I remember watching "The Simpsons" when it first premiered on December 17, 1989 and hearing rumors it would not last past it's 10th season.  If you look at this episode guide, you can see the show is currently in it's 19th season as of February, 2008, with the first 10 seasons currently available on dvd.  Closing in at 20 seasons, "The Simpsons" will be the longest running sitcom this spring, passing "(The Adventures Of) Ozzie And Harriet," which held a record of 435 episodes. The longest running television show, however, is "Meet The Press," which premiered on November 6, 1947, now with over 2,600 episodes.

For those of you Simpsons Movie fans, I have a site with a couple movie reviews, which can be seen HERE.  Also, here's an excellent site with lots of pictures showing 7-Eleven's that were converted across the country temporarily to promote The Simpsons Movie.

I found a pretty comprehensive Simpsons site called Simpson Crazy, which can be found HERE.  If you want to see a huge archive of articles related to The Simpsons, try The Simpsons Archive.

TRIVIA:  There is a Springfield church that is located in Virginia, which I photographed, and you can read about it HERE.  Springfield, Virginia, located in Fairfax County has a population of over 30,000 people and is a suburb of Washington, DC.   The Chuck E. Cheese here in Richmond, Virginia on West Broad Street has a Simpsons Pinball Party pin on location. Data East also made a Simpsons pin in 1991, but The Simpsons Pinball Party is much better in my opinion.

Anyway, here's some miscellaneous Simpsons stuff, including some items from my small collection of Simpsons memorabilia.  Enjoy!  Pingeek.


The new look at a 7-Eleven in California I think.

The line to get into the "Kwik-E-Mart" was quite long at many locations throughout the country for  

The inside of a "Kwik E Mart" shortly before the release of The Simpsons Movie.

The standees were seen only at the "Kwik E Marts" and not at normal 7-Eleven's.

Homer was not only seen in Kwik-E-Mart's throughout the country, but also showed up on Ebay. 

  Chief Wiggum was also at Kwik-E-Mart's all over the country, and probably Ebay as well.

One of the big sellers at 7-Eleven were these "sprinkleliscious" aka "Homer" donuts as seen on Ebay.

The store's outside banner to promote The Simpsons Movie during the summer read, "Mmmm Squishee, Mmmm Donut, Mmmm Movie!"

The dvd of this movie was released on December 18, 2007.  The outside banner read "Woo Hoo! Coffee, Donuts, and Stocking Stuffers."

I took these pics at a 7-Eleven around August, 2007.  There was a contest where the winner got drawn into a Simpsons episode.

Buzz cola was a hot item during the summer.  I saw this 6 pack on Ebay a while back.  

I tried some Buzz Cola.  It tastes kinda like RC.  The can itself is quite slippery though, and when accidentally dropped can make quite a mess.  

KrustyO's were hard to find in some locations.  I had no problem finding a box and tried some.

I scanned the box.  Click on the pic to see the image better.

One side of the box 

The ingredients.  But what the heck is it?

The mystery is solved! It's Fruit Loops. Doh!


One of my favorite Simpsons episodes is "Radioactive Man" so naturally, I had to get the comic book, which I still own, mint in the package.

Here's the back of the comic book.

Here are some straws for Simpsons Movie Slurpees, including "Woohoo Blue Vanilla."

Each straw includes a refrigerator magnet. Notice there are two Homer magnets, one of which is Homer and Spider Pig.

Here are the Slurpee cups, as seen on Ebay.

Here's a refrigerator magnet I bought a few years ago at Spencer's.

Here's a couple of Simpsons cookies which were sold at 7-Eleven and seen on Ebay. It's like a brick and probably not the best thing for your teeth.

For all you gumball machine collectors out there, it's Gumball Homer.  Mine is still as you see here.

I scanned the side of the box.

As the box states, drop in a penny, Homer turns, and out comes a gumball.  

I got this hat at 7-Eleven last fall, still have it, and wear it on a regular basis.

I took the tags off of course;)