pin sighting screen shots 

This movie not only shows a pin, juke, and a shuffle alley, but also features several pinball quotes throughout the movie. A few of these include, Lee Remick: "I bought a drink and played the pinball machine." (27 minutes, 40 seconds into the movie.) James Stewart: "Now until this trial's over, you're going to be a meek little housewife with horn rimmed spectacles, and you're going to stay away from men, and juke joints, and booze, and pinball machines...." (54 minutes, 38 seconds into the movie.) George C. Scott: "Mr. Brickett, was she wearing, uh, glasses that night? Bartender: "I think she was when she played pinball." (1 hour, 41 minutes, 54 seconds into the movie.)

What exactly is the name of this and what year? If you know, please email me.

What is the name and year of this shuffle alley being played, with EM reel and stepper sounds included, 1 hour, 48 minutes, and 54 seconds into the movie?  If you know, please email me.

Like the pin, the juke, etc., this stuff was pretty much all new at the time this movie was filmed. Notice how the cash register shines. To the left, there appears to be sort of snack machine maybe? If you know what this is, name and possibly year, please email me.