"If this were pinball Old Rosco would already have a bunch of free games.  He ain't missed yet."  

Waylon Jennings, the balladeer, The Dukes Of Hazzard, "The Ghost Of General Lee", episode 6, season 2, 35 min. 37 seconds into episode.

"Hey, son, what are you doing here?  We get a pinball machine or something?" Jim's father (Eugene Levy) to his son (Seth Green).  

Greg The Bunny, "Welcome To Sweet Knuckle Junction", episode 1, season 1, about halfway through episode.

"You'd think they'd have a pinball machine or something around here!  Hey, a person can be sad and still play pinball at the same time."

Billy Tate (Jimmy Baio) to his mother Jessica Tate (Katerine Helmond) Soap, episode 5, season 2, hospital scene, 2 minutes into episode.

There have been lots of appearances of pins in the movies, but that's nothing. Pins appear on tv all the time. Check back every now and then for updates.  Got a listing you want to add or can tell me what episode I didn't have listed for this or that game? email pingeek.   

Be sure to check out my site update page, to see what's been added in the past few months.   

If you want to know more about a certain tv show listed below, check out The Internet Movie Database, which covers not only movies, but tv shows as well. Another great resource is, where you can look up individual episodes of your favorite tv show.

Here's the sighting that didn't quite happen. When I was a kid, I was in Las Vegas back in '76, and the only place I could get into was Circus Circus, since I was a minor. Their arcade was incredible. There was a great mix of pins and early racing, etc. videogames. I remember playing "4 Million BC" and "King Tut." Recently, I was watching part II of a Starsky and Hutch episode from season 2, "The Las Vegas Strangler." They are trying to track down a killer inside Circus Circus. You can actually see Starsky and Hutch standing right outside of where it says "GAMES, with only the sign visible." I waited for them to go in so I could see the arcade just as it was in '76, but it never happened.

In November, 2008, while searching through Google, I found several Price Is Right pins on tv sightings.  I have listed a few of these.

Also, be sure to check out John's Juke's for a detailed listing of coin-op stuff they have loaned and sold to movie and television studios over the years.

Here's some must NOT see tv.  Whatever you do, DON'T rent the 1976 ABC After School Special, "The Pinballs."  There is not a single pinball machine in this program.  Basically, Kristy McNichol and two other kids are left with an elderly couple so the parents can take a break from them.  There are two quotes with references to pinball, and they are as follows:

"Me, Harvey and Thomas J., we're like pinballs.  Somebody came along with a dime, pushed a button and out we came, ready or not.  You don't see pinballs helping each other.  You don't know how, do you?"  

"We don't always have to be pinballs because pinballs can't help what happens to them because they can't.  They're just things."

Last but not least, check out my Pinball Quotes On TV site

This site last updated on 12/26/17.  Currently there are 394 listings.







Ace Of Cakes


"pinball cake" episode air date, 8/21/08

This pinball cake was made especially for the Allentown Pinball Wizards Convention. It is a mock cake, and the pinball machine art on it is from Bally's 1980 "Mystic."  It has blinking LED lights on the cake, which was delivered to the 2008 show by Chef Duff himself.

The Addams Family

Dancing Dolls, Gottlieb, 1960

"Morticia's Romance" part  2 (episode 37, season 2) air date 10/1/65 right after the opening credits.
You even get a view of the silhouettes shaking.

All In The Family

Merry-Go-Round, Gottlieb, 1960

"Judging Books By Covers" (season 1, episode 5, air date 2/9/71)

Kelsey's Bar (pin is missing backdoor, cabinet pretty beat)

All In The Family

Miss-O, Williams, 1969


Kelsey's Bar

All In The Family

Firecracker, Bally, 1970


Kelsey's Bar

All In The Family

Sing Along, Gottlieb, 1967

"Gloria And The Riddle" (season 3, episode 41) air date 10/7/72

Kelsey's Bar, 19 minutes, 53 seconds into episode.

All In The Family

Grand Slam, Gottlieb, 1972

"Oh Say Can You See" (season 3, episode 53) air date 1/20/73

Kelsey's Bar

All In The Family

Travel Time, Williams, 1973

"Archie Is Cursed" (season 4, episode 75) air date 12/15/73

Kelsey's Bar

All In The Family

Jungle, Gottlieb, 1972


Kelsey's Bar

All In The Family

Dealer's Choice, Williams, 1974

"Beverly Rides Again" (season 7, episode 141, air date 11/6/76)

Kelsey's Bar

All In The Family

Disco, Stern, 1977

"Archie Gets The Business" (season 8, episode _? (part 1, or part 2 or both?) air date 10/2/77

Kelsey's Bar

All In The Family

Eight Ball, Bally, 1977

The Brother (season 8, episode 180) air date 2/26/78

Kelsey's Bar

All In The Family

Night Rider, Bally, 1977

Reunion On Hauser Street (season 9, episode 186) air date 10/8/78

Kelsey's Bar

All My Children

Attack From Mars, Williams, 1995

episode aired approximately 2/6/05

All My Children

Revenge From Mars, Williams, 1999

various episodes (seen four times in a month)

PI's office

American Chopper

?Mega Golf Ball Frenzy (conversion of No Good Gophers)

"Army National Guard," part 1, season 5, episode 101, (air date 1/17/08)

appoximately 19 minutes into episode, right side of pin seen in OCC office. Art work and color appears slightly different than the game at Internet Pinball Database, and the game's head has a silver hinge instead of black.

American Chopper

Dragon Gottlieb, 1978

Travel Time, Williams, 1973

"Michigan Bike/My Name Is Earl," part 2, season 5, episode 104, (air date 2/7/08)

near the end of the episode, inside the "Crab Shack," pins can be seen behind the crowd as the "My Name Is Earl" bike is being presented.

American Chopper

Heavy Hitter Bally, 1948

"Schussler Bike" season 5, episode 126, (air date 10/30/08)

approximately 5 minutes into episode, Shussler Creative, Inc., "Hot Dog Hall Of Fame" room. Three pitch and bat pins in background.

American Chopper

Capt. Fantastic Bally, 1976

"OCC Band Bike" season 6, episode 140, (air date 10/29/09)

approximately 34 minutes into episode, "Guts Church" office.

American Pickers

Jungle King Gottlieb, 1973

Post Time Williams, 1969

White Castle On The Farm" season 1, episode 3, (air date 2/1/10)

9 minutes, 5 seconds into episode. barn scene. screen shots HERE.

American Pickers

Gold Record Chicago Coin, 1975

Fill 'er Up" season 1, episode 11, (air date 4/5/10)

2 minutes, 34 seconds into episode. inside one of Tony's storage buildings. His family had a drive-in "right down the road." There also appears to be a second machine on the left. screen shot HERE.

American Pickers


"What Happens In Sturgis..." season 5, episode 56, (air date 1/2/12)

approximately 5 minutes into episode, flashback to a previous deal, some sort of electromechanical pin, possibly a pitch and bat.

American Pickers


"Boys' Toys" season 6, episode 63, (air date 4/9/12)

approximately 33 minutes into episode, robot collector's shop, 70's era jukebox, the body of a possible Williams' 60's electromechanical pin, and bingo playfields.

American Pickers

Times Square, Williams, 1953

"Ladies Know Best" season 8, episode 88, (air date 2/4/13)

Approx. 10 minutes into episode. "American Pickers" shop. Pin is missing playfield glass, coin door. Sold as not working to eventually become a table and end table.

American Pickers

Freedom, Bally, 1976

"Weird, Wild Worlds" season 17, episode 19, (air date 10/11/17)

approx. 4 minutes into episode, castle's shop area.

American Stuffers

Six Million Dollar Man, Bally, 1978

episode 5? (aired sometime between January and February, 2012)

pin seen in corner of office, not powered up, worn, faded cabinet.

The Americans

Grand Prix, Williams, 1976

"The Oath" (season 1, episode 12, air date 4/24/13)

restaurant scene, 10 minutes, 14 seconds into episode.

The Americans

Flash, Williams, 1979

Blackout, Williams, 1980

Firepower, Williams, 1980

Laser Cue, Williams, 1984

"New Car" (season 2, episode 21, air date 4/16/14)

14 minutes, 21 seconds, bowling alley scene.

America's Got Talent

Diner, Williams, 1990

Funhouse, Williams, 1990

 The Getaway:  High Speed 2, Williams, 1992

Surf 'n Safari, Gottlieb, 1991

Whirlwind, Williams, 1990

White Water, Williams, 1993

episode aired on Wednesday, 9/10/08 Getaway's name was changed to "Racer," and the Diner pin said L.A. (something)

The Andy Griffith Show

Tropics, United, 1953

"Barney Mends A Broken Heart" (episode 69, season 3, air date 11/5/62)

Andy and Barney go to another town for dinner with two women. The bingo pin can be seen in the restaurant.

The Anna Nicole Show

Funhouse, Williams, 1990

The Date (final ep. season 1)

pin is seen sideways in Anna Nicole's home when her date is ringing the doorbell.

Archie's Place

Hit The Deck, Gottlieb, 1978

assorted episodes

Archie Bunker's Place

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Fireball II, Bally, 1981

"The Tale Of The Pinball Wizard," (season 1, episode 13, air date 11/14/92)



KISS, Bally, 1979

"The A-Team Is Coming, The A-Team Is Coming," (season 4, episode 76, air date 1/21/86)

bar scene, starting at 34 minutes, 51 seconds into episode. Screen shots HERE.

Auction Hunters

Disco Fever, Williams, 1978

Speakeasy, Bally, 1982

Surf 'n Safari, Gottlieb, 1991

Star Trek: The Next Generation, Williams, 1993

"Disco And Dice" (episode 12, season 2, air date 4/19/11)

"Disco Fever" seen several times inside storage unit, then at dealer's place, along with the other three pins. The dealer place scene with these pins is also in the intro during season 2.

Auction Hunters

Jurassic Park, Data East, 1993

South Park, Sega, 1999

Fish Tales, Williams, 1992

Night Rider, Bally, 1977

"Labor Of Love" (episode 13, season 2, air date 4/26/11)

"Ms. Pac-Man" vid being checked out by dealer at his shop. The pins are in the background.

Auction Kings

Nip-It, Bally, 1973

"Happy Days Pinball/Wall Of Shame" (episode 18, season 1, air date 1/18/11)

pin and 1935 Mills 5 cent slot machine at customer's house and later at auction.

Auction Kings

World Cup Soccer, Bally, 1994

"Cigar Boy Lighter/Einstein Letter" (episode 35, season 2, air date 10/4/11)

seen near end of episode against the wall.

Auction Kings

Wizard, Bally, 1975

and ??

"Sports Cards/Botello Painting" (episode 40, season 2, air date 10/25/11)

seen briefly in background behind sports card appraiser, about halfway through episode. Also, about 6 minutes into episode, there is a brief shot of one, possibly two pins, one of which looks like either "Pat Hand" or "Dealer's Choice."

Auction Kings

Star Pool, Williams, 1974

and ?

"Wacky Taxi/Oliver North Sword" (episode 41, season 2, air date 11/1/11)

two pins side by side, shown briefly, approx. 21 minutes into episode, just before the sword auction.

Auction Kings

Freedom, Bally, 1976

"Supersized" (season 2 special, air date 11/8/11)

brief shot of pin backglass approximately 11 minutes into episode, then 32 minutes into episode, a brief shot of the pin itself.

Auction Kings

, ?, ?

"Harley Bike/Lincoln Document" (episode 52, season 3, air date 5/9/12)

brief shot of an electromechanical pin in opening credits, possibly a 60's Gottlieb.

Auction Kings

Eight Ball, Bally, 1977

"1955 Ford Thunderbird/WWII Gunner's Sight" (episode 63, season 3, air date 7/12/12)

a couple of brief shots mostly of the backglass against a wall, near the end of the episode.

