pin sighting screen shots 

Five minutes into the movie, at this bus station, the game in the white cabinet is a Namco 1987 "Pac-mania." On the left is part of a Data East 1985 "Commando" videogame.

Another shot of "Commando."

In front of "Burger King," is a Williams 1990 "Hit The Ice" videogame. On the right, part of "Tetris."

Another view of "Tetris."

Another view of "Hit The Ice."

Way in the back, a distant view of "Pac-mania," and "Commando."

Later, at the bowling lanes...

In the corner, on the right, what appears to be a Merit Megatouch videogame, a cigarette or candy machine, and another videogame.

56 minutes, 38 seconds into movie, way in the back, also in the arcade area, from left to right, "Congo," a dart game, and "SlugFest."

Again left to right, but this time a closer view of the same.

Look closely between the bars to the left of "Congo," for what could possibly a Bally early 90's solid state pin.

On the left, a photo booth, and on the right, a jukebox and an Atari 1986, Championship Sprint," videogame.