"A Piece Of The Action" pin sighting screen shots 

In this Star Trek episode, there are three "Major - 1941" pins and one "Twenty Grand" pin.  There are also some slot machines and miscellaneous slot topper signs.  I'm guessing these are Mills slot machines shown in the pics below, but if so, what year approximately and model? What about the toppers for the slots?  If you know, please email me.  

A shot of the warehouse where Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are being held hostage.  Notice the slot machine on the far right, with a "Super Jackpot" marquee.  

Behind McCoy, there's a small close-up shot of this marquee.

Behind Spock, on the left, is a Chicago Coin "Majors - 1941."  Behind Kirk, on the left is a second "Majors -1941."  On the right is the Williams, "Twenty Grand" pin.


 To the right, by the door, you can see the cabinet of the third "Majors - 1941."

Here's a shot showing all four pins and the miscellaneous slot machine stuff.  Notice the white signs on the floor in three parts of this warehouse. I'm guessing these go with the slot machines?  If you can provide more info, please email me.

Behind Kirk, you can see "Twenty Grand's" coin door appears to have been replaced by a piece of metal.  Here's the way it should look, according to the Internet Pinball Database.  Also, notice on the left, the "Majors -1941" pin's coin door is missing.

What are the slots on the right and the one behind McCoy?  You can see a better shot of the "Super Jackpot $1,500" sign and the signs on the floor. I'm guessing this stuff is from the 40's?  Have these slot machine cabinets been stripped of their paint or is this the way they were originally made? If you know more about these slots, please email me.