, the other a Gottlieb 4 player. Bail jumper is seen in backroom fixing a "Strange World" pin. (thanks Sampo S.)

The Hustler

Short Stop Deluxe, Williams, 1958

Ten Strike, Williams, 1958

All you could really see clearly is the right side of the machine and it had bowling pins painted on the side in a single row all leaning towards the back of the machine at about a 45 degree angle. (thanks Steve G. for jotting my memory on that one).

Williams Short Stop Deluxe visible in train station scene, diner area (thanks Derek Moore and Bruce "Musicwow")

Ice Age: Continental Drift




2 minutes, 18 seconds into movie, em pin sounds as squirrel bounces around inside the earth's core. Screen shots HERE.



Mata Hari, Bally, 1978

The Amazing Spider-Man, Gottlieb, 1980


two bar scenes.  3-4 pins are seen. One scene is 1 hr., 10 minutes into movie.  When Amazing Spider Man is being played, you can hear the game's specific sounds clearly in the background. (thanks Cody Chunn)

Idiocracy (2006)




approx. 40 minutes into movie, White House scene, part of possible Williams' solid state pin with possible fake backglass and repainted cabinet. Screen shot HERE. (thanks Tony Dormanesh and Klaus Schneyder)

In Cold Blood (1967)


Hot Line, Williams, 1966

Alpine Club, Williams, 1965


Opening of the film, four, possibly five pins barely visible in either bus station or airport. Screen shots HERE (thanks Albert Cuellar).

Insidious: Chapter 2


Little Chief, Williams, 1975


38 minutes, 22 seconds into movie, corner of backglass briefly visible. Screen shot HERE.(thanks Zac Mussatt) Also, Insidious: Chapter 3, approx. 4 minutes into movie, psychic's house, a jukebox can be seen in the background.

Insidious 4 : The Last Key (2018)


Funhouse, Williams, 1990


playfield briefly visible near end of movie trailer. Screen shot HERE.(thanks Mannofnope).

I Ragazzi Del Massacro (Naked Violence)

Moulin Rouge?, 1965, Williams and ?

bar scene about 47 minutes into movie and about 73 minutes into movie, possibly Moulin Rouge in another bar scene (thanks Sampo S.)

Irma la Douce (1963)

Queen Of Diamonds, Williams, 1959

bar fight scene, 36 minutes into movie. jukebox also visible at 11 minutes into movie. Screen shots HERE. (thanks Steve Smith and Klaus Schneyder.)

Jack Frost


1 hour, 9 minutes, 53 seconds into movie, stick moves, puck hits snowman, EM chimes are heard, snowman is covered in holes.

J.D.'s Revenge (1976)

Quick Draw, Gottlieb, 1975

24 mins into movie, bar scene. (thanks Joe G.)

Jengi (The Gang)

Fashion Show, Gottlieb, 1962

40 mins into the movie in a bar scene. Also a jukebox, most likely a Seeburg KD-200. (thanks Sampo S.)

Jennifer's Body

Fire!, Williams, 1987

The Getaway: High Speed II, Williams, 1992

bar scene, approx. 10 minutes into movie. (thanks Matt C.)
  Jurassic Park 3   Pinbot, Williams, 1986

?Fireball Classic, Bally, 1985

DVD, scene 3, 13 min. into movie, scientist is in the country-style restraurant together with the man who hires him for expedition. (thanks Bijarne B.)

  Just My Luck (2006)   ?

pin in background of co-star's living room

  Karate Cop (1991)   Space Shuttle, Williams, 1984

bar scene, 41 minutes, 30 seconds into movie. Screen shots HERE. (thanks James Alderson)

  Karate Kid   Firepower II, Williams, 1983

scene? (thanks Lundgrenade)

  Kick-Ass 2  

Theatre Of Magic, Bally, 1995

Monster Bash, Williams, 1998

Circus Voltaire, Bally, 1997


fight scene, approx. 1 hour, 26 minutes into movie.(thanks Robbie Dickson, Klaus Schneyder, and Teo Grujoski)

