In early June, 2006, I was at Flipper McCoy's, located at 2210 Atlantic Avenue, in Virginia Beach, VA.  I've heard about this arcade on the newsgroup rec.games.pinball for quite some time, and since I was at the beach, it was time to check it out.

This arcade only has a few pins, but there is quite a diverse selection of videogames, ranging from 80's classics like BurgerTime, Pole Position, Elevator Action, Pac-man, etc; to the more recent titles, like Deal Or No Deal. 

I've heard from discussions on rec.games.pinball, that this arcade has been around over 30 years, and someone even said they remember playing a 1972 Bally Fireball pin there years ago, along with many other electromechanical pins in the late 70's. I've also been told that in the early 80's, they had a snack bar there that served pizzas and subs. During that time some of the videogames there included Pole Position, Berzerk, Galaga, Star Wars, and "The Beast" rollercoaster simulator called?(SR-71)? At that time, you played with quarters, not tokens.

Yahoo Driving Directions can help get you to this arcade. Enjoy the tour! Pingeek.


On the beach, I spotted a tour ship, I mean a pirate ship;)

But I didn't find a darn thing.

"Nightmare Mansion," located at Atlantic and 20th, is a large building with a discount shop and a haunted house.

The building has some interesting artwork.

Click here to see a short clip of this animated ghoul in the window.

Although it wasn't Halloween, I spotted Elvis......

but it wasn't here.


"Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant" has great burgers. I recommend the Sgt. Pepper burger.

The signs to watch your dang language are all over the place.

This place has the best gosh darn frozen custard.

You can get to Flipper McCoy's by bike...

...on foot, or by car.