"All of a sudden the gauges started lighting up like a pinball machine."

Susan Anton, Cannonball Run II, 1984


The pinball machine has made its appearance in many films around the world. You don't believe me? Well, take a look at the list below, which I will update every time I see a pin in a movie. In the films, don't expect to see close-ups of the pins due to copyright issues. If you are a pro, you can ID the pin by the cabinet or by a corner shot of the backglass.  

EMAIL ME if you can ID some of these mystery pins or have seen a pin in the movies not mentioned on this site.

When I started this site in April, 2001, there were 37 films listed with pins. As of April 2, 2018, there are 162 just on page 1 alone, 504 films listed total....so far.  

Be sure to check out my site update page, to see what's been added in the past few months.

So that you may find the scene quicker, I have mentioned the scene and whenever possible, the exact moment the pins are seen.

I've included links for each pin to the Internet Pinball Database, where you can view pics for most of these pins and get the information on them.

If you wish to look up the movie in which the pins appeared, the Internet Movie Database is a great source. 

Wanna see more pins in the movies? Try John's Robertson's site of pins his business, John's Jukes rented to Hollywood for movies and television. Also, don't miss the late Russ Jensen's comprehensive article, "The Time Of Your Life...And More!"

Last but not least, check out my Pinball Quotes In The Movies site.




Rotation, Stoner, 1940

? screen shot HERE(thanks Rob Hawkins from The Pinball Collectors Resource for the screen shot and Jay Stafford from The Internet Pinball Database for the pin ID.)

A Beautiful Mind (2001)

Madison Square Gardens, Williams, 1950

Cue-Tee, Williams, 1954

bar/lounge scenes, 12 minutes, 59 seconds into movie and 19 minutes, 23 seconds into movie. screen shots HERE.

Aberdeen (2000)

Star Trek: The Next Generation, Williams, 1993

approx. 40 minutes into the movie when the two characters are leaving the cafe, pin visible in background. screen shot HERE (thanks Kevin Nagle and Dylan I for the sighting and screen shot.)

The Abyss

Secret Service, Data East, 1988 (thanks Marco Rossignoli, author of The Complete Pinball Book)

underwater station, when they have had their first contact with the "waterworm" that transform it's "nose" to the main character's face. (thanks Stefan L.)

According To Mrs. Hoyle (1951)

Trade Winds, Genco, 1948

Alice In Wonderland, Gottlieb, 1948

40 minutes into movie, hotel lobby scene. (thanks Cody Chunn)

The Accused

Scorpion, Williams, 1980

Genie, Gottlieb, 1979

Slam dunk, 1988. (Bally 1980 Space Invaders pin with different artwork) 

bar rape scene (thanks Thomas for jotting my memory) It's the flashback about 3/4 into the movie when Kenneth, the video playing college kid, is called to witness, not in the beginning of the movie as sometimes incorrectly stated. All three pins are widebodies. Jodi Foster is raped on the Slam dunk. There is possibly a fourth pin which I couldn't identify. This game, however isn't there during the rape scene, but its sideart is seen when the DA and police come to the bar to look for suspects. (thanks Sampo)


Spin Wheel, Gottlieb, 1968

Genesis, Gottlieb, 1986

Title Fight, Gottlieb, 1990

Happy Clown, Gottlieb, 1964

Firepower, Williams, 1980

Screen shot HERE (thanks Jesus Rey)

Alfie (1966)

Ski Club, Williams, 1965

Sky-line, Gottlieb, 1965

Michael Caine plays pinball at a truck stop about 65-70 minutes into the movie. "Ski Club" could possibly be "Alpine Club." (thanks Warren Thun and Greg)

Alfie (2005)

Pinbot, Williams, 1986

bar scene, 15-20 min. into movie (thanks Suzanne)

All I Want For Christmas

Cyclone, Williams, 1988

About fifteen minutes in the movie, the two kids are seen playing the pin. The scene starts off with a great rolling shot of the playfield and then centers on the two kids playing as they discuss some family biz. (thanks Dave Abeling)

Alley Cats Strike

Doctor Who, Bally, 1992

Tommy, Data East, 1994

Bowling alley, 4 pins, including two 60's pins. (thanks Svensson)

All The Right Moves


(thanks Andrew Fischer)

America 3000 (1986)

Medusa, Bally, 1981

40 minutes, 49 seconds into movie. Screen shots HERE. (thanks James Alderson)
American Graffiti

Buckaroo, Gottlieb, 1965

Royal Guard, Gottlieb, 1968

Sky Rocket, Bally, 1970

Vampire, Bally, 1971

Wild Wild West, Gottlieb, 1969

 (First game by Mfg. To use 3" flippers)

It's the scene where the Pharaohs go to a mini golf course, and enter the arcade where there are several pinball machines, ranging from 1965-71, and the movie takes place in 1962.  Kinda like Happy Days, set in the 50's-60's, and the pins are from the 70's!