  Kid   Captain Fantastic, Bally, 1976

pin gets destroyed in a barroom fight. Screen shot HERE.(thanks Dennis Dodel who actually supplied the two pins for this film, one working and one dummy parts game)

  Killer Joe   The Getaway: High Speed II, Williams, 1992

pin seen in trailer, not sure what scene or if it can be seen in the movie itself. (thanks Mark French and Ivan)


Wizard, Bally, 1975

Eight Ball Deluxe Ltd. Ed., '82, Bally

F-14 Tomcat, Williams, 1987

At the beginning,when Roy is showing off doing the disco dancing while bowling, Wizard is in the background. (thanks Tiedyemo)

DVD, scene 12, "Claudia/Three Strikes", about 47 minutes into movie, rich guy's home, hustle

after the part with the 8-ball deluxe,they are bowling in an alley with a f-14 tomcat in the background. (thanks Tiedyemo)

The Klansman


? (thanks Marco Rossignoli, author of "The Complete Pinball Book)

Knocked Up

Capt. Fantastic, Bally, 1976

Apt. scene, 40 minutes into movie.  See the screen shot HERE. (thanks Blubboman)

Kung Fu Hustle


last ten minutes of movie there's a fight scene that shows people like a ball in pop bumpers with the sounds to boot. (thanks Anthony Rice)

La Balance


arcade scene w/ at least 10 pins

L'Alpagueur (Hunter Will Get You) (1976)

Fast Draw, Gottlieb, 1975

Star Pool, Williams, 1974

Little Chief, Williams, 1975

Super Soccer, Gottlieb, 1975

Pat Hand, Williams, 1975

"300", Gottlieb, 1975

Quick Draw, Gottlieb, 1975

Astro, Gottlieb, 1971

arcade scene, 10 minutes, 48 seconds into movie. Screen shots HERE.(thanks Klaus Schneyder)

Last American Virgin

Stars, Stern, 1978

Approx. 1 hr., 5 minutes into movie. (thanks Jeremy Treib and Klaus Schneyder)

The Last Dragon

Tri-Zone, Williams, 1979

DVD, scene 17, 48 min. into movie, Shogun and friends bust up Daddy Green's Pizza. (thanks Ron D.)

Late Night Shopping (British)

KISS, Bally, 1979

Jack*Bot, Williams, 1995

They are in the background many times in the night cafe the characters spend their time in with the best shot about 20 mins into the movie. Also vid game Invaders and a couple of Barcrest reel games and a pool table. (thanks Klaus Schneyder and Sampo)

La Vida Alegre (The Happy Life)

Odin, Peyper, 1985

Pin appears in an "ambient" pub/discoteque at night, and even one of the main characters, Guillermo Montesinos, told to Antonio Resines (another actor in the movie): "�echamos unas partiditas?" ("Fancy a game?") (thanks Elo_Rey)

Les Flics

Striker, Gottlieb, 1982

Ready...Aim...Fire, Gottlieb, 1983

Police visit a distributor's premises where some Gottlieb System 80 pins are visible. (thanks Richard Boyle)

Les Visiteurs


Counterforce, Gottlieb, 1980

Rolling Stones, Bally, 1980

near the end, Clavier is calling Reno on the phone, he's in a bowling place, and three pins are visible. The first is a Gottlieb pin, exact title unknown. (thanks Michel Rorive)

Let's Rock (1958)


two woodrails, jukebox, and pool table in apartment scene, starting at 7 minutes, 25 seconds into movie. Watch for the Bally game that is the back-cover ad in Cash Box during this scene. Two other scenes with the pins at 44 minutes, and 1 hour, 5 minutes, 38 seconds. (thanks David Marston)

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Zissou (rethemed Gottlieb wedgehead pin)

Pin in a few scenes on the ship, most visible at 39 minutes, 20 seconds into movie.  (thanks Scylla)

Lonely Are The Brave

The Thing, Chicago Coin, 1951

bar scene. see promo picture showing pin in background HERE. (thanks Beester!!)

Le Placard (The Closet)

Attack From Mars, Bally, 1995

bar scene, about 10 minutes into movie. (thanks Sampo).

