"Montecito Lancers" pin sighting screen shots 


There's some kind of videogame on the left.  Hard to tell what it is, but if you know, please email me.

Behind the bad guy, to the left, this is some sort of pitch and bat, which appears to have been parted out.  Judging by the curved head, it's something from the late 50's and probably Williams I'm guessing.  What game is this? If you know, please email me

On the far left, there's a shot of the head to this mystery pitch and bat and some side art can be seen as well.

Someone from the newsgroup was able to identify a couple pin heads in this mystery warehouse stash.  The second from the right on the top is a Williams Satellite, and the one right below that is a Gottlieb World Champ. The blue one on the top left appears to have been repainted, but what about the other five?  If anybody can ID any of these, please email me.