American Ninja 2: The Confrontation

Far Out, Gottlieb, 1974


two pins in a bar fight scene near beginning of movie. (thanks Wes Ray)

The Amityville Horror (1979)


bar scene (thanks Cody Chunn)

Anatomy Of A Murder

World Champ, Gottlieb, 1957

bar scenes. Screen shots HERE. (thanks Gene A.)

Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

?Bally, Night Rider EM?

Mata Hari, Bally, 1978

biker bar scenes, starting 4 min. 22 sec. into movie. slot machine in office, 47 minutes, 33 seconds into movie.

Anchorman: 2: The Legend Continues

The Six Million Dollar Man , Bally, 1978

Playboy , Bally, 1978

Harlem Globetrotters , Bally, 1979

Eight Ball , Bally, 1977

apartment scene, 51 minutes, 46 seconds into movie. (thanks Matthew Kleinosky)

Animal House

A row of about 5 pins I think.  They were loaned out to the frat house during the filming of this movie.  You have to look closely for them.  One is Gottlieb's Domino, 1968. (thanks Derek Moore) Also, possibly Shipmates, by Gottlieb, 1964, which you can see the upper right corner of the backglass, and a woodrail from the 50's with score reels, and some other pins I can't quite see.

DVD, scene 5,

"The New Pledges"

Another Day In Paradise

Olympic Hockey, Williams, 1972

DVD, scene 1, 4 min. into movie, Bobbie is robbing some vending machines, there is the pinball machine in the room. It's first seen as shaky Bobbie examines the game, but then he decides to go for the vending machines. Then he is surprised by the security guard, who lays him sprawled on the playfield glass, when the game's sideart is clearly visible with hockeystick-like images. A bloody fight ensues, during which the game can be seen in the background. Parts of the scene, with the game, can also be seen in the beginning of the trailer at the IMDB. (thanks Sampo S.)

The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz

Sittin' Pretty, Gottlieb, 1958

Arrow Head, Williams, 1957

4 minutes, 7 seconds, "Sittin' Pretty" in background at coffee shop. 52 minutes, 28 seconds, playing "Sittin' Pretty" in coffee shop. 54 minuts 20 secods, meets Virgil, talks about pinball machines. 1 hr., 11 minutes, 49 seconds, Virgil is back with the machines (Arrow Head gets a little rough handling). 1 hr., 26 minutes, 53 seconds, playing "Arrow Head" (thanks Jon O and Steve Martin.)


The Simpsons, Data East, 1990

Arcade scene, 5 minutes, 20 seconds into movie.  This movie is about a virtual reality videogame that takes over the minds of teenagers, according to The Internet Movie Database, and is only available on VHS. (thanks Dave Marston)
Are You In The House Alone? (1978, made for TV)

Bow And Arrow, Bally, 1975

and ? Pro-Football, Gottlieb, 1973

About 40 min. into movie, kids go to one of the wealthy kids' house.  They have a game room with two pins in opposite corners. Both are EMs. One is a Bally Bow & Arrow, and the other pin has some sort of football theme. (thanks Cody Chunn)
Arthur Eight Ball, Bally, 1977

Gameroom scene with Dudley Moore and Liza Minelli

Asphalt Jungle (1950) ?

woodrail in bar scene (thanks Dennis Dodel)

At Close Range

Dolly Parton, Bally, 1979 bar scene, 48 minutes into movie (thanks Andrej)
August ? A pinball game in a bar used as an after hours water cooler. (thanks Kim Mitchell).

Baby Face Morgan

Red Hot, Keeney, 1940 drugstore scene, 4 minutes, 50 seconds into movie. "Got a nickel, Mouse?" "You mean a slug." "Alright, a slug." (thanks Scott Reppert).

The Bachelor

Roto Pool, Gottlieb, 1958 Jimmy's apt., 5 minutes and 30 minutes into movie (thanks Sampo).


Sinbad, Gottlieb, 1978

Stellar Wars, Williams, 1979

A sailor was playing against a hood for money on a "Sinbad" pinball. There was some good shots of a "Stellar wars" and others as well. (Thanks "Some bozo")

Bad Day At Black Rock

Follies of 1940, Genco, 1939

Bar scene. Screen shots HERE. (Thanks Jeff Shue, Tim Kai, Will Martin, and Jay Stafford)

Bad Influence

Banzai Run, Williams, 1988 bar scene at the beginning of the movie. (thanks Andrej)

Bad Luck Love (Finnish movie)

