"The Burglar Show" pin sighting screen shots 

My girlfriend likes watching The Rachael Ray show.  I was taping this episode for her, and was pleased to find some pins shown in the background. This episode shows an ex burglar breaking into a family's home to demonstrate how easy it is to do this and tips on how to prevent it from happening.  

Look closely, and you can see a Lost World pin in the corner as the burglar enters the house.

 You can see the Space Invaders pin behind the burglar & Erica, the housewife.

Check out the Lost World pin on the right. Look at all the junk sitting on it.:(

The burglar shows all the loot he was able to take while the family was home.  Meanwhile, I'm checking out the pins behind them.  Lost World is one of my favorite solid state pins of all time.

This informative segment continues, as the Lost World pin remains in the corner and nobody's playing it.

Erica's aunt is astonished too, while Space Invaders gathers dust as well.

I guess Erica's father isn't a big pinball fan either.

Here's a good shot of Space Invaders, also dark.  Darn, I love those chaser lights.