In July, 2006, on the way back from Virginia Beach, I finally got a chance to check out Flipper McCoy's, which was located at 923 Glen Rock Road, in Norfolk, VA, just outside of the Military Circle Mall. This arcade only had a few pins, but as you will see, it had a diverse selection of videogames, ranging from 80's classics to more recent titles.  

I was told by someone that went to this arcade the entire time it was open, that they first went there in 1978, the first year of business. At one point, there was an entire wall of Asteroids videogames, and other classics, like Lunar Lander and Defender. Also, at one time there was an electronic shooting gallery similar, if not identical, to the one at the Virginia Beach location.

Unfortunately, this arcade closed in February, 2009.  If you know any other info about it, please email me.  Also, don't miss my tour of the Flipper McCoy's located in Virginia Beach. As of April, 2009, this arcade is still in business and definitely worth checking out.


This sign threw me off, but this was "Flipper McCoy's."

Yep, we were at the right place.


Here's what it looked like when you entered the building.

 As you can see, there was an interesting assortment of games.

Here's a closeup of the Sonic ticket redemption game.

To the left of "Wacky Gator," one of the all time classics.


"Gyruss" is another classic.

To the left of "Gyruss" and "Raiden II" were a couple more games, then to the left of that.....

Woohoo!  I found a pin:)  The room behind it was where you could book a birthday party for the kids.

Speaking of kid stuff, this was across the arcade.

I found some obscure titles, including "Ring King," "Pit-Fighter," and "Arkanoid."