South Park, Sega, 1999 a South Park appears twice in the movie, just between these appearances the lead character is supposed to have spent four years in prison. A South Park pin didn't exist four years prior to the shooting of this film. There's also another modern steep-pitch pin in the background, but it can't be identified, there's always someone's head in the way. Even the guy who rented the games for the shoot can't remember the pin anymore. And there is also a friend's bubble-gum machine supposedly stolen by the lead character's brother for his welcome home present. (Thanks Sampo S.)
Bad News Bears Gulfstream, Williams, 1973  High Hand, Gottlieb, 1973  Big Indian, Gottlieb, 1974  FunFest, Williams, 1973  Klondike, Williams, 1971, Flip-A-Card, 1970, Gottlieb, ?Spin-A-Card, Gottlieb, 1969, Gulfstream, Jack In The Box, Bali-Hi, Bally, 1970 Bonanza Arcade scene, air hockey match.  (thanks Dave Metrando and Mark Ebner)
Bad News Bears (2005) KISS, Bally, 1978

Skateball, Bally, 1980

Arcade scene. (thanks Matt Burkart and Steve Szczepaniak )

Bad Santa

Funhouse, Williams, 1990

White Water, Williams, 1993

The Getaway: High Speed II, Williams, 1992

Mall arcade, scene 8, 34 minutes into movie. Billy Bob Thorton hitting on a girl, literally, while playing a HS II. There is also a fourth pin, which has a blue cabinet with stars on it, and looks stenciled. (thanks Paul Davis and Abby Normal).

Baise-moi (Rape me, f*ck me) (French)


bar scene, 55 minutes into movie. (thanks Sampo)

Bank Shot


laundrymat arcade which George C. Scott's girlfriend quickly walks by. You can clearly see electromechanical pinball machines inside.


Mademoiselle, Gottlieb, 1959

Publisher comes into the Bar (43 minutes, 10 seconds into movie). Machine seems to be out of order (thanks Dan66)

Basket Case (1982)

Old Chicago, Bally, 1976

bar scene. (thanks Miles Bellar)

Be Cool

Mata Hari, Bally, 1977

Big Deal, Williams, 1977

DVD, 1 hr. 20 min. into movie, Elliot and Raji the record producer walk into his office. (thanks Michael Virga)



middle to end of movie where the Germans come to the American bar
to try and buy the beer recipe.  At least two scenes - woman in background
playing it and another where the biggest German thug smashes the glass on
it. (thanks Chris K.)

Beer League


pinball playfield glass gets busted on an electromechanical pinball machine.
Before Sunrise Space Riders, Atari, 1978

characters play this pin for 5 minutes.  I haven't seen this movie yet.

Behind Enemy Lines Terminator 2, Williams, 1991 The pin is seen a few times in a shootout in an abandoned bullet-ridden arcade about 80 mins into the movie, along with some arcade games.A possible miniature or older pin or possibly just a piece of furniture is also seen about 20 mins into the movie in the Serb forces bunker in Bosnia. Its visibile side is in shadow, you can only see the outline in this poorly lit scene. (thanks Sampo and Klaus Schneyder)

The Best Years Of Our Lives

Big Town, Genco, 1940

drug store fight scene (thanks Steve)


Pinbot, Williams, 1986

Tom Hanks apt., asks Elizabeth Perkins to "sleep over." (thanks Sean K.)

Big Daddy

Space Station, Williams, 1987

Adam Sandler's apt.

(thanks again Thomas)

Big Fat Liar

Hit and Run, Williams, 1970

Pinbot, Williams, 1986

DVD, scene 6, 30 min. into movie. Kids stuck in Hollywood prop warehouse.

DVD, scene 7, 38 min. into movie. Main character plays a Pinbot, only cabinet seen. pin makes EM sounds. (thanks Vinnie)

The Big Short

Galaxy, Stern, 1980

office scenes, starting at 1 hr., 7 minutes, 36 seconds into movie. It's clearly a galaxy backglass with slightly modified art, including a spaceship added where a woman is featured, and the cabinet has modified colors. They added blue to cover up the name on the sides. . (thanks Steve Bedi for the sighting, and Stephen Wylie and DJ Brennan for the pin ID.)

Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Gottlieb, 1978

1 hr. 5 min. into movie, mall skating rink. There is a blurry shot of 2 pins and 3 vids. From a distance, all you can tell is the pins are some sort of solid state, not electromechanical. (thanks Fred Frederick for the "Close Encounters" pin ID)

Blades Of Glory

?Sinbad?, Gottlieb, 1978

towards the end when they are in Canada - The guy captures Will Farrell and you see what appears to be a Bally or Williams solid state or electromechanical pinball machine. (thanks Wolf)

Blood Diamonds


possible pin sighting, very dark scene, to the left of a chair, what could possibly be pin legs, a coin door, and part of a cabinet. (thanks Klaus Schneyder)

Blue Collar

Big Hit, Gottlieb, 1977

bar scene (thanks Derek Moore)

The Blues Brothers

4 Square, Gottlieb, June 1971

Monte Carlo, Bally, 1972

Blue Chip, Williams, 1976

bar scene, with two other pins by the stage that cannot be identified (thanks Erik Anderson for the "Blue Chip" sighting and Klaus Schneyder for the additional pin sightings.)