The Avengers

Rack-A-Ball , Gottlieb, 1962

"The Hour That Never Was" (episode 87, season 4, air date 11/27/65)

was in the officer's club at an RAF base.

Back To The Black Lagoon

Creature From The Black Lagoon , Bally, 1992

"Creature From The Black Lagoon," The Legacy Collection, disc 1, bonus materials.

36 minutes, 54 seconds into documentary, you can hear a scream and EM chimes as parts of the pin are seen. Screen shots HERE.

Barnaby Jones

TV-Baseball , Chicago Coin, 1966

"See Some Evil...Do Some Evil" (season 1, episode 9, air date 4/8/73)

bar scene, 40 minutes, 20 seconds into episode.. Screen shots HERE.

Batman (1966)


"The Joker Goes To School" (episode 15, season 1, air date 3/2/66)

Joker's workshop, about 25 minutes into episode, some sort of woodrail with wooden legs, missing coin door.

The Bernie Mac Show

Mousin' Around!, Bally, 1989 and ?

Kelly's Heroes(episode #20)

arcade scene(19 minutes into the episode)

The Best D**n Sport Show

Silver Slugger, Gottlieb, 1990


in the background, no particular episode.

Beverly Hills 90210

Earthshaker, Williams, 1989

Earthquake Weather

scene in the KEG house, Steve's playing the game in total ecstasy with the shaker rumbling and doesn't realize there is a real earthquake before lights go out.

Beverly Hills 90210

Funhouse, Williams, 1990


supposedly a Funhouse pin at the Walsh's house.

Big Bang Theory


"The Comic Book Store Regeneration," season 8, episode 174, air date, 2/19/15.

woodrail pin, comic book shop scenes, starting at 5 minutes, 8 seconds into episode. Screen shots HERE.

Blood Ties

Mr. Evil, Recel, 1978

"Blood Price," season 1, episode 1, air date, 3/11/07

18 minutes, 23 seconds, approx., apt. scene. pin also visible in part 2 of this episode. Screen shots HERE.

Blue Collar TV

Super Star, Williams, 1972

"Sinning", (season 2, episode 43) air date 7/26/06 8 minutes, 50 seconds into episode, bar scene, "King Cobra" skit.  Screen shots HERE.


Space Time, Bally, 1972 (or possibly Time Zone?)

"The Gamer In The Grease" (season 5, episode 93) air date 12/3/09 arcade scene, about halfway through the episode.  This episode is centered around a dead gamer, and a videogame called "Punky Pong," which is a fictitious combination of Pong and Donkey Kong.

Boy Meets World

Black Knight, Williams, 1980


bar scene, various episodes

Breakout Kings

Suspense, Williams, 1969

F-14 Tomcat, Williams, 1987

"Double Down," (season 2, episode 16, air date 3/18/12)

pins outside of pawn shop, approx. 12 minutes into episode.

Brilliant (aka The Fast Show)

The Simpsons, Data East, 1990

The Addams Family, Bally, 1992

Whitewater, Williams, 1993

season 1, episode 5

second half of the show there is a sketch where a guy goes thru an arcade with 5 pins and lots of other games.

Broad City


"Philadelphia," (season 3, episode 26, air date 3/23/16)

8 minutes, 17 seconds into episode, bowling alley scene, pin with possible fake side art beside videogame.


The Racer: Death Race II (altered Getaway: High Speed II translite)

season 1, episode ?

gameroom scene, complete with sports memorabilia, bar, and a train set. episode aired sometime during 2009.
Buffy, The Vampire Slayer

Wild Life, Gottlieb, 1972

"What's My Line," (part 1) (season 2, episode 21, air date 11/17/97) 35 min. into episode, towards the end, bar scene with angels.
Buffy, The Vampire Slayer

Meteor, Stern, 1979

Jacks To Open, Gottlieb, 1984

"Bad Eggs" (season 2, episode 24, air date 1/12/98)

3 min. 20 seconds into episode, arcade in a mall. Meteor looks like it has a fake backglass in place.
Buffy, The Vampire Slayer

Surf Champ, Gottlieb, 1976

"Goodbye Iowa" (season 4, episode 70, air date 2/15/00) bar scene, 21 minutes, 29 seconds into episode.
Buffy, The Vampire Slayer

Funhouse, Williams, 1990

No Good Gophers, Williams, 1997

Tales Of The Arabian Nights, Williams, 1996

Jacks To Open, Gottlieb, 1984.

"Gone" (season 6, episode 110, air date 1/8/02)

36 minutes into episode, arcade scene. Jacks Open backglass gets shattered when one of the invisible geeks fighting Buffy gets flung at the pinball machine.

Burn Notice

Genie, Gottlieb, 1979

"Dam*ned If You Do," season 5, episode 75, (air date 11/3/11) 21 minutes, 1 second into episode, scene in somebody's house, side of cabinet and head visible.



? 7/08 air date?

some sort of woodrail?

CBS Early Show

Family Guy, Stern, 2007

Spiderman, Stern, 2007

airdate, Monday, 11/12/07

bowling alley, segment about teens and staying happy. Near the end of the segment one teen was playing Family Guy.

Challenge Of The Superfriends

An ice planet with a section as a pinball machine, created by Toyman to trap Black Vulcan, Hawkman, and Wonder Woman.


DVD, episode, "The World's Deadliest Game" Quotes:

"Great lightning! What's that?" Black Vulcan

"It looks like a giant pinball!" Hawk Man

"But first we'll have a little flipper action." Toy Man

"Wonder Woman in the hole. I get a thousand points and a free ball." Toy Man

Chapelle's Show

South Park, Sega, 1999

"Mad Real World" skit, episode 6, 14 min. into show. apt. scene

Charlie's Angels

Hot Line, Williams, 1966

Cinema, Chicago Coin, 1976

"Hellride" season 1, episode 1. bar scene, about 33 minutes into episode. See screen shot HERE.

Charlie's Angels

Whoopee, Williams, 1964

"Homes, $weet, Homes" (season 4, episode 90) air date 1/30/80 real estate agent's house, 39 minutes, 16 seconds into episode. See screen shot HERE.

China Beach

Royal Flush, Gottlieb, 1976

"Home" (season 1, episode 3, air date 4/27/88)

Bar scene, starting at 6 minutes, 21 seconds into episode. Screen shots HERE.


The Getaway: High Speed II, Williams, 1992

"Chuck Versus The Business Trip" (season 5, episode 82) air date 11/18/11

1 minute, 57 seconds into episode. Pin to the right of "Battlezone" and "Missle Command" videogames, seen in more than one episode during this season.) Screen shot HERE.

The Cleveland Show

Kicked In The Nuts

"Brown History Month" (season 1, episode 19) air date 5/9/10

bar scene, 6 minutes, 40 seconds, guy lands on pin, and you can hear EM chimes. Screen shots HERE.

The Cleveland Show


"Ship'rect" (season 2, episode 40) air date 4/10/11

mansion scene, 4 minutes, 3 seconds into episode. Screen shot HERE.


Travel Time, Williams, 1973



Colgate Comedy Hour

Bonanza, Gottlieb, 1947

Carolina, United, 1949

Saratoga, Williams, 1948

(season 3, episode 36) air date 5/31/53

arcade skit with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, the hosts of this episode. Only cabinets and backglasses are visible. Jerry pulls back the plunger to shoot the ball on "Saratoga," and the plunger turns out to be about ten feet long.


Flying Carpet, Gottlieb, 1972

4 Square, Gottlieb, 1971

Monte Carlo, Bally, 1973

"The Conspirators" (season 7, episode 45) air date 5/13/78

two different scenes where Columbo and the villian are discussing the case while they are both playing pinball in the suspect's home. They are using dimes instead of quarters to play the pins.


Space Mission, Williams, 1976

"Playtime" (season 1, episode 8) air date 7/22/12

video game company scene, backglass appears to have been altered, and on the left is a Stargate videogame with a Contra marquee and the side art covered slightly, 9 minutes, 12 seconds into episode. Screen shots HERE.

Corner Gas

Police Force, Williams, 1989

"World's Biggest Thing" (season 1, episode 6) air date 2/25/04

playfield and some of cabinet seen, 16 minutes, 8 seconds into episode (sighting time noted with commercials not present).

The Crazy Ones

Expressway, Bally, 1971

"She's So European" (season 1, episode 5) air date 10/24/13

advertising office, approx.12 minutes, 30 seconds into episode.

Crime Story

Pro-Football, Gottlieb, 1973

"Ground Zero" (season 1, episode 22) air date 3/13/87

approx. 37 minutes into episode. Screen shot HERE.

Crossing Jordan

Surf Champ, Gottlieb, 1976

"Miracles & Wonders" (season 1, episode 13) air date 1/21/02

25 minutes, 29 seconds into episode. bar scene, up four steps, left corner.

Crossing Jordan

Fireball Classic, Bally, 1985

"Luck Be A Lady" (season 5, episode 81) air date 10/2/05

approx. 23 minutes, 30 seconds and 40 minutes, 40 seconds into episode. biker bar scenes. Screen shot of first scene HERE. Also, some sort of fake looking videogame in thug's suite at 35 minutes, 33 seconds.


Meteor, Stern, 1979

Galaxy, Stern, 1980

"Crime After Crime" (season 12, episode 259) air date 11/16/11

Videogame entrepeneur's party, 1 minute, 8 seconds into episode and throughout the scenes before intro and just after. Screen shots HERE.

CSI Miami



bowling alley scene

The Dan Patrick Show

Dale Jr., Stern, 2007

NBA Fastbreak, Williams, 1997

possible air date 4/16/17

pins seen in studio on several episodes.


Grand Prix, Williams, 1976  

"Cut Man"(season 1, episode 2) air date 4/10/15

bar scene, approx. 26 minutes into episode.


Mustang(Pro model), Stern, 2014  

"Rabbit In A Snowstorm"(season 1, episode 3) air date 4/10/15

bowling alley scenes, starting at beginning of episode.


Olympic Hockey, Williams, 1972  

"The Path Of The Righteous"(season 1, episode 11) air date 4/10/15

bar scene, 40 minutes, 22 seconds into episode.

Dark Angel

Attack From Mars, Williams, 1995  

?Darling, Williams, 1973?

"Brainiac"(episode 10, season 2) air date 1/11/02

Arcade scenes.  Screen shots HERE.

Dave Attell's Insomniac Tour

South Park, Sega, 1999

aired 1/3/09

About 1 minute, 40 seconds into the show, they are playing pinball in one of the casinos, then Dane Cook says "My dad used to say 'Life is like pinball. Sometimes you tilt, sometimes you're special, and sometimes you have an extra ball like me.'

Der Alte (The Old One)

High Speed, Williams, 1986

Comet, Williams, 1985

Monte Carlo, Premier, 1987

"Die Braut ohne Ged´┐Żnis" (Bride without Memory) bar scene in the beginning of the episode with the bad guys having a meeting

Der Alte (The Old One)

Contact, Williams, 1978

"Ende mit Schrecken" (End of Fear) about 10 min. into the episode, with the obnoxious P.I. Uwe Weissman in a pub playing darts, and after leaving the pub is shot dead in his car. The game is seen a few times in the background and once or twice when the homicide squad is questioning the couple keeping the pub.

Der Alte (The Old One)

Centaur, Bally, 1981

"K'er als der Tod" (Colder than Death) murder house scene, seen 4-5 times throughout the episode.

Desperate Housewives

Funhouse, Williams, 1990

Hit And Run Base-Ball, Williams, 1970

Firepower, Williams, 1980 

"Children And Art" (season 3, episode 55, air date 11/12/06)

40 minutes, 43 seconds into episode. Screen shots HERE.  

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Tropics, United, 1953

"Honeymoons Are For The Lucky", (season 3, episode #85, air date 3/4/64), and ?

rare bingo pin sighting in bar scenes from two different episodes, one unknown. Screen shots HERE.

