Friday, December 9th - Sunday, December 11th, 2005

Hershey PA Arena

To end 2005, I present 168 pics recapping the Hershey Gameroom Expo from start to finish.  I've also recently released a dvd of the event, which can be ordered here.  My entire pinball dvd catalog, including past shows can be viewed here.


Jimmy Rosen and I arrived at The Hershey Arena so I could get an idea of the layout.

Here's another angle of the ice.  Hard to imagine there would be a gameroom show here.

Jimmy is checking out the locker room, the future site of "The Pinball Locker Room."

Here's a pic standing where Jimmy was, to an entrance to the locker room.

Here's another view of the ice.


This is the front entrance to the arena.  My table where I played dvds of past shows was set up right by the heating vent.  Very convenient!

Buy your tickets for the show here.



Next stop was to Hershey local, Steven Seacord's house to pick up some pins for the show.  I haven't played a Jungle Lord pin since Allentown '99, so this was quite a treat.  Playing Laser Ball for the first time, with it's cheesy early solid state sound effects was pretty fun too.

This was the first time I've seen a "Race Time" pin, a classic Gottlieb woodrail.

Steven has a Freedom pin with the 1776 and 1976 on the left and right side of the backglass, which is much less common.  This was removed from later backglasses because it was thought the game would appear dated.

Some other EM gems.

Jimmy stops to help Steven decide which pins should go the show.