P3:  Pennsylvania Pinball Player's Association

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Pinball Parlour, Earlington, PA 

This was the first tournament I've ever witnessed.  The hot weather didn't stop these guys.  Although I didn't participate in the tournament, it was cool to see such intense competition.  Let's not forget the place where this tournament is held.  Pinball Parlour features a large room of videogames ranging from classics like Moon Patrol and Asteroids to the latest racing games, etc. The upstairs has rows of Williams pins ranging from 50's em's to more recent classics like No Good Gophers and Revenge From Mars.  This is the only place I know of where you will find mostly Williams pins.  Thanks to Paul and Denise from The Pinball Parlour and Brian Smith and his family, the P3 tournament organizers,  for their hospitality.  

If you want more information on The Pinball Parlour, click here to visit their home page.  To learn more about the P3 tournament, click here.

The winners for this tournament are listed here at the P3 site.

I have a dvd for sale which documents this event. For more information, click here!


The side of the building, seen as you pull in to park.   You will see this on your left, if you are heading down Allentown Road, pass Univest National Bank, go about 2 miles, and you are here.

There were storms throughout the day, but that didn't stop the fun.


These are the regular hours, but they were extended to 10-10 today.  The tournament itself ran from 10-7 and after that, there was plenty of time for more pinball.  Worked for me:)

Open for birthday parties too.

Sometimes they have pins and vids for sale.  This Williams 1975 Satin Doll pin was for sale at the time.

This classic Studebaker truck was NOT for sale.



It sure looked cool, though.



Walk into the videogame arcade, to your left, and you see a Seeburg juke, a Super Sprint videogame, and more.

Asteroids was tougher than ever.  Pardon the flash.

I'm better at Dig Dug.

Toobin' and Crystal Castles.

Got the more recent stuff too.

Hydro Thunder, etc.

Let's not forget the classics.  I played a couple rounds of Pac-Man.  This was the second videogame I became addicted to.  The first was Space Invaders.



Turkey Shoot, next to Pac-Man is a really weird bank robber game.  The turkeys are actually the bank robbers, which you are supposed to shoot. This was one of many classic arcade games I saw being played on the 80's videogame game show, Starcade


Paperboy is hilarious.  I'm pretty lame at this game, but I still enjoy it.  The classic, Millipede sits beside it.

No arcade is complete without air hockey!

A busted system 7 game.  Joust is a classic, but due to the board interconnects, they can break quite easily.  Here's a great guide to system 3-7 board repair!