Les Clan des Siciliens (Sicilian Clan)

Gaucho, Gottlieb, 1964

World Fair, Gottlieb, 1964

Happy Clown, Gottlieb, 1964

Throughout the movie, many scenes inside an operator's warehouse. All pins appear Gottliebs with their very distinctive early type GTB coin door. Also a few puck games and other stuff. A GTB Gaucho is in the very center of the final scene. Also a World Fair and Happy Clown in the background of some shots. Probably Flying Chariots and Swing Along, too, with many others not positively identified.(thanks Sampo)

Lilja 4 Ever

Taxi, Williams, 1988 and ????

Arcade scene in a Moscow amusement park, has a few pins.

Little Monsters

Star Trek, Bally, 1979

Vector, Bally, 1982

Harlem Globetrotters On Tour, Bally, 1979

Count-Down, Gottlieb, 1979

Mars God Of War, Gottlieb, 1981

Underground arcade scene, also with a jukebox circa 1970's. (thanks Dusty Segretto)

Live And Let Die (1973)

Dixieland, Bally, 1967

Super Star, Williams, 1972

22 minutes, 40 seconds into movie, bar scene, pinball machines in a corner. (thanks Peter Pope)

The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner (1962)

Tic-Tac-Toe, Williams, 1959

27 minutes approximately, gameroom scene with payoff game getting robbed. (thanks Jim Divoky)

The Longest Ride (2015)

Firepower, Williams, 1980

Pin-bot, Williams, 1986

Fireball, Bally, 1972

date night bar scene. (thanks Michael Kent)

Lords Of Dogtown (2005)

Jack In The Box, Gottlieb, 1973

surfer club scenes, starting at 8 minutes, 30 seconds into movie (thanks Andrew Fischer and Klaus Schneyder for the sighting)

The Lost Boys

Phoenix, Williams, 1978

Paragon, Bally, 1979

Comic book shop, about 52 min. into movie. Briefly visible is the top part of Paragon's backglass. (thanks Dan Kimray)

Love Actually

Corvette, Bally, 1994

bar scene, pin next to a jukebox(thanks J� and Andrej)

The Mack

Honey, Williams, 1972 and ?Fireball?, Bally, 1972

DVD, bar scene, chapter 13, 53 minutes into movie.


Action, Chicago Coin, 1969

About 45 minutes into the movie, a woman gets killed while the pinball machine is chiming away. (thanks Mike Miller and Chad H.)

Ma femme est une actrice ("My Wife Is an Actress")

Attack From Mars, Bally, 1995

They are in a cafe and you can see the backglass for Attack from Mars behind them. (thanks David Nedde)
Major League II

Judge Dredd, Williams, 1993

Charlie Sheen's condo (thanks John Trudeau)

Mall Cop (2005)

No Good Gofers, Williams, 1997

Arcade scene. Tron video on left gets broken into, but the pin is spared. Screen shot HERE. (thanks Klaus Schneyder)


Showboat, Gottlieb, 1961

Corner drugstore. (thanks tiedyemo)

A Man Apart

Pinbot, Williams, 1986 and ?Future Spa, Bally, 1979(distant shot, just a guess on Future Spa)

DVD, scene 20, bar raid, 1 hr, 18 min. into movie

Man Bites Dog

Taxi, Williams, 1988

Whirlwind, Williams, 1990

there is an interview in a tavern....behind the person, there is the side of a Taxi and someone is playing a Whirlwind (with topper). (thanks Chris Benn)

The Man from Tokyo" 

(Ti nagaremono)


It's about 15 mins into the movie, a man and a woman at a shooting game, 4-5 pins in the background seen through the shooting games glass cabinet. (thanks Sampo)

Maniac Cop 2

Pin-bot,Williams, 1986

5 minutes into movie. (thanks PinMan and Hunty from

Man Of The House (1995)


arcade scene about 1/3 into the movie. (thanks Andrej)

Man Of The House (2005)

No Fear,Williams, 1995

Buffalo Billiards pool hall, 1 hour, 2 minutes, 47 seconds into movie. (thanks Greg Shannahan)

The Man With The Golden Arm (1955)


bar scene, unknown 30's pin. (thanks Dennis Dodel)

Marathon Man

Polo, Gottlieb, 1970 and Bow and Arrow, Bally, 1974(There was a clear shot of Polo's backglass and cabinet, showing the spy playing Polo, but the playfield shot was of Bow and Arrow's upper playfield)

DVD, scene 12, 23 min. into movie, bar scene. Oriental spy playing pinball while spying on Roy Scheider, another spy. (thanks Dave M. for identifying Bow and Arrow).

