The Rosebowl Drive-In..........R.I.P.


The Rosebowl, in Ashland, VA on Route 1, was another drive-in which was wiped out when cable tv and movie rentals came along.  This drive-in was opened in the 50's I think, and closed in the 80's.  For nearly it's entire last decade of showing movies, the main flicks were adult, however they did try second run feature films for a brief time before switching back to adult and finally closing for good.  I took these pics in November, 2000. Don't bother looking for the remains of this drive in, pictured below. I drove by where they once stood on Thanksgiving Day, 2002, and everything was gone.


Take a right off Rt. 1, go down a long winding road, and you're there.

Needs a fresh coat of paint......for starters. I wish I could have snagged this for my front yard. The neighbors would have loved it.

I don't think this will light up again.

But I bet it looked real cool lit up at night.

The other "Enter" sign.  Notice the bird's nest.



This is a view from Route 1. The drive in was located through those trees.