The Texas Pinball Festival 2005

October 28th - October 30th, 2005 

Holiday Inn Select, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

On Thursday, October 27th, at about 8 am I caught a flight with my girlfriend out of Richmond, VA to Texas for yet another Texas Pinball Festival, my second one.  I couldn't wait to meet John Osborne and John Buras, both veteran Gottlieb designers.  I ended up getting more than I bargained for. Both Mr. Osborne and Mr. Buras were in the arcade area constantly and I got plenty of interviews, along with their complete seminars and Q &A, which took place Saturday, October 29th from 1:00 - 2:30 pm. The Monster Bash was a night to remember, and if that wasn't enough, there was Karaoke, with yours truly participating in the festivities. I sung "Break On Through" by The Doors.  Well, I attempted to anyway, with rather disastrous results.

Anyway, get ready to relive the entire Texas show from setup to finish, approximately 375 pics in all.

If you like what you see, I also made a dvd of the entire show, start to finish, which you can order HERE.  You can view my entire dvd show catalog at THEPINBALLSHOW.COM.


Shortly after I got off the plane, Bob Herbison picked me up at the Holiday Inn Select, which is where the show was taking place.  This is just one room at Bob's house filled with rarities.  That old clock you can see on the wall if you click on the pic is actually from the Gottlieb factory.  There was an article about this clock written by Bob Herbison in Pingame Journal, possibly the April issue, 2006.  Jim at Pingame Journal would know for sure.  Just tell him Pingeek sent you.  As a matter of fact, my full story about Texas '05 is in the July 2006 issue of Pingame Journal.

  In the left corner, we have Queen of Hearts and a rare pitch and bat called Pitch Hitter.

Bob has a like new Safecracker, which is.....

minty clean inside.


Medieval Madness


Revenge From Mars and a bunch of misc. memorabilia



Beer stuff.




Bally Skill Parade. Mega rare. Put a nickel in, while using the lever to drop the nickel into a hole of your choice for a certain animal picture.  Do this for two more levels underneath, get the same animal three times in a row, and it pays out in credits.  This was probably quite popular in bars.  Like bingos of it's time, you could cash in the credits for money or alcohol.


Bob also has one loaded bar! 

Now we're across the house at the other room, loaded with rare Gottlieb woodrails!  Bob proudly displays a photo of him that was used in the local paper.  Yep, Bob is a celebrity!

 A rare Genco Golden Nugget skill game.

Sluggin' Champ and Daisy Mae are just a couple of the mega rare Gottlieb pins in Bob's collection.  My dvd for sale shows these and more in action.