BMX Bandits

Firepower, Williams, 1980


some pins visible at the beginning of the movie. (thanks David Dahl Hansson)

The Boogens (1981)

Sharpshooter, Game Plan, 1979

bar scene. (thanks Alpha Lubicz)

Boogie Nights

Stardust, Williams, 1971 Aladdin's Castle, Bally, 1975

Hot Line, Williams, 1966

DVD, scene 14, 56 minutes into movie, at the disco

DVD, scene 23, 1 hr. 21 minutes into movie, Dirk Diggler's house

(thanks Marco Rossignoli, author of "The Complete Pinball Book.")

Book Of Eli

Bow and Arrow, Bally, 1975

In the corner of the "Things" shop when Eli picks up his charged radio. (thanks "Xerico" from rec.games.pinball)

Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

Time Warp, Williams, 1979

Warehouse scenes. Screen shots HERE.

Bottle Rocket

Power Play (Bobby Orr), Bally, 1977

Luke and Owen Wilson, about 15-20 minutes into the movie, are having a discussion in a diner, while they are playing the pin. One guy storms out of the diner, and the other chases after him asking if he can finish his game. (thanks Ron D.)

Bowling For Columbine

Circus Voltaire, Bally, 1997

World Cup Soccer, Bally, 1994

DVD, scene 7, 14 min. into movie, arcade scene. World Cup Soccer is later in the scene, when the two kids are playing air hockey.

Brick Mansions

Frank Thomas' Big Hurt, Gottlieb, 1995

1 hour, 16 minutes, 15 seconds into movie. (thanks Lundgrenade and Klaus Schneyder).

A Bronx Tale

Beach Queens, Bally, 1960

pin is seen briefly then smashed. (thanks Tim Kai and Ronald Grim)

Bucktown (1975)

Spanish Eyes, Williams, 1972

bar scene, 19 minutes into movie. Side of cabinet, could be "Spanish Eyes," or "Granada." (thanks Askew Reviews)

The Buddy Holly Story (1978)

Swinger, Williams, 1972

(? scene. sighting time?). (thanks Scott Reppert for the sighting).

Buffalo 66 (1998)

Congo, Williams, 1995

SlugFest, Williams, 1991

vids in bus terminal, pins in bowling alley. Screen shots and sighting times HERE.

Bus Stop (1956)

Black Gold, Genco, 1949

Blue Dragon Cafe scenes. Screen shots HERE. (thanks Steve Smith for the sighting).

Bustin' Loose

Superman, Atari, 1979

arcade scene, 29 minutes into movie, front of cabinet barely visible.

By Dawn's Early Light (1990)

Space Shuttle, Williams, 1984

High Speed, Williams, 1986


dining room scenes, 6 minutes, 56 seconds, approx., two pins and a Sega "After Burner" videogame, and at 14 minutes, 29 seconds, a third pin is also visible. (thanks Dan Kimray)

Caddyshack II


Chevy Chase's mansion. Three pins and a jukebox are visible. (thanks John Powell)

Capitol Conspiracy

Old Chicago, Bally, 1976

Bar fight scene, 25 seconds into preview. (this preview was on the dvd for "Deathsport."). Screen shot HERE.

Car Wash

Spirit Of 76, Gottlieb, 1975

DVD, scene 4 (19 min. into flick), "Title Song," kid uses pin as a lunch table, and scene 13, "Pop Bottle Bomber," (1 hr 7 min into flick.)

Carnival Of Souls (1962)


Approx. 1 hr., 45 minutes into movie, club scene. (thanks Cody Chunn)

Casino Royale (2006)

Fun Land, Gottlieb, 1968

7 minutes, 7 seconds into movie, military camp scene. (thanks Phil Levine)

The Cat From Outer Space

Super Star, Briarwood, 1976

Pool hall. 1 hr., 4 minutes, 41 seconds into movie. Screen shots HERE.

Charlie Bubbles

Big Deal, Williams, 1963

Ice-Revue, Gottlieb, 1965

Albert Finney plays Big Deal and his friend Colin Blakely plays Ice-Revue. Only the back glass is shown throughout and they achieve quite good scores considering they are supposed to be drunk. Colin Blakely's character ends up getting frustrated with the table and smashes the glass in a temper. Also, another pin can be seen in a later bar scene, but only the cabinet side is visible, which has blue and red stripes. (thanks Tim Holland)

Chasing Amy

Pin-Up, Gottlieb, 1975

Rescue 911, Gottlieb, 1994

Whirlwind, Williams, 1990

Arcade scene, about 40 min. into movie. Ben Aflick accidentally throws a skee ball which smashes the playfield glass of Pin-Up. When they walk into the arcade, you can see the head of a Whirlwind pin and the head of two Premier/Gottlieb pins. Screen shots HERE and HERE. (thanks, Mike M. and Adam Preble)