Margin For Error

Twin Six, Keeney, 1941

early in the film, drugstore scene. There may be additional pinball content, as the Twin Six was next to another game. (thanks Dave Marston)

Marry The Boss's Daughter


a cigarette vender and a pinball machine are used as props in a restaurant scene. A customer is playing the pinball game and just before the scene fades, hits top score, causing lights to flash and bells to ring. (source, Billboard Magazine, Feb. 7, 1942, page 80) (thanks John O.)

Mars Attacks

Harlem Globetrotters On Tour, Bally, 1979

DVD, 15 min. into move, Pam Greer grabs her kids from arcade.  Pin seen in the back of the arcade.

Marshland (La Isla Minima) (2014)

Big Brave, Maresa, 197?

bar scenes, starting at 40 minutes, 37 seconds, and behind the scenes featurette. Elo Rey, a collector in Spain, lent his game to the studio for this movie. screen shots HERE.

Mauvaises Frentations

Attack From Mars, Bally, 1995

bar scene about 10mins into the movie, Olive (Lou Doillon, daughter of Jane Birkin) is playing the pin. Only some beeping sounds like an early SS pin are heard. (thanks Sampo)

Maximum Overdrive

Night Rider, Bally, 1976 (solid state)

Pokerino, Williams, 1978

DVD, scene 4, about 8 min. into movie, Night Rider plays itself in multiball, which is odd, because this is not a multiball pin. It plays itself then playfield glass shatters. Star Castle and some other vids are featured too.

Mchale's Navy

Action, Chicago Coin, 1969

Meteor, Stern, 1979

"Action" is about 17 minutes into the movie. "Meteor" is about half an hour from the end of film. Very quick glimpse of game as characters walk through a door into a hall where a stage show is about to begin. (thanks Marco Rossignoli and Ed Owens)

Mean Streets (1973)

Magic City, Williams, 1967


Pool hall scene. "Magic City," and a Bally bingo. (thanks Dennis Dodel)

Meatballs 3

Strikes and Spares, Bally, 1978

Playboy, Gottlieb, 1978

Coney Island!, Game Plan, 1979

Sharpshooter, Game Plan, 1979

Close Encounters of The Third Kind, Gottlieb, 1978

Count-Down, Gottlieb, 1979

Pinball Pool, Gottlieb, 1979

Jungle Lord, Williams, 1981

several pins seen at the end of the movie. Screen shots HERE. (thanks Robert Urbanowicz)

The Mechanic (1972)

Central Park, Gottlieb, 1966

Charles Bronson's house. (thanks Richard Boyle)

A mezzanotte va la ronda del piacere

Hi-Lo, Gottlieb, 1969

coffee bar half way through the film. (thanks Marco Rossignoli, author of several pinball related books )

Men In Black 3


bowling alley scene. On the right, by the entrance door. Appears to be two pitch and bats with a Gottlieb wedgehead in the center, possibly "Aquarius." (thanks Tenacious T from (added 5/26/12)

Mina ja Morrison (Me And Morrison)

Dirty Harry, Williams, 1995

about 10 minutes into the movie, scene where Milla wakes up in Aki's bed and gets up to look for the kitchen, the pin is in the room between the bedroom and the kitchen with Aki's boxing gloves hanging in the Magnum 44 handle, also seen briefly sideways once or twice later in the movie.(thanks Sampo)

Meteor (1979)

Sky Lab, Williams, 1974

Space Odyssey,Williams,1976

DVD, scene 21, "Making Human Contact", Sean Connery and Natalie Wood in military base's breakroom

Midnight Madness

Fireball, Bally, 1971, Mata Hari, Bally, 1977, Power Play, Bally, 1977, Eight Ball, Bally, 1977

wizard,flash,joker poker,supersonic and middle earth. Some of the vids are space invaders,indy 500,f-1,x and o's,tank battle?,jet rocket,speed king and exidy's infamous death race which is shown alot.

