The Wayne Show 2006


On Saturday, August 5, 2006, I was in Wayne, New Jersey to check out The Coin-Op Swap & Sale, presented by Classic Pinball.  This is not an annual event.  If you know which years this show took place previously, please email me.

There was quite an assortment of pins and other stuff for sale, as you will see. 


Friday, about an hour from home, looks like rain.

Somewhere near Delaware, I spotted this classic.

I crossed The Delaware Memorial Bridge during the afternoon.

Somewhere in New Jersey, Pingeek had entered...the lost zone.

Yawn.....almost at the hotel.

Made it to the show on Saturday morning.

The Wayne Elks Lodge.


The first item I bought at the show was a Gottlieb 1954 "Mystic Marvel" framed backglass. Just over 1,000 made, and I still haven't seen one of these pins at a show in any condition.

Didn't buy any neon, however, at the truck next to it....

I found a rare 1974 Playmatic "Joker" pin.  It's the one on the left.

A closer look reveals this game lacked something.  Unfortunately, I didn't notice... 

...or I would have bought one of these necks.  The toughest part in making one of these is having it sloped towards the back so the head of the game doesn't lean forward.

This game features freaky backglass art, and Bally score reels, but it resets and plays like a Gottlieb 70's EM.   

The next thing I stumbled across and bought was this playfield for a rare 1935 Daval "Spot Lite" pin.  The two metal shells at the bottom of the playfield are where the kickers would be located with two small ramps attached. Pretty advanced for 1935.

It's Todd Tuckey from TNT Amusements, in Southampton, PA.

Just one of the items TNT had for sale was a new in the box 1993 Alvin G. "Dinosaur Eggs" redemption game. The Internet Pinball Database notes there were only 100 made.