Chasing Ghosts: Beyond The Arcade

Twilight Zone, Bally, 1993

Banzai Run, Williams, 1988

Genie, Gottlieb, 1979

Several pins can be seen throughout this movie in photos and video clips of various arcades, past and present. Learn more about this movie HERE. (thanks Lundgrenade)

Chi l'ha vista morire Harmony, Gottlieb, 1967 About 20 minutes into the film (from memory) in a coffee bar in the centre of Venice. A real nice shot of the upper playfield "in action" with the ball rolling around. (thanks Marco Rossignoli)

Children Of The Corn

Medusa, Bally, 1981

DVD, scene 1, 2 minutes into flick, EM sounds heard in background, but you can see Malachai playing the Medusa pin. The cabinet is clearly visible.

China Syndrome

Jack In The Box, Gottlieb, 1973

a few pins in the bar where Jane Fonda meets the nuclear plant people. (thanks Jim Schelberg, editor of Pingame Journal and Derek Moore for ID'ing the pin). This movie ALSO has the only known clear vison of the gameshow the Magnificent marble machine ... it's on the monitor before they go live in the nuk power plant ... IT had a pinball machine in it, well ... the GIANT game machine, but a machine just the same. (thanks again JS).

Chrome And Hot Leather

Doodle Bug, Williams, 1971

Bar Scene, biker plays the pin throughout the movie. He was playing it everytime they were in the bar, some old man asks if he can play but the biker says he is going for the championship. (thanks Tiedyemo)

Clear History (2013)

Medieval Madness, Williams, 1997

Creature From The Black Lagoon, Bally, 1992

SlugFest, Williams, 1991

18 minutes, 26 seconds into movie, surprise birthday scene, first two pins visible. 51 minutes, 49 seconds, "Slug Fest" is visible. (thanks Emil Dreiborg)


Pin-bot, Williams, 1986

bar scene, 3/4 way through the movie. (thanks Anthony Rice)

Clown (2014)

Dr. Dude, Bally, 1990

The Getaway: High Speed II, Williams, 1992

WHO dunnit, Williams, 1995

1 hr., 8 minutes, 13 seconds into the movie. Chuck E Cheese arcade scene. (thanks Andrew Kramer)

Club Paradise (1986)

Flash Gordon, Bally, 1981

1 hour, 13 minutes, 44 seconds into the movie. (thanks Jeremy Treib)


Fun-Fest, Williams, 1973

about 1 hr. 40 minutes into the movie, diner scene. (thanks Ed Owens) (added 8/2/12)

Code Of Silence

Playboy, Bally, 1978

About 3/4 of the way through the movie, Chuck Norris takes on the bad guys in Comacho's bar. (thanks Dave Gersic)

Cold Creek Manor

Paragon, Bally, 1979

Gets slam tilted once during a fight scene in the bar. (anonymous rec.games.pinball post)

Con Air

Space Time, Bally, 1972

DVD, scene 1, couple minutes into movie, bar scene, pin in corner.

Consenting Adults

Theatre Of Magic (?), Bally, 1995

Scene in bar when "Richard" re-finds "Kay" singing - about 3/4 through the movie (thanks Michael Tahar)


Mibs, Gottlieb, 1969

Jive Time, Williams, 1970

Spin-A-Card, Gottlieb, 1969

Hayburners II, Williams, 1968

Casanova, Williams, 1966

Screen shots HERE. (thanks Mark Murphy for the pin sightings)

Coogan's Bluff


bar scene, woodrail pin. (thanks Dennis Dodel)

Cop Land

Lethal Weapon 3, Data East, 1992

Opening scene, Drunken Stallone playing this pin in a bar.

The Courtship Of Eddie's Father

Bo Bo, Williams, 1961

Foto Finish, Gottlieb, 1961

Show Boat, Gottlieb, 1961

Deluxe Baseball 1957, Williams, 1957

Heavy Hitter, Bally, 1959

5 and dime, and bowling alley scenes.  A neat assortment of vintage coin-op stuff. Several screen shots HERE.

Crazy Legs Conti

Now, Gottlieb, 1971

first 15 minutes of the film as Conti is going over his scrapbook on the playfield glass. Several screen-filling shots of the backglass. This is an independent film, and Ldnayman's pin was used in this film.(thanks Ldnayman).

Creepshow 2(1987)

Super Straight, Sonic, 1977

Aztec, Williams, 1976

starting at 20 minutes, 17 seconds, hardware store scene (thanks Larry Franz).