DVD, scene 15, Fight scene in Pinball City arcade. (thanks Tiedyemo)

Miss Congeniality

Starship Troopers, Sega, 1997

Independence Day, Sega, 1996

about 15 minutes into movie, bar scene, also a Golden Tee '99 videogame. (thanks Ed Owens)

Mister Scarface

Bank Shot?, 1976, Gottieb

DVD, 36 min. 10 seconds into film, gangsters enter pool hall and walk by this pin.  59 min. 9 seconds into film, gangster enters pool hall, a few pins and misc games are seen. This film by the way is definately a candidate for the le bad cinema category, one of Jack Palance's worst films, circa 1976, produced in Italy, overdubbed to English, and now available at any Dollar Tree location, this would have been a sure thing for Mystery Science Theater. See the still shots of the pin sightings HERE and HERE. If you can help ID these pins, please email Pingeek.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)


scene when Brad Pit's character breaks into his own home and retrieves a hidden gun from behind a pinball backglass. The image is of a Naval ship and a sonar looking pattern on top of it and in top right corner of the backglass flashes "Game Over." (thanks Laila D.)

  Modesty Blaise (1966)

Space Ship, Williams, 1961

Corral, Gottlieb, 1961

Sheik's hotel suite. "Space Ship" seen at 11 minutes, 50 seconds, featuring alternate cabinet art. "Corral" seen at 13 minutes, 25 seconds into movie. Screen shots HERE. (thanks Larry Franz and Klaus Schneyder)

  Money Train

The Games, Gottlieb/Mylstar, 1984

Meteor, Stern, 1979 and ?

bar scenes

Moon Of The Wolf

Gun Smoke, Chicago Coin, 1968

3 Coins, Williams, 1962

King Tut, Bally, 1969

"Gun Smoke" in first bar scene at 25 minutes, 36 seconds. A row of more pins in second scene at 29 minutes, 43 seconds. screen shots HERE. (thanks Thomas Farkas and Klaus Schneyder)

Murder In The Clouds (1934) Contact, Stoner, 1934

14 minutes, 33 seconds into the movie, bar scene, pin first seen, but there are bits of the playfield shown throughout the scene. Thugs walk into the bar, and one wages a dollar on a game. Thug refers to the playfield as "the board." Unfortunately the game gets beaten up and ends upside down by the end of the scene. (thanks John Robertson , of "John's Jukes")

Muriel Coquette, Williams, 1962

very start of the film the pin can be seen in a coffee bar. (thanks Marco Rossignoli, author of "The Complete Pinball Book")

My Bloody Valentine (1981) Miss America, Bally, 1957

Buckaroo, Gottlieb, 1965

bar/party room scene (thanks Andrew Kramer)

  My Bodyguard

Night Rider (EM), Bally, 1976

deli scene, 44 minutes, 48 seconds into movie. Screen shots HERE.

Mysterious Skin


briefly seen pin in white cabinet, possibly an EM from the 60's or 70's. (thanks Jon O.)

Mystery, Alaska

Cyclone, Williams, 1988

DVD, scene 5, 19 min. into movie, diner scene, pin way in back. (thanks Svensson)

Naked Gun 33 1/3

High Speed, Williams, 1986

opening credits (thanks Sampo)

Naked Massacre

Super Star, Williams, 1972

pin first seen 4 minutes, 34 seconds into movie. Playfield and cabinet appear to be either Big Star or Super Star, but backglass is made up of completely naked women. (thanks Aaron Carlisle) (added 3/31/12)

Natural Born Killers

Whirlwind, Williams, 1990

opening diner scene, 6 min. 29 seconds into movie.  (thanks Tiedyemo)

Navy Seals

Arena, Gottlieb, 1987

Devils Dare, Gottlieb, 1982

Fireball, Bally, 1972

bar scene (thanks Tiedyemo)

Nazi Agent (1942)

Salute, Baker, 1941

About a quarter-hour before the end, a scene in a bar opens with a closeup of the back glass, then the pin itself. (thanks Charles Q.)


