A Homer bobble head, as seen on Ebay around Christmas, 2007.  They were not available at every location of 7-Eleven.

Here's an Apu bobble-head I saw on Ebay at the same time as Homer.  There were others characters as well on Ebay, but I forget which ones. 

In August, 2007, Burger King was carrying talking Simpsons Movie toys.  These were the three they had in stock at the time, available with any "Crappy" I mean, uh, "Happy Meal" purchase.

These are the ones I got.  Bart emits this high pitched "Geronimoooo..." and it sounds nothing like him.

Push the button, and Nelson says "Haw haw" a few times, but the pitch of the voice is actually correct. Check out the nuclear raccoon decal.  Click on the pic and you can see this clearer.

Dr. Hibbert is supposed to say "He he he," however, when I took him out of the bag recently, I found he was speechless, suggesting a dead battery.  The screw heads are like triangles, matching no screwdriver or Allen wrench I own and the local hardware store had no clue either.  Nothing like stuff made in China:(

These little inserts came with each BK Simpsons toy.

Here's the other side of the insert.  Click on it, and you'll see all the talking Simpsons Movie toys that were available, which are available on Ebay.  "Golden Homer," the 16th and final toy was the rarest of all 16, and not pictured here.

Sugar free vitamins of some sort.  This coupon was included with the insert.  

Flip over the coupon, and you can save even more!  I think at this point The Simpsons really sold out, but I guess if The Flintstones could do this, it's no big deal?

Homer was spotted recently at The White Rose Gameroom Show (The York Show) in York, PA.  Maybe he brought a Simpsons Pinball Party pin?

Yep, that's definately Homer. 

Looks like I'm not the only one who arrived early at the show.  In December, 2007, Homer was also seen at The Auction Game Sales auction in Richmond, VA at The Richmond International Raceway.  If you missed this auction, my pics and story can be seen at Pingeek's News Archives.

I noticed this booth at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA on a Sunday in 2007, shortly before Halloween, the last day of the season for the park.  Notice Spiderman seems to be outnumbered.

My girlfriend won these at a crane machine in Ocean City, MD during Labor Day weekend, 2007.  They scare me.

Oooh! Trading cards, purchased at 7-Eleven.  

Click on the pic to see a larger image of the back of the trading card pack.  It says you need a 40 card deck to play The Simpsons trading card game.  Unfortunately, this is the only pack I own.






These Homer shirts were on clearance at 7-Eleven  in November I think. I own two.

I scanned one of the t-shirts for a closer look.

Here's a two-pack of puzzles, purchased at the local Dollar Tree.  The one on the left is called, "Dinner With Dad." The one on the right is called "Surfari."

This is one of the coolest Simpsons items in my opinion. It's the Moe and Barney talking bottle opener keychain.  Click on the pic to see it better.

My favorite phrase has to be Barney saying, "Argh! Natural Light! Get it off me! Get it off me!"  Click on the pic to see what other cool stuff this bottle opener says. Before you rush to buy this item on Ebay though, please note the battery is non-replaceable.

The Moe & Barney talking keychain is another cool item. 

Four of the six phrases are identical to what the talking bottle opener says.  The ones that are different here are Barney saying "Yeah, whatever (burp)", and "I guess guys like us just can't get a break."  The batteries can be replaced on this item, which I think is a plus.

Don't forget the Homer talking keychain.  The keychains and bottle opener were also purchased at 7-Eleven.

My favorite phrases from this keychain is Homer saying, "Weaseling out of things is important to learn..." and "Feeling stupid? I know I am!"

The Bart talking pen is pretty cool too, though.  The speaker is located on the button at the top.

Bart has five sayings. My two favorites are "I didn't do it" and "I'll get back to you."  Like the bottle opener though, the batteries are non-replaceable.

Here's my cassette of "The Simpsons Sing The Blues," which was released in 1990, less than a year after the show first aired.  DJ Jazzy Jeff was one of the writers of "Deep, Deep Trouble," with vocals by Nancy Cartwright, I mean uh, Bart;)

I scanned the cassette sleeve insert.  Believe it or not, this is still available on cd.  According to,  there were three other cd's issued from 1997-1999, which I never heard of until I looked up The Simpsons discography.  

Last but not least, here's a rockin' Homer shirt I bought at Wal-mart I think in 2006.

I need a bigger scanner. The shirt reads "Live Large...Rock Hard"

Rock on!