The District

Big Deal, Williams, 1977

"Criminally Insane"

two minutes into episode, game is tipped over and smashed in a fight scene.

Dog, The Bounty Hunter

Elvira And The Party Monsters, Bally, 1989

"The Godfather Of Waikiki" (season 1, episode 7, air date 9/28/04)

bar scene, 8 minutes, 43 seconds into episode. Screen shots HERE.

Dog Whisperer

Tales From The Crypt, Data East, 1993

episode ? (aired on 4/25/10, actual first air date of this episode unknown.)

pin seen in living room of dog owner's home.

Doogie Howser

Bad Cats, Williams, 1989

"Use a Slurpy, Go to Jail"

DVD, season 1, end of episode.

Doogie Howser

Cyclone, Bad Cats, Whirlwind, and ?

 "Grass Ain't Always Greener" DVD, season 1

Dragnet(the new)

Whirlwind, Williams, 1990

"The Redemption"

bar scene about halfway through episode.

Dukes Of Hazzard

Space Odyssey, Williams, 1976 and ?Bon Voyage, Bally, 1974

Capt. Fantastic, Bally, 1975; Freedom, Bally, 1975; Lost World, Bally, 1977

One Armed Bandits (episode #1)

DVD, scene 2, 11 min. into episode, Boar's Nest.

DVD, 26 min. into episode, Civic house, right behind bartender. (in this episode, watch for the junkyard scene when Bo & Luke meet up with Cooter and some other guys to cut off the guys bringing in the slot machines. Cooter drives out of the junkyard in a Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino!)

Dukes Of Hazzard

Flying Carpet, Gottlieb, 1972 and ? a Gottlieb wedgehead with a blue and red musical note on the side of the head. Luke's Love Story(episode #7) DVD, 2 minutes into episode, Boar's Nest, Flying Carpet is in the corner and about 30 min. into episode, other Gottlieb cabinet is seen. Backglass lit at a distance is shown at beginning of episode.

Dukes Of Hazzard

Sheriff, Gottlieb, 1971 (in a Jungle cabinet)

Gold Fever (episode #?3? season 2)

DVD, 23 minutes into episode, Boar's Nest bar

Dukes Of Hazzard

Sheriff, Gottlieb, 1971

The Ghost Of General Lee (episode 6, season 2)

DVD, about halfway through episode, Boar's Nest bar

Early Edition

Comet, Williams, 1985

The Wall, part 1 (season 1, episode 14, air date 2/1/97)

bar scene, 34 minutes, 35 seconds into episode.


Warlok, Williams, 1982


a Williams solid-state game in the cafe set when it first started in the mid 80's. Taken away while the cafe was refurbished, and not returned.


Space Station, Williams, 1987


Phil challenges the handicapped african american (forget his
name in the show) to a game of wheelchair basketball, out in the back lot of the bowling alley

8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter

Fish Tales, Williams, 1992

The Party Zone, Williams, 1991

"No Right Way" (season 2, episode 34, air date 11/11/03)

arcade scene, 6 minutes, 22 seconds into episode. Screen shots HERE.

Einstein Factor


season ?, episode ?, air date 7/26/09

mentioned on, aired 7/19/09, ABC-TV (Australia), on this episode, that next week's episode would include pinball as one of the specialist subjects. You can view some trivia from that episode archived HERE.

Entertainment Tonight


air date 8/7/13

"Oprah: Where Are They Now" segment, about 15 minutes into episode. Anna Nicole Smith's grandaughter is seen playing a pin for about a second or two. Only the bottom half of the playfield is visible.




According to a response on a post on from 6/1/09, about pins in the movies, a few pins can be seen in the early seasons of this show.


Bad Cats, Williams, 1989


Carter is in a convienence store and there is a robbery and the crooks try to escape by climbing on a pin and going out the ceiling, but one falls back and crashes into the playfield glass

Everybody Loves Raymond

Jack*Bot, Williams, 1995


his big brother (Robert i Think his name is) goes back to work to being a cop. About halfway through the show, there is a radio alert of shoplifting, so he shows up at a candy/convenience store where some punk kids are playing this pin with EM sound effects.



?either episode 11 or 12, season 1

whole game room shot at the very end of show

Extreme Eating

Earthshaker, Williams, 1989

Shadow, Bally, 1994


mentioned on on 2/11/10, aired on The Travel Channel, they visit Voodoo Donut (purveyors of bizarre donut creations) in Portland, Oregon. The pins are in the customer dining room.

Family Guy



Peter is raped on top of some sort of EM pinball machine, episode unknown.

Family Guy


"The Splendid Source," season 8, episode 145, air date 5/16/10

bowling alley scene, 5 minutes, 45 seconds into episode. screen shots HERE.

Family Guy

Dracula, Williams, 1993

"Herbert & Franz: The Making Of An Epic Fight Sequence." (not an episode, but a behind the scenes look at the fight scene from the episode "German Guy," season 9, episode 158, air date 2/20/11)

animator's studio, 8 minutes, 22 seconds into feature. screen shot HERE.

The Flash (2014)

Sinbad, Gottlieb, 1978

Time Line, Gottlieb, 1980

Volcano, Gottlieb, 1981

"Rogue Air" (season 1, episode 22, air date 5/12/15)

bar scene, 15 minutes into episode.

The Flash (2014)

?Dragon, Interflip, 1977

"Duet" (season 3, episode 63, air date 3/21/17)

apt. scene, possibly "Dragon," a couple of minutes into episode.

Flea Market Flip

Captain Kidd, Genco, 1941

"Retro, Light and Dark, Pairing," season 2, episode 18, air date 5/17/13

flea market, approx. 3 minutes, 20 seconds into episode.

Friday Night Lights

Stars, Stern, 1978

"Upping The Ante," season 1, episode 14, air date,1/31/07

Riggins' place. Seen in various episodes.

Friday Night Lights


1/25/08 air date

Towards the end of the show in a scene where two guys were in a house hiding because one of them owes a lot of money to some thug that beat him up. A knock comes on the door and the camera pans toward the door and you see the front view of what looks like an early solid state Bally/Stern. Hard to tell as the camera did not focus on the background. The cabinet was a darker blue color.


4-Belles, Gottlieb, 1954 and Roto Pool, Gottlieb, 1958

"The One With The Flashback," season 3, episode 54, 10/31/96

5 minutes, and 17 minutes into episode, bar (converted to coffee shop later)


Diner, Williams, 1990

Funhouse, Williams, '90

Surf 'N Safari, Gottlieb, '91

The Getaway: High Speed II, Williams, '92

season finale(air date, 5/15/03) Last half of the show-- Chandler, Monica, Mike, and Phoebe go downstairs in the hotel gameroom for some Ping Pong. The Getaway pin has an out of order sign on it. Diner is on the far right, barely visible.



"Fracture" (season 2, episode 23) air date 10/1/09 bowling alley scene, about halfway through episode. You can see a lockbar and a small corner of playfield glass.

The Fugitive

Nags, Williams, 1960

"Landscape With Running Figures" (part 2), (season 3, episode 70) air date 11/23/65

Pin is visible in the scenes from the evacuated town's bar where Richard Kimble and Marie Gerard (Lieutenant Gerard's wife) are holed up due to the flood warnings. (This same pin is possibly also in the episode "The Devil's Disciples" (season 4, episode 102) air date 12/6/66

The Fugitive

"21" Williams, 1960

"Coralee" (season 3, episode 90) air date 4/26/66

diner scenes, 21 and 25 minutes into episode. Screen shots HERE.

Gary Unmarried


"Gary and the Trophy" (season 1, episode 18) air date 4/8/09. arcade scene, 3 or 4 pins, all fake backglasses.

General Hospital

Eight Ball Deluxe, Bally, 198?

air date possibly sometime in 4/08

bar scene. (not sure which version of this pin)

General Hospital

Totem, Gottlieb, 1979

season 50, episode 12761, air date, 3/7/13

bar scene. Pin has also been sighted in other episodes.

The George Carlin Show


George Plays A Mean Pinball(air date, 5/8/94)


The Get Down

Fireball, Bally, 1972

season 1, episode 6, air date, 8/12/16

approx. 29 minutes into episode. Screen shots HERE.

Ghost Adventures


Return To Bobby Mackey's (season 4, episode #29, air date, 10/1/10)

no pins in this episode, but instead, a collector sighting. Mike Haberman of Habo's Arcade, an informative collector's site about various pins and vids, is interviewed in a couple of scenes about his experiences at Bobby Mackey's haunted club.

Girls Behaving Badly

Monster Bash, Williams, 1998

season 2, episode 5, air date, 10/15/05

skating rink scene, 7 minutes, 45 seconds into episode. There is also what appears to be a skill crane and a driving videogame. Screen shot HERE.

The Glades

Junkyard, Williams, 1996

"Pilot," season 1, episode 1, air date, 7/11/10

bar scene, about 16 minutes, 30 seconds into episode.

Good Luck Charlie

White Water, Williams, 1993

"Battle Of The Bands" season 2, episode 33, air date 4/3/11

Bob takes his son, Gabe, over to a rich kid's house to return an expensive gift. The house has an arcade with video games, a hot tub, and a pinball machine. Bob gets distracted and ends up keeping the gift after all.

Good Morning America

Good Morning America, Stern, 2007

Pirates Of The Caribbean, Stern, 2006

Spider-Man, Stern, 2007

Wheel Of Fortune, Stern, 2007

 (air date, 1/18/08) About 90 minutes into broadcast.  The GMA pin is one of a kind, shown on the program to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the flipper.  

Good Times

Circus, Bally, 1973

"Florida Goes To School" season 2, episode 28, air date 1/7/75

James is playing the pin at a local bar, he bumps it a few times, all the lights blink in the head, a sign pops up from the back of the head and says, "Right On!"

Good Times

Monte Carlo, Bally, 1973

"Requiem For A Wino" season 5, episode 96, air date 12/14/77

Bar scenes. Several shots of this pin.

Greg The Bunny

Big Guns, Bally, 1987

"Welcome To Sweet Knuckle Junction"(episode 1, season 1) Just 1 minute into episode, Jim is playing a Big Guns pin as Greg walks in.  Look closely and you will see that although the ball is moving, the lights don't work and "music off" and 00 00 are seen on the display the entire time.  

Grounded For Life

Travel Time, Williams, 1973

"I Didn't Start The Fire," (season 3, episode 38, air date 9/17/02)

bar scenes, starting at 8 minutes into episode. Screen shots HERE.

Guy's Big Bite

 Capt. Card, Gottlieb, 1974

several episodes

pin seen on stage set.

Happy Days

Pro-Football, Gottlieb, 1973

"Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" (season 1, episode 9, air date 3/12/74)

2 minutes into episode, "Arnold's" Drive-In. Screen shots HERE. Pro-Football was made in 1973, the show first aired in 1974, and it takes place around 1955.

Happy Days

Klondike, Williams, 1971

Because She's There (season 1, episode 11, air date 4/2/74)

6 minutes, 35 seconds into episode, "Arnold's" Drive-In, Ritchie plays the pin. Fonz reaches behind the game and uses his pocket knife to rack up points so Ritchie can get a replay. Screen shots HERE.

Happy Days

Majors - 1941, Chicago Coin, 1941

Knock Around The Block (season 1, episode 15, air date 4/30/74)

pool hall scene. Screen shot HERE.

Happy Days

Criss Cross Pop-Up, Chicago Coin, 1964

Nip-It, Bally, 1972

Who's Sorry Now? (season 2, episode 19, air date 9/24/74)

Pin sighting times and screen shots HERE.

Happy Days

Nip-It, Bally, 1972

Space Time, Bally, 1972

Fonzie Moves In (season 3, episode 40, air date 9/9/75)

"Nip-It" becomes "Space Time," then back again. Screen shots and sighting time HERE.

