"The Big Cheese" pin sighting screen shots 

This was the third to last Rockford Files episode before the show as cancelled in January, 1980.  It is also the last episode to show a pinball machine.  However, this Williams "Blue Chip" pin was also seen a few episodes back in "Only Rock 'N' Roll Will Never Die" part 1.  You can see the screen shots for that episode HERE. You can tell this is the same machine by the way horrible paint job.  In this particular episode, there are two thugs in a train station. One is playing pinball shortly before a murder takes place.

The scene begins showing this game's playfield.  And as you can see... 

this game is actually being played.

You can see the score reels spinning as this game is being played.  Unfortunately, you can also see this horrible repaint, or what could be contact paper.  I don't know, and I really don't want to know.


The one thug sends the other thug to follow the person that is soon to be murdered, while he continues his game.

The final score is 68,190.