Crime Busters

Galaxy, Stern, 1980

Restaurant fight scene, 41 minutes into movie and 1 hr. 36 minutes into movie, unidentified pin. (thanks Simon Beauchamp)

Crocodile Dundee 2

Pin*bot, Williams, 1986

bar scene, 7 minutes, 30 seconds into movie approx. (thanks Ed Owens)

Dan In Real Life


bar scene, 54 minutes, 57 seconds into movie. some sort of rock themed custom pin. (thanks Marcus) Screen shots HERE.  

Daredevil (2003)

? ?

bar scene, 23 minutes, 18 seconds into movie. two pins in back corner, possibly custom. (thanks Adam Lundgren)

Date Night

Hit and Run Base-ball, Williams, 1970

? (thanks Dale Rice)
Dazed And Confused Fireball, Bally, 1971, Williams Pat Hand,1975 Gottlieb Sweet Hearts, Gottlieb, 1963, Aztec, Williams, 1976, Line Drive pitch and bat, Williams, 1972, Drop-A-Card, 1971, Odds and Evens, Williams, 1973, High Flyer, Chicago Coin, 1974, Flying Carpet, Gottlieb, 1972 and 

By the entrance door:

  United (Williams) Emerald shuffle alley, 1971

Emporium arcade scene (thanks Mark Orthner of Mark's Pinball Page, containing some handy Williams system 3-7 board repair tips.)

Dead Man Down (2013)

Grand Lizard, Williams, 1986 pin seen in bad guys hideout (rented to film crew by TNT Amusements. (thanks Barry Donovan)

Deadpool (2016)

Joust , Williams, 1969

Haunted House , Gottlieb, 1982

Circus, Gottlieb, 1980

arcade scene, approx. 20 minutes into movie.   You can clearly see the "Joust" pin, "Haunted House," possibly correct, and third pin, front of cabinet I saw but not sure of correct title, and someone else that saw the movie said that either the backglass or playfield glass got destroyed during fight scene, approx. 1 hour, 20 min. into movie.

Death Wish 2

World Cup, Williams, 1978 and Space Riders, Atari, 1978, Paragon, Bally, 1979 DVD, arcade scene, 36 minutes, 45 seconds into movie.  You can clearly see the first two listed and the right corner cabinet front of Paragon.  There are other pins off to the right, gun games, etc.  

The Deep

Capt. Fantastic, Bally, 1976 1 hour, 27 minutes, 15 seconds into movie.  in the bar when Cloche (Lou Gossett Jr) is talking to Adam. EM pin sound effects heard. (thanks Dana Fong)

Desperate Living

Gusher, Williams, 1958

It's in the strip bar in Mortville. (thanks Ldnayman)

Despicable Me

Minion Invaders (fictitious pin)

58 minutes, 44 seconds into movie. "Space Shuttle" pin sound effects heard as the pin is being carried past the screen. Screen shots HERE. (thanks Kenneth Fleck)
Detroit Rock City KISS, Bally, 1978

Nugent, Stern, 1978

Power Play (Bobby Orr), Bally, 1977

Strikes And Spares, Bally, 1977

53 minutes into flick, Convenience store scene. Power Play is barely visible on the far right in a row of four pins.

Devil And Miss Jones 1941

Avalon, Exhibit, 1939

49 minutes, 15 seconds into movie, Coney Island pharmacy scene. Screen shots HERE

Dial 1119


Some sort of woodrail. (thanks Steve Smith)

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

Comet, Williams, 1985

Space Shuttle, Williams, 1984

Roller skating rink scene. (thanks Mattrgpinball)

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star

Glimmer Gang, ?originally Williams pin? late 70's?

DVD, 23 min. into movie, David Spade enters his garage house, and a former Williams SS pin identified by coin door, repainted with psychedlic pattern and a "Glimmer Gang" backglass.


some sort of bingo

Tim Daley, Steve Guettenberg, Pool hall scene (thanks Sean K and Steve Smith)

Dick Tracy vs. Cueball (1946)


28 minutes, 58 seconds into movie. "The Dripping Dagger" bar scene, two woodrails are visible. (thanks Steve Smith)


8 Ball Deluxe, Bally, 1980 and ?

bar scene (thanks Tiedyemo)

Dirty Work

Black Jack, Bally, 1977

Space Shuttle, Williams, 1984

bar scene. screen shot HERE. (thanks Robin Davie)

Divorce American Style

Big League, Chicago Coin, 1965 and ?

DVD, scene 12, about 44 min. into movie, bowling alley. There is some sort of woodrail pin, late 50's, judging by the fact it has score reels.