Happy Days

Nip-It, Bally, 1972

Arnold's Wedding (season 3, episode 63, air date 3/2/76)

"Nip-It" gets a fake backglass. Screen shots HERE.


Hardcore Pawn

Star Trek, Bally, 1979

air date 8/16/10 (either first or second episode?)

Pin seen in background in attract mode, and possibly visible in more than one episode. Backglass shown on this game has the prototype art.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law


"The Incredible Hippo," season 4, episode 34, air date 10/9/06

No pin sighting, however, 2 minutes, 3 seconds into episode, during law office scene, when the hippo swallows the bagel, you can see it bouncing back and forth, and pinball bumper sounds can be heard.

Herman's Head

Fireball Classic, Bally, 1985


pin seen in several episodes.




Airdate sometime in early October, 2007

roughly the 20 minute mark when Peter Petrele is in Ireland in the back room trying to replicate the lightening bolt power to the left of him is a pinball machine in the packing position (standing upright).


Popeye Saves The Earth, Bally, 1994



The Honeymooners:  The Lost Episodes


"Two Men On A Horse" (season 2, episode 48) air date 5/29/54

Ralph tries to win some badly-needed cash by playing pinball against a
sucker. He ends up getting beat by the guy who kicks his a*s with only
his first ball - and the guy turns out to be the operator (he empties
out the nickles when he finishes beating him!) Norton plays the machine later and it explodes with flames, confetti and waving flags popping out of the machine. Ralph does a hilarious 'no hands' dance while playing the machine trying to get the ball to go where he wants. (Note, the Honeymooners episode is one of the Lost Episodes that were taken from the Gleason Show, not the 'regular 39' filmed series, they are available individually on dvd etc.)

The Honeymooners:  The Lost Episodes


"Finders Keepers" (season 5, episode 121) air date 12/8/56

they were playing a pin to win a box of chocolates. Ralph tilted & lost to Norton.(Note, the Honeymooners episode is one of the Lost Episodes that were taken from the Gleason Show, not the 'regular 39' filmed series, they are available individually on dvd etc.)


Meteor, Stern, 1979

Whirlwind, Williams, 1990

"Daddy's Boy" (season 2, episode 27) air date 11/8/05 Bar scene, 1 minute, 8 seconds into episode.  Screen shots HERE.

House Of Lies

Duotron, Gottlieb, 1974

"Zhang" (season 3, episode 33) air date 3/16/14 Bar scene, 18 minutes, 21 seconds into episode.  Screen shots HERE.

Human Wrecking Balls

Raven, Gottlieb, 1986 and ?


a clip on Attack of the Show on G4 that was promoting the season opener of their show "Human Wrecking Balls".  It's basically a show where these 2 guys destroy all kind of things by hand. Clips shows them tearing up an old arcade. It was mostly vid cabinets but there were a couple of pins. One was a Raven without the back box and the other only showed side art.  Most of the vid cabinets appeared to be working when destroyed.

I Dream of Jeannie

Pin-Bowler, Chicago Coin, 1949

"Genie, Genie, Who's Got The Genie?" (season 3, episode 80, air date 2/6/68)

bar scenes.

I Married A Princess

Starship Troopers, Sega, 1993,

"Malibu Charity Bash"(season 1, episode 3)


In Living Color

Mata Hari, Bally, 1978

episode #22, "Detective Head Goes Bowling"

about 4 1/2 minutes into episode, bowling alley bar.

In Plain Sight

Bow And Arrow, Bally, 1975

"Trojan Horst" (season 1, episode 4) air date 6/22/08

abandoned gas station scenes. This screen shot seen HERE is at 34 minutes, 32 seconds into episode.

In Plain Sight

On Beam, Bally, 1968

air date 8/10/08?

It was in the character Rafe or Rafel's apartment. He is the boyfriend
of lead character Mary. But it was Mary's sister who was shown on the
phone while the game was in the background.

The Incredible Hulk


"Terror In Times Square" (season 1, episode 6) air date 3/31/78

David Banner works in a Times Square arcade fixing games.

The Incredible Hulk

Joker Poker, Gottlieb, 1978

Lost World, Bally, 1978

"The Confession" (season 2, episode 33) air date 5/4/79

approx. 13 min. into episode. first bowling alley scene, only side of "Joker Poker" cabinet seen. "Lost World" seen in attract mode about a minute later as the Hulk smashes through a wall to the right of the pin.

The Incredible Hulk

El Toro, Bally, 1972

"Rock And A Hard Place" (season 3, episode 54) air date 2/29/80

approx. 25 min. into episode. The Hulk totally destroys a working Bally El Toro in a "bad guys" basement.

The Invisible Man

Centigrade 37, Gottlieb, 1977

The Invisible Woman

about 10 mins. into the episode, Fawkes is playing the pin in a bar where he is to meet Mei Ling, the invisible woman. Even original Gottlieb chimes are present. Fawkes seems to be familiar with the early Gottlieb coin door way of sometimes having reject coins far away in the reject return slot, because after he has played, he examines the slot thorougly with his fingers.

The Jeffersons

Gun Smoke, Chicago Coin, 1968


the characters are in a "cowboy bar" and in a couple of scenes, you can just barely make out a pin in the distance.

The Jeffersons

Genie, Gottlieb, 1979


George is in charge of a bowling team. Look behind him and you will see the pin.


Memory Lane, Stern, 1978

"Fallout" (season 1, episode 2) air date 9/27/06

"Bailey's Tavern" bar scene. 10 minutes, 36 seconds into episode. Screen shots HERE.

Joan Of Arcadia

Meteor, Stern, 1979

"Game Theory" (season 2, episode 35) air date 1/7/05

"Sparky's Pizza" scene. 29 minutes, 8 seconds into episode. Screen shots HERE.

Johnny Staccato

Thing, Chicago Coin, 1951

"Double Feature" (season 1, episode 19) air date 1/28/60

11 minutes, 15 seconds into episode, at arcade entrance is what appears to be a couple of pitch and bats. Screen shot HERE. Near end of episode, at 22 minutes, 48 seconds, bad guy get shot and dies rolling off "Thing."


Fish Tales, Williams, 1992

"Alive Day" (season 6, episode 71) air date 2/24/15

photo was on front page of Internet Movie Database, on 2/26/15. Caption seen when setting mouse arrow on pic says "Still of Garret Dillahunt and Timothy Olyphant in Justified (2010)." Screen shot HERE.

Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List

Pin*bot, Williams, 1986

"Adjusted Growth" (season 1, episode 3) air date 8/17/05

approx. 12 minutes into episode, John McEnroe talk show. Screen shots HERE.

Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List

Star Trek: The Next Generation, Williams, 1993

"For Your (Grammy) Consideration" (season 4, episode 27) air date 7/31/08

promoter's place, 38 minutes, 28 seconds into episode. Screen shot HERE.



"Life Changing Drones; Ghost Hunters" (season 2, episode 86) air date 1/21/14

No idea what pin was on this show if any, but in the end credits, "Promotional consideration by Stern Pinball."

Kevin Can Wait

Punchy The Clown, Alvin G. & Co., 1993

sighted in an episode in 9/17, not sure of what title or season.

office scene.

Kick Buttowski

"Attic-a", "Free Gunther" (season 2, episode 38) air date 1/14/12

About 23 minutes into episode, Kick Buttowski bounces between houses down the block, and EM pin chimes are heard as it happens.

Kickin' It

Upper Deck, Williams, 1973

"Dude, Where's My Sword?" (season 1, episode 16) air date 2/6/12

bar fight scene around last five minutes of episode. The letters between the words "Upper" and "Deck" are blacked out. Carlotta the waitress says "Rudy, I found one of your teeth under the pinball machine."

King Of The Hill

Black Knight, Williams, 1980

Fireball, Bally, 1972

"Four Wave Intersection" (season 12, episode 217, air date 10/14/07)

About 7 minutes into the episode: Boomhauer is at a game room called "FUN CENTER" and makes an air hockey challenge: "Hey man dat ol' air hockey man who wanna dem dang ol' wanna take on the champ man?" Behind him are some variation of Bally's Fireball and Williams' Black Knight plus a strange looking pin with a marquee that reads PIN-BOT, but somewhat resembles Williams' Bonzai Run. Screen shots HERE and HERE.


King Of Diamonds, Gottlieb, 1967, 8 Ball, Williams, 1966 and ? One For The Morgue DVD, pool hall, 37 min. into episode. One other pin also shown

La Femme Nikita

White Water, Williams, 1993

Airborne, Capcom, 1996

Twister, Sega, 1996 and ??

"Simone" (season 1, episode 3)

DVD, arcade scene, 9 min. 17 seconds into episode.  Blurred shot of a row of pins in the back. Here's two screen shots, here and here. If you can identify any of the other two, email Pingeek.

Las Vegas

World Champ, Gottlieb, 1957

 Satellite, Williams, 1958

"Montecito Lancers" (season 2, episode 30) air date 11/1/04 DVD, warehouse scene, 32 minutes, 8 seconds into episode.  Screen shots HERE.

Las Vegas

Future Spa, Bally, 1979

Firepower, Williams, 1980

Fireball Classic, Bally, 1985

"Run, Cooper, Run" (season 5, episode 92) air date 10/19/07 DVD, arcade scenes. Screen shots HERE.

Laverne & Shirley

1962 World Series, Williams, 1962

"Bus Stop" (season 3, episode 56) air date 2/14/78 Osh Kosh, WI bus stop scene, 9 minutes, 1 second into episode. Screen shots HERE.

Law & Order

Genesis, Premier, 1986

"The Torrents Of Greed" (season 1, episode 15 or possibly 16. This was a 2 part episode.) DVD, bar scene, last few minutes of episode.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Nitro Ground Shaker, Bally, 1980

"Self-Made" (season 7, episode 140) air date 11/15/07

Animator's studio, 7 minutes, 50 seconds into episode. Pin appears to be missing all displays and backglass has been covered or painted over on Bally trademark and most of title. Screen shot HERE.

Law & Order:
Special Victims

Muerte & Destruction

Doctor Who, Bally, 1992

Identity (season 6, episode 128) air date 1/18/05

4 minutes, 44 seconds into episode.  Some sort of dot matrix pin with cabinet repainted and translite replaced and a "Doctor Who" pin with decals covering some of the art. Screen shots HERE.

Legends Of Tomorrow

Sound Stage, Chicago Coin, 1976

("Pilot, part 1," season 1, episode 1) air date 1/21/16

bar scene, 27 minutes, 44 seconds into episode.

Let's Make A Deal

NBA Fastbreak, Bally, 1997

(season 1, episode ?) air date 1/25/10 (?repeat?)

This was one of the Zonk prizes. The game was in bad shape, with most of the art work scrubbed out, but the basketball button was still visible on the lockbar, and the backglass was somewhat visible too.

Let's Make A Deal

Star Trek, Stern, 2013

(season 6, episode 6073) air date 1/12/15

16 minutes, 9 seconds into episode, gameroom giveaway, also featuring a dual karaoke machine and Ipod touch, "making this deal worth $6,094.00."

Life On Mars

Revenge From Mars, Williams, 1999

(season 1, episode 7) air date 11/20/08 

show's hero is stuck in 1973, but pin was built in 1999.

Lois and Clark


Neverending Battle (season 1, episode 3)

an old lady and her grandaughters come out of an arcade alley (?!?) and one of the little girls is saved from
being crushed by a falling billboard by Superman. In the alley (?!?)
can be seen 5 EM games, one of which appears to be a 'Pioneer'. What's
funny is across from the pins are two video cabinets that have been repainted a HORRIBLE flowery-hippy scheme.

Look What I Did!

No Fear, Williams, 1995

Revenge From Mars, Williams, 1999

"Pennsylvania Game Room"? (season __, episode _) air date 4/3/08

Pinball machines and a gameroom were featured in this episode.   


