"Brainiac" pin sighting screen shots 

This particular episode of "Dark Angel" has three arcade scenes.  The first one takes place 2 minutes, 4 seconds into the episode, before the opening credits. The second scene takes place 6 minutes, 17 seconds into the episode, and the third one takes place 9 minutes, 54 seconds into the episode.  In the first scene, there's a Williams 70's electromechanical pin of some sort with a fake backglass, and just beside it on the right, is an "Attack From Mars" pin.  During the second scene, you can clearly hear a Galaga videogame in the background and EM pin chimes.  During the third scene, you can also hear EM pin chimes.

As the arcade is raided, you can see the EM, but I've never heard of "Blinky To The Rescue!"  That's what the backglass says though.

As the game is getting shot, it's suddenly lit up, and the backglass is going...






Yep, that glass is flying everywhere right about now.

Guess that "Blinky" pin will be out of service for a while.

Check out the videogame marquee display.  Second down, on the left, is "Defender."  Under that is another Williams classic, "Joust."  If you recognize any of the others, please email me.

The pin appears to have taken a bullet directly in the center, right under the match unit.  Notice the game is now lit up, yet in the first picture, you can see the game was off. Notice the Attack From Mars pin does not appear to be harmed at all.

Behind the kid, on the right is what appears to be a third pin, with a siren on the top.  Although it's blurred in the background, it looks like a Getaway: High Speed II pin.

To the left of the entrance, that green cabinet...

beside "Brain," is a 1973 Chicago Coin electromechanical "Flying Ducks" gun game.

In the second scene, Jessica Alba locks her bike onto the steering wheel of a sit down Atari 1976 "Night Driver."  What's the videogame to her left?  If you know, please email me.  

Unfortunately, the broken glass makes it impossible to see the playfield.   

In the arcade's office, looks like something coin operated sitting on the desk.

Found a coin door and to the right, a coin mech.

On the left, despite the fact that the marquee is covered up, you can still tell this is a Galaga machine by the side art.

Here's a shot of the "Attack From Mars" pin.

I could not find this videogame at KLOV.com. (Killer List Of Videogames)

A better shot of the bullet hole in the EM pin.  Not bad though, considering there were bullets flying all over the place at the beginning of this episode.  So, what game is this?  Some emailed me, thinking it's a Williams "Darling," but it was only a guess. If you know for sure, please email me.  Thanks!