Scared Stiff, Bally, 1996

1 hr. 3 minutes, 22 seconds into movie, Jed is playing the pin in a shop when Kandi arrives to pick him up. (thanks Aaron Carlisle) (added 3/31/12)

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

Freddy: A Nightmare On Elm Street, Gottlieb, 1994

Smart Set, Williams, 1969

screen shots and times HERE.


Rocket, Gottlieb, ?1955?

garage scene, about 15 minutes into movie.  Peter Falk and Nicholas Cage are talking, and the pin is in the background.  Looks like a woodrail.  I thought it said "Rocket" on the backglass but could find no record of this pin at The Internet Pinball Database.  The artwork on the backglass is that of a giant plane with small circles around it I think.

Next of Kin

KISS, Bally, 1979

Gorgar, Williams, 1979

Black Hole, Gottlieb, 1981

10 or more pins.  In the gang's HQ's a bunch of other (pretty new, at the time) Bally/Wms SS's. I think that Pat Swayzee blows away a couple of the pins, to intimidate the gang. He played a cop, & the gang killed his brother (eventually 2 bros).

(thanks Rich W and Ed Burton.)

   Nightmare On Elm Street 3

  Eight Ball Deluxe, Bally, 1981

Bar where Nancy meets dad 

Night Shift (Henry Winkler)

Sinbad, Gottlieb, 1978

DVD, scene 36, "The ground broke my fall," 1 hr 37 minutes into the movie, Henry Winkler in night club, walks past Atari Sprint 2 and Space Invaders vids, and the Sinbad pin.

No Holds Barred (1989)

Flash, Willliams, 1979

Wizard!, Bally, 1975

"Wizard!" in first bar scene, approx. 26 minutes into movie. "Flash" in same bar, another scene at approx. 34 minutes, 30 seconds. (thanks Adam Lundgren for the pin sighting).

None But The Lonely Heart

Odd Ball, Daval, 1938

Ten Spot, Genco, 1941


(thanks Marco Rossignoli)

North Dallas Forty

El Toro, Bally, 1972

mansion party scene, 8 minutes, 43 seconds into movie. Screen shots HERE.

Nothing But A Man (1964)

Jungle, Williams, 1960

scene? (thanks Glen Peters for the pin sighting)

Now You See Me (2013)

Space Ship, Williams, 1961

opening scene, pin in background. Screen shot HERE. (thanks mannofnope)

The Odd Couple (1968)

Dragonette, Gottlieb, 1954

bar scene, 42 minutes, 7 seconds into movie, playfield view. screen shot HERE(thanks Brendan Roberts for the pin sighting, screen shot, and movie ID.)

Odds and Evens

Sound Stage, Chicago Coin, 1976

Terence Hill is playing this pin about 12 minutes into the movie. (thanks Simon Beauchamp)

The Official Story (aka The Official Version) (1985)

Flash, Williams, 1979

Pin is played (with correct sound, not bells/chimes as often happens) in a cafe, while the central character tells how she was tortured by the military regime. (thanks Richard Boyle)

Olsenbanden & Dynamitt-Harry

Seven Up, Williams, 1969

bar scenes, starting at 21 minutes, 39 seconds into movie. Screen shot HERE. (thanks Klaus Schneyder)

On The Right Track

Big Game, Stern, 1980

starring Gary Coleman as Lester, a shoe-shining kid who can predict the outcome of horse races. The first pin sighting is 9 minutes into the movie. There is a scene, on a pier possibly, 80 minutes into the movie, where Coleman is arguing with a lady who is taking care of him and a man who wants to have race results. This argument lasts about 5 minutes and a Stern ??Big Game?? is right behind Coleman, very clear. While the camera is moving into the arcade hall, there are quite a few pins visible. (thanks Ian F and Klaus Schneyder.)