The Doctor (1991)

Black Knight, Williams, 1980

After his cancer diagnosis, he is at home getting drunk and playing pinball. (thanks George Semkiw)


Meteor, Stern, 1979

DVD, (13 min. into movie), "Average Joe's Gym"

Don Jon

Family Guy, Stern, 2007

approx. 15 minutes into movie. (thanks Lundgrenade for the sighting and Victor for the ID)

Donnie Brasco

Honey, Williams, 1972

DVD, bar scene after returning from Florida, 47 min., 30 sec. into movie.  (thanks John Latimer and Zac Travis)

Donnie Darko

Blackout, Williams, 1980

arcade scene, 1 hr. 4 minutes, 54 seconds into movie. Screen shots HERE.(thanks Maurice Tierney)

Double Take

Revenge From Mars, Bally, 1999

DVD, (1 hr 13 min. into movie), scene 24, "A couple of snags" (shooting scene in the mansion at the end of the movie)

Drinking Buddies (2013)

Harley Davidson, ?

bar scene, 5 minutes into movie. "Harley Davidson," (which Stern version?), and another dmd, side by side. (thanks Adam Lundgren)
Dude, Where's My Car? Junkyard, Williams, 1996

DVD, (1 hr. 1 min. into movie), scene 17, at "Captain Stu's Space O' Rama Arcade."  Look for the pin in the back right corner. (thanks Svensson). Screen shot HERE.  Also, this scene was actually filmed at "Mountasia Family Fun Center" in Santa Clarita, California.

Dying Room Only (1973)

Queen Of Diamonds, Gottlieb, 1959

scene ? (thanks Andrew Kramer)

Easy Money

Nitro Ground Shaker, Bally, 1980

DVD, bar scene, 1 hr. 15 minutes into movie.  The left half of backglass is visible in the background, and EM chimes are heard.  To the left of the pin is a Seeburg USC 1 jukebox.  See screen shot HERE.

Eaten Alive (1976)

Swinger, Williams, 1972

Fan-Tas-Tic, Williams, 1972

bar scene, 1 hr. into movie. Screen shots HERE. (thanks Klaus Schneyder)

Eddie And The Cruisers


bar scene, 36 minutes, 12 seconds into movie. There's also a shuffle alley in another bar scene.  See screen shots HERE.

Eddie And The Cruisers II: 

Eddie Lives!

High Speed, Williams, 1986

8 Ball Deluxe, Bally, 1980

"High Speed" is visible during the bar scene, 19 minutes, 18 seconds into the movie. "8 Ball Deluxe" is visible during band practice, 50 minutes, 42 seconds into movie. See screen shots HERE.

Eddie Macon's Run

Firepower, Williams, 1980

Centaur, Bally, 1981

gameroom hanging scene. (thanks Smacktheglass) (added 3/19/12)

Electra Glide In Blue

Sing Along, Gottlieb, 1967


bar scenes. Second pin appears in a separate bar scene, with blue circle and three red lines at edge of cabinet. (thanks Joe G and Kai "Gorgar" Renders)

Electric Horseman

Sheriff, Gottlieb, 1971

bar scene (thanks Derek Moore)


Alien Poker, Williams, 1980 and Striker Xtreme, Stern, 2000 DVD, scene 13, bar scene, 41 minutes into the movie.  

Elevator To The Gallows

Flag-Ship, Gottlieb, 1957

Shindig, Gottlieb, 1953

Rag Mop, Williams, 1950

Cover Girl, Keeney, 1947

"Flag-Ship" is in the "Looking for Jules" scene, 26 min., 39 seconds into the movie. Pin visible through the window of some sort of bar. The other three pins are visible in other various bar scenes. "Shindig" at 46 minutes, "Rag Mop" at 46 minutes, 48 seconds, and again at 48 minutes, 43 seconds into the movie. "Cover Girl" is at 46 minutes, 47 seconds into the movie.(thanks Jon O. for the "Flag-Ship" sighting, and Jay Stafford of The Internet Pinball Database for the others and the sighting times.) (added 2/24/12)

El turismo es un gran invento (1968)

Golf, Faer, 196?

Hockey, Talleres Del Llobregat, 196?

bar scene, 30 minutes, 59 seconds into movie. Screen shots HERE. (thanks Elo Rey for the sighting and screen shots)

Elvis (1979)

Target Alpha, Gottlieb, 1976

Doodle Bug, Williams, 1971

Delta Queen, Bally, 1974

Flying Carpet, Gottlieb, 1972

Abra Ca Dabra, Gottlieb, 1975

Freedom, Bally, 1976

Wizard!, Bally, 1975

Upper Deck, Williams, 1973

Arcade scene with Elvis and Natalie Wood, 1 hr., 17 minutes, 14 seconds, and skating rink scene, 2 hrs, 21 seconds into movie. Screen shots HERE.