Revenge From Mars, Williams, 1999 

Cyclone, Williams, 1988

"The Man From Tallahassee (season 3, episode 61) air date, 3/21/07

rec room scene, 18 minutes, 8 seconds into episode. Screen shot HERE.


Revenge From Mars, Williams, 1999 

Cyclone, Williams, 1988


"Left Behind" (season 3, episode 63) air date, 4/4/07

rec room scenes: 1 minutes, 12 seconds, and 4 minutes, 45 seconds into episode.  Screen shots HERE.

Mad About You

Monte Carlo, Bally, 1973

The Painter (episode 22, season 1) DVD, 7 min. into episode, Paul and his cousin Ira play this pin in a bar.
Mad About You -------- Surprise (episode 8, season 2) DVD, 4 min. into episode, Paul and Ira are shown waiting in line to get tickets for the Broadway play "Tommy."
Mad About You Kings Of Steel, Bally, 1984 Edna Returns (episode 11, season 2) DVD, 13 min. 51 seconds, clear shot of playfield, EM chimes and some solid state sounds.
Mad About You Kings Of Steel, Bally, 1984 Virtual Reality (episode 15, season 2) DVD, 9 min. into episode, bloody EM chimes again.


Majors 1941, Chicago Coin, 1941


Mannix enters from the back entrance to the restaurant to get the bad guys.  As he goes in the back door, through the store room, you can see the left side of the head of this woodrail pin barely.

Married With Children

Firepower, Williams, 1980

"Peggy Turns 300" (season 4, episode 76) air date 3/25/90

background of bowling alley.

Married With Children

Fireball II, Bally, 1980

"The Old College Try" (season 7, episode 143) air date 12/13/92

scene where the Bundy's just ripped off their son's scholarship money. It's sitting in the family room after they went shopping.

Married With Children Triple Strike, Williams, 1975

"Shoeless Al" (season 9, episode 212) air date 5/14/95

background of bowling alley.


Heat wave, Williams, 1964




Spot-A-Card, Gottlieb, 1960 ? ?



"The Buddies," season 4, episode 81, air date 12/12/89

about halfway through the episode, Conrad is playing a pin.

Miami Vice



an electromechanical pin gets the crap beat up by a drug dealer.

Miami Vice

Devil's Dare, Gottlieb, 1982

"Cool Runnin" (season 1, disc 1)

DVD, approx., 19 min. into episode, half of the game partially off screen.  

Miami Vice


"Child's Play" (season 4, episode 72, air date 10/30/87)

Isaac hayes gets his head smashed into a backglass by Crockett. .  

Midnight, Texas

Sharpshooter, Game Plan, 1979

"Bad Moon Rising" (season 1, episode 2, air date 7/31/17)

garage scene, approx. 21 minutes into episode. Characters are running away from a tiger that is chasing them. Screen shots HERE.   

Mike Hammer

Champion, Chicago Coin, 1949

"Old Folks at Home Blues" (season 1, episode 33) air date 8/23/58.

extended scenes in what looks like the backroom repair shop of an arcade, or else its a very subdued arcade with no windows and no customers. Lots of non-pinball games, bowlers, vertical baseball games are visible, a coin-op piano maybe, and a brief shot of the pin. We do not see it until Ruta Lee walks into the room, sees the arcade guy on the floor dead, next to the pin lying on its side all lit up and making sounds like it is racking up points.

Million Dollar Listing

The Addams Family, KISS, Wizard, Captain Fantastic, Beat Time, Odds & Evens, 4 Roses, Magic City, & ?Dimension?


Rock music producer has to sell most of his pinball machines to sell the house.  This was a show on the cable channel Bravo.

Modern Marvels

Indiana Jones, Stern, 2008

?"Coin-op tech"? (episode ?, season ?)

aired on History Channel I (History International) on 12/25/08, possiby a repeat. Covers arcade games, including pins. "Indiana Jones" seen just before a commercial break.


Fireball Classic, Bally, 1984

Mr. Monk Goes To The Dentist (episode 15, season 4)

when the band is hanging out in Aaron's stepfather's garage discussing
alternative band names around 4/5 of the way through the show, one of
the guys is playing a Fireball Classic.


Rocket, Bally, 1947

Mr. Monk and Little Monk (episode 8, season 4) bar scene, about 30 minutes into episode.

Monty Python's Flying Circus

Bank-A-Ball, Gottlieb, 1965

"The Naked Ant," season 1, episode 12, (air date, 1/4/70)

Very beginning of episode shows the right bottom corner of the playfield, a ball is shot in the game, then a bearded hermit bounces against trees as EM sounds are heard. End of episode, just before credits, pin backglass is shown, and opening scene is shown in reverse.

Mr. Belvedere

Fireball, Bally, 1971

Pinball (air date, 11/29/85)

the family buys a pinball machine and Mr. Belvedere, their butler, gets so hooked on it, they have to get rid of it. The show ends with Mr. Belvedere going over the edge and playing one at the arcade, where the family arrives to take him back to reality.

MTV Cribs

Playboy, Bally, 1978

Playboy, Data East, 1991

Playboy, Stern, 2002 

MTV Cribs Priciest Pads Countdown (aired 7/29/07)

Heffner plays a round of '78 Playboy, and drains the ball quickly.  Admits he hadn't played the game in quite some time.  

MTV Cribs

Black Knight, Williams, 1980

Episode with Dee Snider (aired on or around 9/10/08)

pin spotted in Dee Snider's house.

MTV Teen Cribs

Wizard, Bally, 1975

Fireball, Bally, 1972

Playboy, Stern, 2002

World Fair, Gottlieb, 1964

Centaur II, Bally, 1983

NASCAR, Stern, 2005

Episode showing house in Hartland, MI with "vintage arcade." (aired on or around 5/9/10)

Several pins seen throughout the segment, along with a two lane miniature bowling alley, some videogames, a ?Chex? hockey game, a photo booth, a popcorn machine, and a 14 seat theater with a projection tv.

The Muppet Show

Skill Pool, Williams, 1963

and 3 other EM pins.

Host: Sandy Duncan

musical number in a bar.  Sandy Duncan is dancing with some Muppet monsters. Two pins on the right include Skill Pool and some sort of early 60's Bally pin, with an upside down triangle pattern on the bottom of the head, a pattern used in a few Bally pins of that era, including Hootenanny.  There are also two slot machines to the right, and two other pins on the left.  

Murder She Wrote


"Secret Of Gila Junction" (episode 243, season 12)

About 20 minutes into the show, bar scene with someone playing a pin.  From the score displays, it was an early solid state Williams but the title wasn't shown, but it appeared to have a space theme. The playfield was briefly shown and the pop bumpers had incorrect caps on them from a 1978 Bally Star Trek pin. 

My Dream Lottery Home


"Lottery Winners Search For Their Dream Home In The Hamptons" (season 1, episode 7, air date 1/22/16)

Approx. 14 minutes into episode, gameroom scene, part of pin visible with dome on top. Possibly "High Speed" or "The Getaway: High Speed II."

My Name Is Earl

 Dragon, Gottlieb, 1978

Travel Time, Williams, 1973

Pilot episode

dvd, season 1, first five minutes into movie, bar scene, you can just barely make out a blurry distant shot of the pins.   They show up in many other episodes.

My Name Is Earl

 Dragon, Gottlieb, 1978

Travel Time, Williams, 1973

  "Sticks & Stones" (episode 27, season 2) air date 10/5/06.  "Crab Shack," 2 minutes into episode.   See screen shot HERE.

My Restaurant Rules 

Attack From Mars, Bally, 1995

2005 edition, episode unknown In one of the episodes a chef and waiter leave one restaurant for another.
When they are in a bar on the phone talking to the other restaurant (and asking if they can work there),
there's a badly faded Attack from Mars pinball machine in the background.

Mystery Science Theater 3000


"Master Ninja I," (season 3, episode #322, air date 1/11/92) 18 minutes, 4 seconds into episode, bar scene, solid state pin with fake backglass gets destroyed and as some sort of early black and white videogame and another both get kicked over and destroyed at 17 minutes, 34 seconds, Joel says "Tilt," and Crow says, "Look, if you lost your quarter just fill out a form and..." Then Tom Servo says "What do we do with these here tokens?"

Mystery Science Theater 3000


"The Girl In Lover's Lane," (season 5, episode #104, air date 9/18/93) Pin played by Brett Halsey, with right side of the cabinet seen clearly for a long time. Another pin can be seen in a skit with Joel. The cabinet has a red and dark blue thunderbolt style artwork on the side.


WHO dunnit, Williams, 1995

Medieval Madness, Williams, 1997

 Road Show, Williams, 1994

"Vodka Myths II: Can Vodka remove cigarette smoke smell from clothes?" (season 3, episode 7)

Laundrymat scene.  First seen at 16:40. Shot of the Build Team playing is seen at 16:45.  Kari is playing WHO dunnit, Grant is playing Medieval Madness, and Tory is playing Red & Ted's Road Show.

Also a close up of the MM playfield is seen at 16:46.

Also EM sounds are dubbed over. (As usual). (this is usually done to avoid speech from the pinball machine interferring with the actor's voices.)

My Wife & Kids

Stars, Stern, 1978

Tales Of The Arabian Nights, Williams, 1996


Stars is seen in the rec room.  There is also an episode where the family goes to a bowling alley and behind them is a Tales of...., and another WPC pin. 

The Nanny

King Pin, Gottlieb, 1973

"The Christmas Show" (episode 8, season 1) air date, 12/22/93. pawn shop scenes.  Screen shots HERE.

Nash Bridges

Riverboat Gambler, Williams, 1990

"The Javelin Catcher" (season 1, episode 5) air date, 4/19/96.

arcade scene. 16 minutes, 18 seconds into episode. Complete pin isn't shown, but you can see some of the playfield. Screen shots HERE.

Nash Bridges

Liberty Bell, Williams, 1977


Don Johnson shoots a guy in his apartment who is trying to rape his daughter on a pool table.

NBC12 News

Tommy, Data East, 1994

"Bleeping Job Search" segment, aired Monday, 4/27/15.

approx. 28 minutes into newscast, 5:58 pm, pin and "Asteroids" vid in office.



"Spinning Wheel" season 13, episode 292, 12/15/15.

bar scene. possible fake art on cabinet. screen shot HERE.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Space Mission, Williams, 1976

"Greed" (episode 56, season 3) air date 11/8/11.

apartment scene, 27 minutes, 11 seconds into episode. Screen shot HERE.


Eight Ball Deluxe, Bally, 1981

"Falling Ash" (episode 24, season 2) air date 9/30/11.

Birkhoff's house, about 20 minutes into episode. This pin is also seen in other episodes.



"Kingdom Come" (episode 6, season 5) air date 7/6/15.

8 minutes into episode, animated machine. The ninjas walk into a room filled with toys. Jay says " Oh look a pinball machine! It may not be a video game but it's the next best thing." EM chimes are heard in the background while the other ninjas are talking. Jay is shown playing the machine again and strange sounds are heard. Jay says "That isn't the machine" right before a monster comes in.

No Reservations

Pirates Of The Caribbean, Stern, 2006

"Hong Kong" (episode 37, season 3) air date, 9/3/07.

Anthony Bourdain was in Hong Kong and made comparisons to the city and pinball.  Various close up camera shots of the pin throughout episode.

Northern Exposure

Cyclone, Williams, 1988

Hayburners, Williams, 1951

various episodes

pin seen in a bar called "The Brick."  Hayburners is seen in earlier episodes of this show.


Junkyard, Williams, 1996

"Sneakerhead" (season 5, episode 93) air date, 2/6/09

Nurse Jackie


"Have You Met Ms. Jones?" (season 3, episode 33) air date, 5/23/11

approximately 14 minutes, 16 seconds into episode, pin cabinet partly visible inside SUV.