  Opportunity Knocks

  High Speed, Williams, 1986

pin seen in the living room in the the house that Dana Carvey and his pal break into and live in during the movie. (thanks Tom O'Brien)

  The Opposite Sex (1956)

  Knock Out, Gottlieb, 1950


two pins in drugstore scene near beginning of the movie.

The Outfit

Fun-Fest, Williams, 1972

(thanks Blubboman)

Out For Justice

Eight Ball Deluxe, Bally, 1980, and ?

bar scenes (thanks John Hoge)

Out Of The Fog

Snooks, Stoner, 1939, and ?

29 minutes, 27 seconds into movie, drug store scene, Kid hollers to clerk: "I hit it! I hit it! For once in my life I beat the machine! 28,000! Pay me nine nickels!" The clerk replies: "Keep your shirt on! You'll get paid off!" (thanks Dennis Dodel)

Over The Top

High Hand, Gottlieb, 1973

Night Rider, Bally, 1976


The Package

High Speed, Williams, 1986

bar scene (thanks Gott Lieb from

Pact With The Devil (aka "Dorian")

The Getaway: High Speed II, Williams, 1992

Dorian has this pin in his apartment. There is a very brief playfield shot with the ball rolling on it, and it appears in the background several times. (thanks Cody Chunn)

Panic In The Streets (1950)

Gold Cup, Bally, 1948



"Gold Cup," and an unknown woodrail pin in diner scene. Also an unknown woodrail in a laundromat. (thanks Dennis Dodel.)

The Paper (1994)

The Games, Gottlieb/Mylstar, 1984

bar scene. (thanks Dennis Dodel)

The Paper Brigade

Bugs Bunny Birthday Ball, Bally, 91

bowling alley scene.  Main character is having his face shoved into the playfield glass of this pin (thanks Frank)


Op-Pop-Pop, Bally, 1969

1 hour, 38 minutes, 54 seconds into movie, office scene before end credits. Front of cabinet appears to be repainted, not original pattern. (thanks Derek)

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Viper Night Drivin', Sega, 1998

Hyperball, Williams, 1981

Mall arcade scenes. Pins visible at 38 minutes, 3 seconds into movie. Screen shots HERE.


Full House, Williams, 1966

25 minutes into the movie where Mel Gibson is in a small warehouse, and two cops are gambling.  There is a pin behind them in a blurry shot. (thanks Ed Owens)


Fish Tales, Williams, 1992

2nd bar scene, DVD, scene 16, 1 hr 2 minutes into movie. (thanks Sampo)

Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief

The French Connection (custom game)

Ripley's Believe It Or Not, Stern, 2003

Casino scene, circa 1971. (there are three other pins in this scene) (thanks Elo_Rey)

Persons Unknown

Hit And Run, Williams, 1970 about 15 mins into the movie, the scene with the wash-out cop turned locksmith Jim Holland breaking in to search the heist gang's hideout. Also seen a second time about 20 mins into the movie with Naomi Watts in a wheelchair beside the game. (thanks Sampo)

Pickup Summer (aka Pinball Summer)

Arthur (talking, custom SS, clown on bg, Gottlieb pf), Blue Chip, Buccaneer, Card Whiz, Cinema, Countdown, Disco, Dragon, Eight Ball, Grand Prix, Nugent, Jacks Open, KISS, Mata Hari, Paragon, Pinball Summer (Bally SS pin with movie art), Playboy, Power Play, Space Odyssey, Surf Champ, and 2 EM shooter games

DVD, pins seen in Pete's Arcade scenes, back store room/repair shop. Talking Arthur pin at OJ's Drive In.

 Pixels (2015)

Flash, Williams, 1979

Xenon, Bally, 1980

arcade scene in opening credits, appears to be three pins total. Also, "thanks to Williams Pinball" mentioned in closing credits.

 Planet 51


bowling alley scene, 32 minutes, 59 seconds into movie. Three fictitious pins are visible. Screen shot HERE.

 Point Blank (1967)

Jolly Joker, Williams, 1955

house gameroom scene, 1 hour, 12 minutes, 57 seconds into movie. Screen shot HERE.

