"Only Rock 'N' Roll..., part 1" pin sighting screen shots 

There are two pins in this episode, but also what appears to be a skill crane machine, as seen in the first two pics. Please email me if you can provide some info on the skill crane. Check out the paint job on the pins seen below. They have obviously been repainted, and very badly.  The sad part is that these pins were only a few years old when this episode was aired.  You can hear electromechanical chimes after the blondes show up to play pinball, but the pins are not shown being played.

Behind the rock star is what appears to be a skill crane.

Anybody know what type/year crane this is?  I'm guessing something from the 40's.  Check out what appears to be a now obsolete projection tv set against the wall.  Didn't these cost like a million dollars back then?

‘We’re gonna play pinball….ok?”

Nice paint jobs.....not. At least they match.