Fun Company was located in Chesterfield Towne Center, 11500 Midlothian Turnpike, in Richmond, VA. If you see the main entrance, which I think has the Food Court, it wasn't that one, but the one far off to the right, the North Entrance. They closed sometime in 2002, if I remember correctly.


Enter the mall here. The gameroom is on the left as you come in.

Hoop It Up, out of order. Darn. Hope they fix that one. But look what's to the left, a pitch and bat, could it be?

Well, not exactly a pitch and bat, but something close to it. Kinda retro. Anyway, you drop a quarter in the slot and it rolls down the playfield. If it lands in the right hole, the runners run. Well, they should, but the motor or something is broken. I let the manager know, and they will get someone on it. If you stop in, kindly remind them to get this fixed. Would be nice to see the runners run.

"Medieval Madness" and "Theatre of Magic" are seen here way in the back, far left.

Here they are, ready to play.

Hard to see in this picture, that the playfield did have a light coating of dirt, but still playable.

It's always cool when someone leaves a free game.

As of Saturday, 12/22/01,"Medieval Madness" and "Theatre of Magic" have been sold, but here's a brand new pin, less than a month out of the box.



Almost 400,000,000, current high score. Yeah, I can top that, no problem.


Well, maybe not.


The high score king is safe, for now.

Didn't match:(