End Of The World (1977)

Discotek, Bally, 1965

Very beginning of movie, pin is being played. (thanks Eric Morales)

The Enforcer

Hot Shot, Gottlieb, 1973

About half-way into the movie, Dirty Harry Callahan has once again been suspended from his duties and is playing pool in a bar. His boss comes to ask him about a detail in a case and the pin is once seen in the background. (thanks Sampo)

Escape From LA


About 45 minutes into the movie, Snake goes to see Hershey. Inside her stronghold there?s an EM with stuff stacked all over it. (thanks Cody Chunn)

Escape From New York

Oklahoma, United, 1944

DVD, scene 25, "No Dead President", 1 hr 15 min into movie, there is a woodrail.  It's the scene where Donald Pleasance is rescued by Harry Dean Stanton and Adrain Barbeau.  During the brief fight scene, you can see a 40's style woodrail in the background.  The cabinet is painted blue, with white stars.The pin gets bumped by a guy that Adrian Barbeau kills but the pin survives. Backglass is barely visible. It's a V shaped pattern with blue in the top center. (thanks Russ Jensen, pinball historian.  Check out his site)

Everybody Wants Some!! (2016)


?scene? (thanks Adam Lundgren)


Time Machine, Data East, 1988

bar scene at beginning of movie. Someone is playing the pin in the background, behind Steve Buscemi. (thanks Mike Swain)

Fast Company (1953)

Merry Widow, Genco, 1948

diner scene. Publicity photo showing part of pin HERE. (thanks Dennis Dodel for the sighting, and Jay Stafford and Dave Masslich for the pin ID.)

Feeling Minnesota

Comet, Williams, 1985

pinball hall, approximately 20 pins that appear to be from the 60's to the 90's, and a sitdown Pole Position videogame. (thanks "Thabigwolf" from rec.games.pinball.)

Firehouse Dog

Rescue 911, Gottlieb, 1994

Pin seen twice in fire station scenes, 1 hr. and 1 hr. 21 minutes into movie. (thanks Beechwood) Screen shots HERE.



approximately 40 minutes in the movie there is a scene in some kind of a cabin. There's a pinball machine with a yellow cabinet, possibly EM or SS, visible in the background (thanks Andrej)


Gold ball, Bally, 1984

In character's house and played throughout movie (thanks Dave M.)

Flashback Of A Fool

Triple Strike, Williams, 1975

Royal Flush, Gottlieb, 1975

Dealer's Choice, Williams, 1974

Big Hit, Gottlieb, 1977

During a flashback sequence Daniel Craig is hanging out as a kid in an arcade sometime in the 1970?s. Several pins visible. (thanks Kim Mitchell and Klaus Schneyder)

Flesh and Bone (1993)

Black Pyramid, Williams, 1984

Dennis Quaid visits a distributor to buy a cigarette machine for his vending business. (thanks Richard Boyle)

Flic ou voyou (aka Cop or Hood) (1979)


electromechanical pin sighted. (thanks lundgrenade)


Gorgar, Williams, 1979

DVD, scene 4, 31 minutes into movie, Sarah Jessica Parker walks into diner, notices videogames are being wheeled out the door and says, "What's up with this town?" Gorgar is to the left in the background.

For You I Die

Big League, Bally, 1946 and ?

Two pins can be seen in this lobby card pic HERE. (thanks Dennis Dodel)

Fort Apache, The Bronx (1981)

Strikes and Spares, Bally, 1978

Blackjack, Bally, 1977


Bar scenes starting at 33 minutes, 33 seconds into movie. Screen shots HERE. (thanks Klaus Koch)


Power Play, Bally, 1978

16 minutes into movie. Screen shot showing side of one of two, possibly three pins HERE (thanks TomVila and Alex F from rec.games.pinball and Klaus Schneyder)

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

Smart Set, Williams, 1969

11 minutes, 56 seconds, and 1 hour, 6 minutes, 22 seconds, rec room/gym youth shelter scenes. Screen shots HERE.

Freddy Vs. Jason


No actual pin, but on the DVD, chapter 12, 1 hr. 5 min. into the movie, Freddy wills Jason to bounce around the walls of an abandoned steel mill, and Freddy makes motions with his fingers like he is hitting flippers on a pinball machine, with electromechanical sounds in the background. Jason falls and Freddy shouts, "Tilt!"

Freedom (1982)

Cheetah, Stern, 1980

arcade scene early in the movie, showing other pins as well. (thanks Richard Boyle)

The French Connection II

Big Brave, Gottlieb, 197 , (or Big Indian?)

Sheriff, Gottlieb, 197

scene where Gene Hackman is in a bar in France buying drinks for the bartender.  When they show Hackman from the front, you can see these pins, (although somewhat out of focus). In another scene, possible Bally 60's EM, approx. 80 minutes into movie, Gene Hackman attempts to burn down hotel where he was held captive and made a junky(thanks Nick Haros and Frank for the first scene, and Klaus Schneyder for the second pin scene sighting.)


Whitewater, Williams, 1993

Seen from a distance.  Scene in diner where son confronts killer (thanks Blair Talbot for the pin ID).