Fort Apache, The Bronx

 pin sighting screen shots 

Here's a nice variety of vintage coin-op stuff as seen in this early 80's classic.

32 minutes, 57 seconds into the movie, here's a United 1972 "Astrodome" shuffle alley being played.

Some sort of cigarette machine in the background.

There's a jukebox...

...on the right. On the left, the "Strikes an Spares" pin.

In another scene, at 1 hour, 37 minutes, 41 seconds, yet another jukebox.

Here's a better shot of backglass and cabinet.

Another view of "Strikes and Spares."

On the left, "Blackjack," and on the right, the shuffle alley.

Look closely, on the far left.

Beside Blackjack, another pin is barely visible.