Roto Pool, Gottlieb, 1958

"A Box Of Wendy" (season 5, episode 100) air date, 1/13/98

7 minutes into episode, pin clearly visible.

The Osbournes

Star Wars: Episode I Williams, 1999

The Addams Family Bally, 1992

"There Goes The Neighborhood" (season 1, episode 1) air date, 3/5/02

15 minutes, 16 seconds into episode, movers carry pin into Osbourne's latest residence, covered in cardboard and shrinkwrap. At 19 minutes, 55 seconds, both pins and a driving game seen in family room.

Pawn Stars

KISS, Bally, 1979

"Old Man's Gamble" (season 1, episode 14) air date, 9/27/09

Pawn Stars

Odds & Evens, Bally, 1973

"Top Secret" (season 3, episode 48) air date, 6/7/10

Customer pawns this pin at the shop.

Pawn Stars

Line Drive, Williams, 1972

"Last Call Pawn" (season 9, episode 377) air date, 3/12/15

Near the end of episode. Dealer pawns this pin at the shop, asked $5,500, got $3,750, paid $800 for it originally.

Pawn Stars

Capt. Fantastic, Bally, 1976

"Pawnball Wizard" (season 14, episode 483) air date, 4/10/17

(scene time unknown, seller wants thousands for this pin).

Perry Mason

Wishing Well, Gottlieb, 1955


Screen shot HERE.

Perry Mason

San Francisco, Williams, 1964

"The Case Of The Bullied Bowler" (season 8, episode 218, air date 11/5/64)

Bowling alley scene. Pin in background, identified by the cabinet.

Person Of Interest

Argosy, Williams, 1977

"The Contingency" (season 2, episode 24) air date, 9/27/12

bar scene, 7 minutes, 49 seconds into episode. Screen shots HERE.

Peter Gunn

Roto Pool, Gottlieb, 1958

"The Man With The Scar" (season 1, episode 10) air date, 11/24/58

About 9 minutes into the show, a guy is playing the game, and two brief full playfield shots are shown.

Peter Gunn

Rotation, Stoner, 1940

"Hollywood Calling" (season 2, episode 60) air date, 2/29/60

First pin sighting at 5 minutes, 53 seconds into episode. Shop scene. Shooter and ball lift rods appear to be missing from the cabinet.

Peter Gunn

Sluggin' Champ, Gottlieb, 1955 (standard, not deluxe model)

"Big Dream, Deadly Dream" (season 3, episode 87) air date, 12/12/60

Lady playing the game in a bar while talking to Gunn, decents shots of backglass, side view of playfield, sounds of Gottlieb step mechanism with bell. She plays by nudging, not using the flippers. The game awards her as a fan of 5 small American flags pops up from the top of the backbox with a few sparks for fireworks.

Police Story

Fireball, Bally, 1972

"Ice Time" (season 4, episode 87) air date, 3/8/77

About 2/3 into the hour, a pimp (James Cromwell) and one of his girls compete on the game. Playfield shots of ball in play, including ball view perspective. Cabinet is covered in glitter.

Price Is Right

Cactus Canyon, Williams, 1998

air date approx. March, 2000

Price Is Right

Star Wars Episode 1, Williams, 1999

air date either late November or early December, 2000.

second showcase showdown. game wasn't won.

Price Is Right

No Good Gofers!, Williams, 1997

air date 7/?/01

one of the showcases was a home gameroom package. Bar, pool table, a video game, and a pinball machine.

Price Is Right

Monopoly, Stern, 2001

air date 4/1/02

big showcase at the end.

Price Is Right

Roller Coaster Tycoon, Stern, 2002

air date 2/5/03

Price Is Right

Simpsons Pinball Party, Stern, 2003

air date 5/17/03

Price Is Right

Lord Of The Rings, Stern, 2003

air dates 5/1/04, 12/05

(this pin has appeared on more than one episode.)

Price Is Right

NASCAR, Stern, 2005

air date sometime in mid to late December 2005.

Price Is Right

Dale Jr., Stern, 2007

air date 11/18/08

Prisoner: Cell Block H


Close Encounters Of The Third Kind , Gottlieb, 1978

season 1, episode 55, air date 8/29/79

41 minutes, 31 seconds into episode. What appears to be a bingo, possibly a couple of pitch and bat pins, and some assorted pins. Screen shot HERE.

Prisoner: Cell Block H

Barracora, Williams, 1981

Orbitor 1, Stern, 1982

Star Gazer, Stern, 1980

season 5, episode 353, air date 4/26/83

43 minutes, 47 seconds into episode. Pool hall scene. A row of videogames on the left and a few pins way in the back. Screen shot HERE.


Cleopatra , Gottlieb, 1977

Vulcan , Gottlieb, 1977

season 3, episode 46, air date 11/7/98

bar scene, starting at 18 minutes, 24 seconds into episode.  Screen shots HERE.


Ripley's Believe It Or Not!, Stern, 2004

"Black and Tan:  A Crime Of Fashion" (episode 30, season 2) air date, 2/8/08.

Arcade scenes, starting at 9 minutes, 39 seconds into episode.  Screen shots HERE.



"Talk Derby To Me" (episode 38, season 3) air date, 9/5/08.

about halfway through episode. Shawn was playing the pin for a while. Distant shot.


Dollhouse (fake backglass)

"Santabarbaratown 2" (episode 96, season 7) air date, 2/27/13.

house crime scene, pin first visible at 7 minutes, 18 seconds into episode.  Screen shots HERE.

Quantum Leap

Klondike, Williams, 1971

Fun-Fest, Williams, 1973

Delta Queen, Bally, 1974

Star-Crossed (season 1, episode 2)

DVD, disc 1, 31 minutes into episode, college coffee house, pins are seen against the wall on the right.  Trivia:  The Delta Queen pin shown was not built until July, 1974. Fun-Fest was not built until 1973. Al (Dean Stockwell), mentions at the end of the episode about them being at the Watergate Hotel, and the date is June 15, 1972.

Quantum Leap

Delta Queen, Bally, 1974

Amigo, Bally, 1974   and ?

Animal Frat (season 2, episode 21)

Frat house scenes.  Episode is supposed to take place on October 19, 1967, but these pins were built in the 70's.  See screen shots HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Also, a shot of the third pin can be seen HERE in a crowd shot with just a corner of the backglass visible. If you know which pin this is, EMAIL ME.

Quantum Leap

Whoopee, Williams, 1964

M.I.A (season 2, episode 31)

bar scene, 22 minutes into episode.  Screen shot HERE.

Quantum Leap

Travel Time, Williams, 1973

Future Boy (season 3, episode 44), air date 3/13/91.

skating rink, 27 minutes into episode. Screen shot HERE.  Episode is supposed to take place on October 6, 1957, but Travel Time was built in 1973.

Quantum Leap

Baseball, Gottlieb, 1970

"Memphis Melody" (season 5, episode 96) air date 4/20/93.

Diner scene, 7 minutes, 57 seconds into episode. Screen shots HERE. This episode takes place on July 3,  1954, but the pin shown was built 16 years later. (TRIVIA:  Season 1, dvd disc 2, "The Right Hand Of God."  One of the nuns is none other than Mrs. Hathaway from "The Beverly Hillbillies."  

Quantum Leap

Baseball, Gottileb, 1970

    "Mirror Image" (season 5, episode 97), air date 5/5/93.

"Al's Place" bar scenes. Pin first seen at beginning of episode. Screen shot  HERE.  This episode takes place on August 8, 1953, but the pin shown was built 17 years later.  This was the final episode of Quantum Leap.

Rachael Ray

Buck Rogers, Gottlieb, 1980

episode about breast implants (season 2, episode #?), air date 3/6/08.

12 minutes, 22 seconds into episode.  Pin seen in family room.  Screen shots HERE.

Rachael Ray

Lost World, Bally, 1978

Space Invaders, Bally, 1980

episode with ex burglar showing how easy it is to break into somebody's home. (season 2, episode #?), air date 3/24/08. 14 minutes, 48 seconds into episode.  Pins seen in back room. Screen shots HERE.

Raising Hope

Pin-Bot, Williams, 1986

Firepower, Williams, 1980

"Credit Where Credit Is Due" (season 3, episode 55), air date 1/8/13.

grocery store scene(s)

Red Green: Stuffed And Mounted

Mardi Gras, Genco, 1948

"The Science Fair"

DVD, disc 1, some sort of woodrail in background, backglass has been painted over badly   Check out the still shots HERE and HERE.


Grand Slam, Gottlieb, 1974

I'll Be Loving You, Sometimes

Valerie Harper and Howard Hesseman at arcade

The Rick Mercer Report

Dracula, Williams, 1991

"Rick at Electronic Arts" (season 7, episode 106) air date 11/3/09

gameroom scene, 1 minute, 25 seconds into episode.



Electromechanical pin with an 8 ball on the backglass, seen in a few episodes.

The Rockford Files

Hee Haw, Chicago Coin, 1973

The Hammer Of "C" Block (season 2, episode #37), air date 1/9/76 per this episode guide.

bar scene, behind Isaac Hayes' head, you can see a bit of the backglass and the left side of the head of the game.  

The Rockford Files

Little Joe, Bally, 1972

Odds & Evens, Bally, 1973

"The Trouble With Warren" (season 3, episode #56), air date 12/24/76. bar scene fight, about 3 minutes into scene, pins seen in the corner to the right.  See screen shot HERE.

 The Rockford Files

Spin Out, Gottlieb, 1975

Time Zone, Bally, 1973

"The Becker Connection" (season 3, episode #61) air date 2/11/77. Two bar scenes.  Spin Out is seen in the first at 13 minutes into the episode, and Time Zone in the second, at 21 minutes into the episode. Screen shots HERE and HERE.

The Rockford Files

Bali-Hi, Bally, 1973

Gulfstream, Williams, 1973

"Dirty Money, Black Light" (season 3, episode #67) air date 4/1/77. loan shark's office.  Screen shots HERE. The Internet Pinball Database reports there were only 80 Bali-Hi pins produced.  Also, the artwork for both these pins were done by Christian Marche.  

The Rockford Files

El Dorado, Gottlieb, 1975

Outer Space, Gottlieb, 1972

"Beamer's Last Case" (season 4, episode #68) air date 9/16/77. bus terminal, 39 minutes into episode, pins seen by the window at the front of the building in the background. Screen shot HERE

The Rockford Files

Jungle Queen, Gottlieb, 1977

Surfer, Gottlieb, 1976 

"The Attractive Nuisance" (season 4, episode #81) air date 1/6/78. Rocky's restaurant, 3 minutes into episode.  Screen shot HERE. Notice the sign that says "It's the law. No gambling allowed."

The Rockford Files

Central Park, Gottlieb, 1966

"A Good Clean Bust With Sequel Rights" (season 5, episode #97) air date 11/17/78. bar scene, 15 minutes, 6 seconds into episode. Screen shot HERE.  

The Rockford Files

Blue Chip, Williams, 1976

Buccaneer, Gottlieb, 1976

"Only Rock 'N' Roll Will Never Die," part 1 (season 6, episode #115) air date 10/19/79. rock star's mansion, 10 minutes, 50 seconds into episode.  Screen shots HERE.

The Rockford Files

Blue Chip, Williams, 1976

"The Big Cheese" (season 6, episode #121) air date 12/7/79. train station, 2 minutes, 39 seconds into episode. Screen shots HERE.


Junk Yard, Williams, 1996

"Orange" (season 1, episode #8) air date 2/20/06. bar scene, 14 minutes into episode. Left side of backbox and backglass visible with game in attract mode.


The Simpsons Pinball Party, Stern, 2003

Junk Yard, Williams, 1996

"Big Time" (season 1, episode #10) air date 3/6/06. bar scene, 16 minutes, 47 seconds into episode. Both pins visible and in attract mode.



