The tour


Jimmy at his soda fountain, rescued from Bennett's Rexall Pharmacy in Harrisburg, PA.



I first went to Old Sled Works on Wednesday, October 6, 2004, the day before setup at the White Rose Gameroom Show.  I figured it would be cool to check out a real penny arcade, since I spent many summers in Coney Island arcades.  I enjoyed playing the pins, gun games, and also the driving games, like Chicago Coin's Motorcycle, which I played endlessly in Coney Island years ago.  Since October, 2004, I've been back to Old Sled Works a few times, most recently on April 16, 2005.  

Many pics were originally taken with my 1996 Sony FD-7 Mavicam digital camera, but I also used a 35 mm generic camera and scanned the pics.  I have since switched to a Vivitar Vivicam 3750 3 mega pixel digital camera, which runs on AA batteries. No more hard to find battery packs.  Just bring along a pack of Duracell batteries and you're ready to go. In April, 2005, when I went back to Old Sled Works, I took lots of high resolution digital pics, and whenever possible, replaced the older pics with fresh new ones.  I now have close to 150 pics online of this tour, including almost 70 high resolution pics.

Questions or comments, email me.  Enjoy the tour.  See you at Old Sled Works!


The parking lot, across from Old Sled Works.  Here's the Dauphin Water Gap Tower, which was saved from the wrecking ball.  For more information about the tower and an article about it, check out Jimmy's site at Old Sled Works home page.






Some history of Lightning Guider Sleds, made right here at Old Sled Works until 1990.


This was April, 2005.  Call ahead to see when the next open house takes place, or email Jimmy Rosen.

Watch some classic "Three Stooges" on vintage tv sets, and YES, they actually work, with crystal clear picture quality, which I have never seen anywhere. There is a protective plexiglass piece in front of the sets I guess to protect them. I remember this Pepsi machine on the left at practically all gas stations when I was a kid.

No, the sets are not for sale, as for as I know, so get here early to enjoy the entertainment. Even on a weekday, some of the sets are running.

Relax in a vintage barber chair when you walk in and enjoy the show.

Go down the hall and check out.......


all kinds of arts and crafts.


Here's Bill Hamilton, record dealer. If you are looking for any record, chances are he has it.

He has two booths. Here is the second one.

Contact Bill for that rare record.