 Point Doom

F-14 Tomcat, Williams, 1987

bar scene, 3 minutes, 11 seconds into movie, opening credits. Screen shot HERE.

 Police Academy

Rawhide, Stern, 1977

Triple Strike, Williams, 1975


DVD, scene 24, "Trouble downtown," three pins total. two pins on truck, one unidentifiable, another pin on wheels rolls into traffic, across the street, and falls over. screen shots HERE. (thanks Klaus Schneyder)

Poltergeist II

Disco Fever, Williams, 1978

Forty minutes into the movie, the family runs away from the spirits to a motel/diner. (thanks Cody Chunn)

 Poor Albert And Little Annie

Expressway, Bally, 1971

lobby card HERE. (thanks Dennis Dodel)


Buccaneer, Gottlieb, 1976

and ?

Nip-It, Bally, 1973

DVD, 35 min. 18 sec., Porky comes down steps to deal with the high school kids about getting some women for the night. Buccaneer and a 2 player pin seen way in back.

1 hr. 27 min. 27 sec., As Porky's bar is pulled down, Nip-It falls into the water. (thanks Derek Moore) (note: look closely and you will see, it was a gutted pin, no backglass.)

Porky's Revenge Flip Flop, Bally, 1974 wedding scene about 10 mins before the end of the movie on Porky's boat, the game is in the background behind the bridesmaids, there is one shot where you can distinctively see the horseshoe decals on the side of the backbox. (thanks Sampo)


Grand Prix, Williams, 1976

Strikes and Spares, Bally, 1977

apt. party scene (thanks Jody Cleveland.  this scene was actually filmed in his apt. showing his pins.  The movie will be released Halloween, 2005).

Primitive London (1965)



14 minutes, 42 seconds into movie, parts of one or two EM pins shown being played.

Problem Child

F-14 Tomcat, Williams, 1987

bar scene, 1 hour, 7 minutes, 35 seconds into movie. Screen shot HERE.

  Problem Child 2

Af-Tor, Wico, 1984

house scene, 21 minutes, 26 seconds into movie. Pin has fake title on backglass. Screen shots HERE.

The Program

Taxi, Williams, 1988

scene unknown. (thanks lundgrenade)

    Project Alf

Old Chicago, Bally, 1975

23 minutes, 11 seconds and again about 5 min later.(thanks Aeneas V. and Greg Shannahan)
Project: Metalbeast (1995)

Rack 'em Up!, Gottlieb, 1983

Lab's rec room. Backglass visible in background at 1 hour into movie. (thanks Dan Kimray)
Project X

Firepower, Williams, 1980

Mathew Broderick is in the NCO club playing cards. There are 3 machines in the background. Firepower is in the middle. The two others also appear to be solid state pins. (thanks Mike Kent)
Profondo Rosso (Deep Red)

Jungle Life, Gottlieb, 1972

Coffee bar scene. (thanks Marco Rossignoli)
Psycho III Kings Of Steel, Bally, 1984

KISS, Bally, 1978

20 min. into movie, bar scene, first pin and 25 min. into movie, KISS pin is seen in a bar scene.

The Punisher

Stellar Wars, Williams, 1979

fight scene, 42 minutes into movie. 3 pins total in this scene. (thanks Ron D.)

The Purge

The Getaway: High Speed II, Williams, 1992

"Getaway" is on the left, and possibly another pin beside it. (thanks lundgrenade and Matthew Kleinosky.)

Purple Rain

Jungle Lord, Williams, 1981

first 56 seconds of movie, club scene, "Let's Go Crazy" (thanks Tim Ferrante)


Buckaroo, Gottlieb, 1965 (or possibly a Cowpoke, Gottlieb, 1965)

soda fountain scene (thanks Dave G, Michael H, and Rob.)


unknown woodrail with giant WWII bomber across backglass

Ballerina, Bally, 1948 Kontest Poker, Gillispie Games Co., 1946, Big Hit, Chicago Coin, 1952

Gus' Place (a coffee shop)

Santa Monica Pier, "Joyland Arcade" (thanks Russ Jensen)