"Undefeated" (season 1, episode #11) air date 3/13/06. driving by possible arcade, appears to be 3-4 dot matrix pins by window, 51 seconds into episode.

Rules Of Engagement

Jokerz, Williams, 1988

"Old School Jeff" (season 2, episode 13) air date 10/29/07

name of this pin has been changed for this show to "Poker Pinball" and artwork has been changed on the backglass.

Run For Your Life

Gaucho, Gottlieb, 1963

"Time and a Half on Christmas Eve" (season 2, episode 44) air date 12/19/66

Bar scene in first 20 minutes of show then last 10 minutes of show. Several shots of the backglass and cabinet.

Salvage Dawgs

Dracula, Stern, 1979

"" (season 1, episode 3) air date 11/29/12

pin on truck, asking price $400, bought for $200, approx. 1 minutes, 43 seconds into episode.

Sanford And Son

Hi-Score Pool, Chicago Coin, 1971

"The Copper Caper" (season 1, episode 4) air date 2/4/72

diner scene, 12 minutes, 10 seconds into episode. Screen shots HERE.

The Sarah Silverman Program

Terminator 2, Williams, 1991

"High, It's Sarah" (season 2, episode 13) air date 10/8/08

bowling alley scene, 11 minutes into episode. Corner of backbox is visible.


Queen Of Diamonds, Gottlieb, 1959

Central Park, Gottlieb, 1966

"Ring Out, Ring It" (season 1, episode 2) air date 9/28/71

In the first 5 minutes of the show, Marines are on shore leave in an arcade. Sounds of a woodrail can be heard. Several brief upper backglass shots of two 1959 Gottlieb Queen of Diamonds side by side. A few brief playfield shots of 1966 Gottlieb Central Park, might be the same shot repeated. When the scene is over, Martin Sheen has a brief dream sequence showing those pinball shots again.


Airport, Gottlieb, 1969

season 6 episode:

segment, "Happy Marsden Hour"

Kids show which takes place in a bar. They show a cheesy cereal called "Six Gun Justice." Look for a clear shot of this pin as Happy gets trashed and bumps into the wall.


Wild Fyre, Stern, 1978

Black Knight, Williams, 1980

season 6 episode:

segment, "Al Peck's Hardware Store"

Al features outdated electronics in a sale called "Dinosaur Days." CB's, 10/$4.00(10-4, get it), 8 tracks free. Al comments how pinball is outdated, and we see the two pins, clean and working. He says, "Make an offer and I'll throw in a Pong for the kids."


Fireball, Bally, 1972 (just the backglass)

"The Serenity Now"(season 9, episode #159)

(season 9 on DVD as of 11/6/07)

DVD, 7 min., 56 seconds into episode, Elaine is in the room of a 13 year old kid who had kissed her at his Bar Mitzvah, explaining to him that she's too old for him.  Behind the kid a Bally Fireball backglass is clearly seen for a few seconds. see screen shot HERE.

7th Heaven

Meteor, Stern, 1979

World Cup Williams, 1978

"Dangerous Liaisons (part 1)"(season 1, episode #21) air date 5/12/97

31 minutes into the episode, inside the "Billiards Club," are the two pins and also two videogames: Super Sports and Sly Spy. Frogger sounds are heard in the background.

Sex And The City

Space Station, Williams, 1987

"The Man, The Myth, The Viagra," (season 2, episode 20, air date 7/25/99)

bar scene, 11 minutes into episode. Screen shot HERE.

Sha Na Na

King Pin, Gottlieb, 1973

season ?, episode ?, air date ?/?/79

Japanese restaurant skit with Steve Allen. Pin is seen on the far right.

Silver Spoons

Odds & Evens, Bally, 1973

Monte Carlo, Bally, 1973

Scorpion, Williams, 1980


various episodes


animated pinball machine

"Who Shot Mr. Burns", part 1 (season 6, episode #128) air date 5/21/95. 3 minutes, 49 seconds into episode. Mr. Burns leaves an exhausted Smithers to keep riding the exercise bike.  He goes into another room and you can see the corner of a pinball machine and hear Gottlieb 70?s electromechanical chimes.  Screen shot HERE.

The Simpsons

Foul Play (animated fictitious pin)

 ? aired possibly late 2/09 or early 3/09? Homer makes a game room in the basement.  Bart and Lisa play a Foul Play with Chevy and Goldie on the backglass.  Bart to Lisa "I've always wanted to try this. The graphics are great the ball looks so real!"

The Simpsons

   Devil's Advocate (animated fictitious pin) "Insane Clown Poppy" (season 12, episode # 251) air date 11/12/00. Krusty comes in with a problem. Homer: "Marge? May I play Devil's Advocate?" Marge: "Why sure, so right ahead." In the next scene, instead of taking up an argument, Homer is seen playing the pin. Screen shot HERE.

The Simpsons

   Devil's Advocate (animated fictitious pin)

"Marge's Son Poisoning" (season 17, episode # 361) air date 11/13/05.

Homer walks into Moe's bar and finds the "Devil's Advocate" pin turned over on its right side with Moe, Carl, and Lenny trapped under it.  When Homer asks how this happened, Moe says, "Long story, We were trying to impress some girls, and things kinda got away from us."  Homer rights the game with one hand because he's been working out with a dumbbell.


Couch Gag Chaos (animated fictitious pin)

 "Thursdays With Abie" (season 21, episode #450) air date 1/3/2010 During show intro, Homer is shot from a plunger onto a pinball table called "Couch Gag Chaos." while the other Simpson family members pop out from other parts of the playfield and bounce around like pinballs before finally draining to the bottom.

Sledge Hammer!

Royal Flush, Gottlieb, 1976

 "Haven't Gun, Will Travel" (season 1, episode #15) air date 1/17/1987 bar scenes, 18 minutes, 54 seconds and 22 minutes, 48 seconds into episode. Electromechanical pinball machine sounds can be heard during the second scene although no player is visible on the game. Screen shot HERE.

Sleeper Cell

Earthshaker, Williams, 1989

"Family" Seen during first 15 minutes of show.


NBA Fastbreak, Williams, 1997

episode or possibly just the preview, aired sometime approximately in late January.

Collectibles sliced in half with a chainsaw, including pinball machines, slot machines, cars, etc., to see how they work. On this episode, the backglass of the pin gets smashed. Supposedly in another episode, an electromechanical pin gets destroyed.


Sharpshooter, Game Plan, 1981

"The Guardian" (season 3, episode #4) bar scene, almost 28 minutes into episode, a pin only identified by it's playfield, not Sharpshooter's pf, but about a minute or two later, you can see a Sharpshooter pin in the distance, recognized by the backglass.

??Small Potatoes??

Black Hole, Gottlieb, 1981

many episodes

pin is seen in video store


Jungle Lord, Williams, 1981

"Cool" (season 1, episode #5)

DVD, approx. 13 minutes, 30 seconds, scene in The Talon, clear shot of backglass and cabinet.


The Addams Family, Williams, 1992

     "Pie-O-My" (season 4, episode #44) air date 10/13/02.

Dorsey's Lounge, 32 minutes, 30 seconds into episode. Screen shot HERE.

South Park

Zoomin' Pinball (animated pinball machine)

"Cow Days" (season 2, episode  26) air date 9/30/98 10 minutes, 52 seconds into episode. screen shots HERE.

South Park

animated pinball machine

"The China Problem" (season 12, episode  175) air date 10/8/08 rape scene, 16 minutes into episode.

Spongebob Squarepants


"Squidtastic Voyage" (season 4, episode  144) air date 10/6/06 1 minute, 5 seconds into episode, Spongebob bounces around in Squidward's place, causing Squidward to swallow his clarinet. EM chimes are heard during this scene. Screen shots HERE.

Sports Century


episode about Don Larson

50's woodrails of some sort

Stargate: Atlantis

Hollywood Heat, Gottlieb, 1986

"Home" (season 1, episode 9) air date 9/10/04 Major Sheppard's "dream house" scenes. Pin can be seen 26 minutes, 27 seconds into episode, and at 31 minutes, 55 seconds. Screen shot HERE.

Star Trek

Majors - 1941, Chicago Coin, 1941 

Twenty Grand, Williams, 1952 

"A Piece Of The Action"(season 2, episode #46) air date 1/12/68

warehouse scene, 13 minutes, 24 seconds into episode.  Screen shots HERE.  TRIVIA:  These pins were built in the 40's and 50's, but this episode is about a planet whose society is based on the 20's gangster era on Earth.

Star Trek:  Voyager

Firepower, Williams, 1980 

"Deathwish"(season 2, production #130)

DVD, 31 min. into episode, in Q's continuum, guy outside general store is playing a Firepower pin not lit up, fake EM displays, and fake backglass that says "A Continuum....Galaxy."

Star Trek: Voyager

Fish Tales, Williams, 1992

"11:59"(season 5, #117)

a bunch of DMD era pins in a bar,  kinda blurry in the background.

Star Trek:  Voyager

Firepower, Williams, 1980 

 "Future's End" (part 1), season 3 DVD, scene 5, 25 min. into episode, Ed Begley, Jr. plays Firepower, no sound, seen also in part 2.  35 min. into episode, a framed, lit Mystic backglass is shown in the background

Starsky And Hutch

Grand Slam, Gottlieb, 1972

Pilot (season 1, episode #1)

DVD, scene 2, 5 min. into episode, bar scene (*Grand Slam shows up in Huggy Bear's bar starting with episode 2)
Starsky And Hutch Pro-Football, Gottlieb, 1973 and Twin Joker, Bally, 1972

Savage Sunday (season 1, ep. #2)

DVD, scene 3, 18 min. into episode, Huggy Bear's bar
Starsky And Hutch El Toro, Bally, 1970 and Winner, Williams, 1972, and a bingo with a blue cabinet and a head with a bowling pin painted on it.

Savage Sunday (season 1, ep. #2)

DVD, scene 3, 25 min. into episode, Monty's bar, fight scene.
Starsky And Hutch Pro-Football, Gottlieb, 1973 and El Toro, Bally, 1970 The Fix (season 1, episode #5) DVD, scene 5, 40-45 min. into episode, bar scene (this is a different bar from episode #2. Notice how the same pins showed up on different sets for this show.

Starsky And Hutch

El Toro, Bally, 1970 and Grand Slam, Gottlieb, 1972 Snow Storm (season 1, episode #6) DVD, scene 2, 9 min. into episode, Huggy Bear's place. Grand Slam shows up in scene 6, 48 min. into episode, also at Huggy Bear's.

Starsky And Hutch

? Williams pitch and bat. White cabinet with green baseball field, pitcher and batter painted black. Kill Huggy Bear (season 1, episode #9) DVD, scene 3, 22 min. into episode, Huggy Bear's. Two thugs show up to beat up and/or kill Huggy Bear. One lifts up the pitch and bat, and throws it down, breaking the head off the game.

Starsky And Hutch

Key West (bingo), Bally, 1956; Wild West, Chicago Coin, 1961; Captain Kid, Midway, 1966; Twin Rifle, Chicago Coin, 1971; Texas Ranger, Chicago Coin, 1963; Helicopter, Sega, 1968; Speedway, Chicago Coin, 1969; Hot Line, Williams, 1966; Spanish Eyes, Williams, 1972; Jumping Jack, Gottlieb, 1973; Summer Time, Williams, 1973; Triple Action, Williams, 1974; Grand Slam, Gottlieb, 1972; El Toro, Bally, 1970; Pro-Football, Gottlieb, 1973 and maybe a few others I missed? The Bait (season 1, episode #10) DVD, scene 2, 9 min. into episode, arcade scene, featuring a bunch of EM skill games and pinball machines.

