Pingeek's World Trade Center Tribute Page

QUESTION:  What was the teeny building on the left? EMAIL ME if you know the answer.


Ever since I was a kid, the main thing I looked forward to when visiting relatives in NY was checking out The World Trade Center.  I've been on top of The World Trade Center a few times before it was destroyed on the morning of September 11, 2001, in a senseless act of violence.  

The last two times I went to the WTC is something I will never forget. 

In July, 1999, I went with one of my cousins to check out The World Trade Center.  I had my Sony 8  mm hifi camcorder and was really excited to shoot some video.  Well, as fate would have it, my crappy battery pack was no longer holding much of a charge, and it died shortly after my cousin taped me in front of The World Trade Center, saying, "Hey, I'm in front of The World Trade Center, and we're about to go inside!"  I wish somebody had taped me at that point uttering a series of colorful metaphors as I realized the video wasn't happening.  I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Eh, we can get this later, no big deal."  We did go and check out the skyline anyway, but it was very humid, and the visibility wasn't that great.  

On November 7, 2000, at 4:55 pm, according to my ticket, my dad and I checked out the World Trade Center. It was the last time I would ever see the skyline from building 2, which contained the observation deck.  I'm guessing building 1 was just offices.  I remember it was very cold that evening as the sun set and we headed straight for the roof, because as you will see, as the sun went down, the view was awesome!  I had my Sony FD7 (dinosaur) Mavicam, which uses 3.5 inch discs.  It still worked the last time I used it three years ago. The pictures are not the best quality, but they are all I have.

Enjoy my tour. If you want to learn more about The World Trade Center, CLICK HERE.  If you want to learn more about the architect, Minoru Yamasaki, CLICK HERE.


I think at this point, my cousin handed back the camcorder after I said we were about to go inside, so I panned up to show how big this building was.  107 stories total, we're about to go inside, and I forgot my gum. Crap! Then the camcorder battery died and I about lost it.  Notice the stains on the right side of the still shot. That's a mix of salt water and sand on the lens. I think just the day before, I had been at Coney Island on the boardwalk taping the Thunderbolt rollercoaster covered in weeds, which you can see more of by checking out my Coney Island tour, at Pingeek's News Archives.

A truly awesome site. I feel this was the heart of New York City, and when it was destroyed, I had a hard time going back to NY for quite some time.

My ticket.  I scanned it, and unfortunately discarded it shortly after that.  Gotta wonder how many people actually saved theirs.

Sundown on ?Jersey? or another part of NY?  If anyone can tell me we are looking at, please EMAIL ME.

Please excuse the crude quality of these photos. There was interference which I noticed as soon we set foot on the roof and I took my first pics.  I think it was all the satellite and antenna stuff behind us.

It's a wonder any of these photos survived. 3.5 inch discs were a crude way to take pictures and as you can see from this pic, sometimes the pictures would only turn out halfway or not at all.  I always made it a point to burn these onto cd as soon as I could, because once that disc fails which you have used over and over, you're screwed. Believe it or not, some insurance companies still use these old cameras to take pictures when you file a claim for whatever reason.  The bright concentration of lights you are seeing in this picture is traffic. It was shortly after 5 pm when I took this photo.

I think this is a shot of Brooklyn, but not 100% sure.


I think this is the Brooklyn Bridge.  

Here's another shot. I've always loved the Christmas lights look.  I think you can see this from the F train subway line heading to Coney Island at night.

What a groovy sunset! What part of NY or Jersey am I looking at?  Please EMAIL ME if you know. 

Even in total darkness, you can clearly see The Statue Of Liberty, which I haven't checked out since I was a kid.

After a few more pics,   This is more traffic, but again, I have no idea what I am looking at, but if you do, please EMAIL ME to help fill in the blanks. Thanks!

I think these are the Verazanno and the Brooklyn bridges. This was the last photo I took before we decided it was too darn cold and head inside to the observation deck, which I think was accessed by an escalator or maybe a long flight of stairs. Can't remember for sure.  If anyone can clarify this for me, EMAIL ME.

You could still take pretty decent pics through the glass.  Still had that nasty interference even inside though.  I was concerned the camera was damaged, which at the time sold new for around $700.  I got mine used but was still not cheap.  Anyway, this is a somewhat clearer view of the two bridges.

The Chrysler Building I think?

A closer look at whatever this is?

Another botched photo, courtesy of a well worn 3.5 inch disk.  Maybe this is the Chrysler Building?  

The Pier?  You could see boats coming in, and they looked pretty small from over 100 stories up.

Well the Colgate clock says it's time to

A portion of the floor on the observation deck was a giant map of New York.

This is a picture I took of the giant lit up post that stood outside the World Trade Center to mark which building was which.  Sadly, that's all I have.  If The WTC had still been standing today, I would have gone back to shoot fresh video and taken lots of digital photos.  Well, that's all folks.  If you have any corrections or comments, EMAIL MEPingeek.