Starsky And Hutch

Soccer, Gottlieb, 1975; Pro-Football, Gottlieb, 1973 and about 3 others too distant to identify. There is also a juke that lights up purple, 70's style cabinet, possibly a Seeburg SPS2. Captain Dobey, You're Dead (season 1, episode #12) DVD, scene 2, 10 min. into episode, Mac's Pool Room, a few pins and a jukebox.

Starsky And Hutch

King Pin, Gottlieb, 1973, Time Zone, Bally, 1973, Monte Carlo, Bally, 1973 The Psychic (season 2, episode 11) DVD, 38 min. into episode, Don's Arcade

Storage Wars

Rolling Stones, Bally, 1980

Monopoly, Stern, 2001

Ten Strike (solid state version), Evans, year?

"High Scores In Arcadia" (season 9, episode 192, air date 4/26/16) approx. 25 minutes into episode, "Dan's Arcade." 1920's era peanut gumball style machine being appraised. Row of pins and Mills slot machines visible.

Stranger Things

Twin Win, Bally, 1974

OXO, Williams, 1973

Chapter One: MADMAX (season 2, episode 9, air date 10/27/17) arcade scene, 8 minutes, 24 seconds into episode.

Stranger Things

Firepower, Williams, 1980

Chapter Five: Dig Dug (season 2, episode 13, air date 10/27/17) arcade scene, approx. 21 minutes into episode.

Surreal Life (VH-1)

Road Show, Williams, 1990, and Meteor, Stern, 1978

aired approx. 7/25/05 house set up like a circus.  Pins seen throughout episode.

Surreal Life

Funhouse, Williams, 1990

aired 11/19/08

interviews from this show, seen on TV Guide channel.  Pin is visible in the background.


Nip-It, Bally, 1972

The Killing Ground

DVD, scene 2, 26 min. into episode, bar scene


Power Play, Bally, 1978

Strikes and Spares, Bally, 1978

Joker Poker, Gottlieb, 1978

Catacomb, Stern, 1981

Stingray, Stern, 1977

"Old School Vs. New School" (season 2, episode 8) air date 4/21/12

"What if we turn a pinball machine into an aquarium. How awesome would that be?" Client's gameroom also has a "Cougar Darts" game, a United EM shuffle alley, an "Ice Cold Beer" vid, gumball machines, etc. Wayde and Brett also visit The Las Vegas Pinball Hall Of Fame, featuring 10,000 square feet of pins.

Tanked: Stranger Fins


Snakes On A Tank (season 1, episode 6, air date ?)

gameroom scene, approx. 16 minutes into episode. Pin with Skittles side art.



Avengers (Pro) Stern, 2012

Dwight Howard's Slamming Snake Tank - Supersized (season 7, episode 112, air date 10/20/17)

gameroom scenes, starting at approx. 3 minutes into episode. Pin with Skittles side art, possibly a customized Williams' "Flash" pin. Also an "Arcade Classics" multi videogame.

Tap Out

Street Fighter II, Gottlieb, 1993

aired 7/31/07

 possibly on the VS. network.  a guy
that trained with Chuck Liddell (former UFC Light Heavyweight
Champion). They showed his house, and he had a Megatouch, a Blitz/
Showtime cabinet and the pin also.

That '70s Show

Little Chief, Williams, 1975

Op-Pop-Pop, Bally, 1969

Flip Flop, Bally, 1976

Travel Time, Williams, 1973

Deluxe Official Baseball, Williams, 1960

"That 70's Pilot" (season 1, episode 1)

pop shop scene. 8 min. 48 seconds into episode.  Screen shots HERE.

That '70s Show

Travel Time, Williams, 1973

"Battle Of The Sexists" (season 1, episode 4)

"The Hub" pop shop.  Pin is seen twice in this episode.  Good shot of this pin at 16 min. into episode. Screen shots HERE.

That '70s Show

Little Chief, Williams, 1975

"Holy Crap!" (season 2, episode #48), air date 5/1/00. "The Hub" pop shop.  Screen shots HERE.

That '70s Show

Big Deal, Williams, 1977

"Hyde's Father" (season 3, episode #54) air date 10/17/00. bar scene.  Screen shot HERE.

That '70s Show

Future Spa, Bally, 1979

"Going To California" (season 5, episode #106) air date 9/17/02.

California pop shop.  Screen shots HERE.

The Ringers

Fish Tales, Williams, 1993, No Fear, Williams, The Getaway: High Speed II, 1993



The Three Stooges


"Three Smart Saps" (season 9, episode #64) air date 7/30/42.

The stooges sneak into jail to rescue their brides father. The first thing they run into is a flipperless pin (at approx 5min, 40 sec). Larry says, "Look, a marble machine in jail!" Moe replies, "That's where they belong." Curly proceeds to play, and of course havoc ensues.

The Three Stooges

Red Hot, Keeney,1940

"Three Little Pirates" (season 13, episode #96) air date 12/5/46.

scene?, the name of the pin has been painted over on the backglass.

The Tonight Show

Family Guy, Stern, 2007

air date, Tuesday, 8/26/08. Norm Macdonald (Adam
Sandler's friend/Saturday Night Live Fame) was doing some comedy
of him selling his home in LA and showed some pictures of it. Featured
was a room with exercise equipment and the pin.

Norm made a comment on how the exercise machine was mint and the pinball machine gets more play. He also said they can have the exercise machine but they aren't getting his pinball machine.

This Old House

The Simpsons Pinball Party, Stern, 2003

(season 28, episode #2611)

Firehouse scene

3rd Rock From The Sun

Fireball Classic, Bally, 1984

Mary Loves Scoochie, part 1 (season 6, episode #136)

DVD, 12 min. into episode, the scene in the Amish shop, the tough guys playing the pin and deciding to harass Sally and Harry dressed as Amish. See screen shot HERE.

The Tonight Show

Family Guy, Stern, 2007

air date, 8/26/08

Norm Macdonald (Adam Sandler's friend/Saturday Night Live Fame). He was doing some comedy of him selling his home in LA and showed some pictures of it. Featured was a room with exercise equipment and the pin.

Made comment how exercise machine was mint and the pinball machine gets more play. Also stated they can have the exercise machine but they aren't getting his pinball machine.

21 Jump Street

Winner, Williams, 1972


DVD, police station (This pin appears in many episodes.)

21 Jump Street

Stars, Stern, 1978

Power Play, Bally, 1978

Hot Hand, Stern, 1979

Torch, Gottlieb, 1980

"Besieged, part 2" (season 2, episode 16, air date 10/4/87) bar scene, 27 minutes, 7 seconds into episode. Screen shots HERE.

21 Jump Street

Flash, Williams, 1979

Two For The Road (season 2, episode 4 from this season) DVD, bar scene, chapter 1, 11 min. into episode.


Night Rider,(EM) Bally, 1976

"3:00 PM - 4:00 PM"

"5:00 PM - 6:00 PM"

"6:00 PM - 7:00 PM"

season 1, kidnapper's house.  Screen shot HERE.  Also, the words "Night Rider" have painted over in red on the cabinet.  See screen shots HERE and HERE.


Ten Stars, Zaccaria, 1976

"Day 9: 12:00 PM-1:00 PM" season 9, episode 194, air date 5/5/14

approximately 5 minutes into episode, Chloe enters secret command center. Pin appears to be a single player EM with possibly six score reel windows and the side of the head of the pin is purple with white stripes. (possibly another pin or cabinet was repainted but backglass seems to match)

Turner Classic Movies

Mata Hari, Bally, 1978

Mentioned in a post on, that weekend host Ben Mankiewicz can sometimes be seen in front of this pin as the movie is being introduced.

Twin Peaks

Suspense, Williams, 1969 and ?

in the bar of the Great Northern Lodge, there are two EM games.

Two And A Half Men

Sea Belles, Gottlieb, 1956

"The Leather Gear Is In The Guest Room (season 5, episode #103) air date 11/5/07

20 minutes, 2 seconds into episode, just before closing credits, Alan opens the door to his bedroom and sees Charlie has converted it to a gameroom.  Screen shot HERE

Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps

Road Kings , Williams, 1986


seen frequently in almost every episode in the pub scenes, but  it is usually very hard to make out which game it is.


Space Mission, Williams, 1976

Fan-Tas-Tic, Williams, 1972

"Cashing Out" (season 3, episode #39) air date 7/20/14. bar and casino back room scenes. Screen shots and sighting times HERE.

The Walking Dead

World Poker Tour, Stern, 2006

NBA Fastbreak, Bally, 1997

"TS-19" (season 1, episode # 6) air date 12/5/10. break room scene, 13 minutes, 39 seconds into episode. Screen shots HERE.

The Walking Dead

Mata Hari, Bally, 1978

"Clear" (season 3, episode # 31) air date 3/3/13. Cafe scene. This pin is supposedly seen in a previous episode as well.

The Waltons

Flying Carpet, Gottlieb, 1972

"Spring Fever" (season 6, episode # 142) air date 1/12/78. Jim Bob Walton takes a girl on a date and they play this pin.

Weather Underground

Twister, Sega, 1996

(season 1, episode 1) air date 8/24/15. Pin is part of set, starting with the first episode.

Whacked Out Sports

Firepower, Williams, 1980


In the background of the intro sequences pin is seen, well, the backglass anyway.   

What's With That House?


"Pirate Cove House & More" (season __, episode __) air date sometime Feb. '09?

EM pin in living room.  It was white with lime green and no writing...seen less than 2 seconds.  Seen approx. 3 minutes, 45 seconds into episode.

What's With That House?

Spy Hunter, Bally, 1984

"TV House & More" (season __, episode __), air date 3/18/09?

pin seen 5 minutes, 30 seconds into episode.

The Wire

Whirlwind, Williams, 1990

"The Pager" (season 1, episode #5) air date 6/30/02.

54 minutes, 55 seconds into episode, guy gets killed after racking up a big score on this pin.

WKRP In Cincinnati

Lucky Seven, Williams, 1978

"Mike Fright" (season 2, episode #29) air date 11/12/79.

approximately 12 minutes, 28 seconds into the episode at Snookies Bar.

Wonder Woman


"The Feminum Mystique (part 1)" (season 1, episode #5) air date 11/6/76.

31 minutes, 47 seconds into episode, malt shop. Possible Gottlieb two player 50's woodrail and jukebox. This episode takes place in the early 40's.


Totem, Gottlieb, 1979

"Ghost In The Machine" (season 1, episode 7) air date 10/29/93

about 15 mins into the episode, Mulder and Scully visit the Eurisko's ousted chairman Brad Wilczek's home. (thanks Sampo)


Black Knight 2000, Williams, 1989

"Ice" (season 1, episode 8) air date 11/5/93

pin seen a few times during the episode. screen shots here.



"The Pine Bluff Variant", (season 5, episode 18)

about 10 mins into the episode a scene at a movie theater foyer, a pin is seen, the cabinet is painted dark red with no distinguishing details, later on in the episode, the same foyer is now a crime scene, the same pin has been covered with plastic by the hazmat team, now it looks as though the game may be just an empty shell. (thanks Sampo)

Yes, Dear

Monster Bash, July, 1998

 Jack-Bot, October, 1995

Circus Voltaire, October, 1997

Natural Born Delinquents

Jimmy and Christine in the arcade.

You Live In What?

Jungle Queen, Gottlieb, 1977

"Water Tower, Jail, Distillery" (season 1, episode 7) air date ?

35 minutes, 23 seconds into episode, former pharmacy building.

The Young Lawyers

Six Sticks, Bally, 1966

"The Young Lawyers" (season 1, episode 0) air date 10/28/69

In the pool hall where actors Zalman King and James Shigeta are talking, the machine can be seen in the background. The backglass has a blinking lamp in the area of the game name.



"The Silence Of The Cicadas" (season 1, episode 3) air date 7/14/15

diner/drive in, Gottlieb wedge head, circa late 60's/early 70's, by front door, 5 minutes into episode.